An Ode to Revlon ColorStay Foundation

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All the magazines say summer is the time to lighten your makeup. Switch from concealer and foundation to a tinted moisturizer or BB Cream. I say… who are these people who come June have shrunken pores, their zits disappear, and have invisible redness and dark circles? it’s 2014 and any smart woman knows that tanning is terrible; come summer my skin is the same, only sweatier. I still want to cover and even my skintone, I just want it to stay put through summer's heat and humidity.

Best Summer Foundation Revlon ColorStay

And so today is an ode to Revlon’s ColorStay Foundation. I know, I know I’ve already raved about this product here and here, but it’s worthy of a THIRD post. I used the whipped version almost all winter, but as soon as Memorial Day arrived I switched from the jar for dry skin to the bottle for oily/combo skin. And I haven’t looked back.

Most days, I put on my SPF moisturizer, let it soak in, then put on the foundation, set it with E.L.F. spray and go. Some cream blush (this one is still my jam), some waterproof mascara, and lipcolor. The foundation doesn’t cover my freckles, but it’s heavy enough to cover the scar from the zit I had most of May, the redness under my nostrils, and the giant dark bags under my eyes thanks to allergies and my cast being the size of a third person in our bed (but not snuggly enough to spoon).  Don't slather it on; a fine layer (I use my fingers to apply though it also goes on great with a brush) gives plenty of coverage and doesn't feel heavy.

When I want to look more polished, I’ll apply Dr. Brandt’s Pores no More, the foundation, pat some Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage under the nose and eyes, and finish with the E.L.F. spray or a dusting of NARS powder if I'll be inside most of the time. No need for concealer anywhere else, Revlon blurs enough for me to look pretty darn fabulous. The other day, I got to work at 7 and had an event after work; I was able to be evening ready with a light mist of Avene, remove under eye smudges with a Neutrogena wipe, do a couple pats of Laura Mercier, and another dusting of NARS. Last summer I had to wash and reapply my face to look human after 5pm.

One thing to note: this is a long-wearing foundation and doesn't come off completely with wipes or a quick face washing. In the summer I wash my face twice (with CeraVe); once with my fingers, and a second time with my Clarisonic. This really removes all the makeup, the sweat, the grodiness of the city but doesn't dry me out.

The older I get, the harder it is to look healthy and refreshed with a bare face. I care for my skin, but life still makes its mark. It’s nice to have a budget-friendly product not make me look caked on and too made up, but look the way I feel. To have it last all day even in Washington DC humidity? Mega bonus!

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  1. I got the Dr. Brandt’s product that you recommended here and I’ve been using it for several weeks. I love it. It keeps my summer makeup on all day! Thank you!

  2. LOL! I love the bit about women whose skin is suddenly flawless in summer… So true. I don’t tan so my skin is just the same in summer as winter. I’m going to give colorstay a try. I have some Clinique stay matte foundation now but its a little bit orange.

  3. I love your makeup posts! What kind of SPF moisturizer do you use? Everything that I’ve tried is very greasy.

    1. I vary between Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair and Neutrogena Healthy Defense – the wrinkle repair for office days and the healthy defense for weekends and when I will be outside more than from car to office door. When my skin was oilier (one of the perks to aging) I liked Neutrogena Oil Free, it had SPF but didn’t make my foundation slide off my face.

  4. Does it have SPF? I’ve been seeing a dermatologist a lot recently for my rosacea and she reiterated to me the importance of wearing sunscreen on your face every day! Personally I like to use a combination of MAC’s CC cream (for my redness and as a primer) followed by Diorskin Nude (feels completely featherweight on your skin!) and set with some Clinique loose powder. Seems to stay put all day in the summer, I just need to blot and re-powder (and wipe the mascara smudges!) to refresh. I’ve started using Kiehl’s factor 50 sunscreen for face recently though which absorbs quickly but makes it hard to battle the shine over the day…

  5. That does sound great. I just use concealer and a foundation powder (Body Shop or Clinique do good ones). I’m shockinly spotty at the moment, though. I think it’s partly my hair making my forehead and behind my ears come up in little bumps. Plus hormones for small spots around my chin (thanks!).

    I think I need to throw away some of my moisturizers as they just leave a gross greasy film that turns into a oil slick by the end of the day. My best one at the moment is ‘Breathe’ by Philosophy. It’s moisturising but light and fresh.

  6. Have you ever tried Missha bb cream? American ones don’t hold a candle to Korean bb creams, and Missha is the ONLY one I have ever found that has a shade to match my whiter shade of pale. I use the M Perfect Cover in Milky Beige, but I’m thinking of switching to the Signature since it is supposed to be lighter for summer. I also like the Pearl when I want less coverage and more glow.

  7. I will absolutely be trying this! Just picked up your mascara recommendation (Maybelline the Rocket) and it is FANTASTIC. You have beauty product advice I can trust!

  8. Hi Allie, can you explain the Avene a little more? Do you put it on top of your existing make up? I have very dry skin and by the end of the day it’s impossible to reapply makeup without it caking/sticking to dry patches/making me look dead. Thank you!

    1. Yep, I hold it away from my face and spray over existing makeup to revive it. In the winter I use Body Shop’s Vitamin E mist in the same manner, which is more hydrating but doesn’t make everything gross. When I worked for The Body Shop I’d have flight attendants buy cases of the spray at a time because it would help battle dry plane air without ruining their makeup. 🙂

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