My Favorite Hack for a No-Show Sock

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I know I am not the only one who struggles with the no-show sock look. While visible socks are now back in fashion, some outfits look best when a sock isn't visible. But no-show socks can be so frustrating. They slide down, they still show, they don't provide enough cushioning or are of a fabric that makes you feet sweat. I'm going to share my favorite hack for a no-show sock.

I don't care that Gen Z has deemed the no-sock look uncool. I don't have any desire to rock the crew sock trend. I like the look of dresses, shorts, and cropped pants with a bare ankle. Nothing is more stylish than wearing what you want with confidence and I feel more confident with a no-sock look. And this is a way to do it without constantly having my sock fall down and bunch up under my arch.

my favorite hack for a no-show sock by Wardrobe Oxygen

My Favorite Hack for a No-Show Sock

This hack for a no-show sock only works with shoes that have a removable insole. For example, I use this hack with my Vionic Uptown loafers and Birkenstock Bend sneakers. Many sneakers these days, and brands that are known for arch support have removable insoles. The insole doesn't have to be a specific thickness or shape, it just needs to cover the entire sole and be able to easily slip in and out of the shoe.

Bombas ankle sock slid over the insole of a Birkenstock Bend sneaker, the opening of the sock on the bottom back of the insole
A pair of ankle socks slid over the insole of my Birkenstock Bend sneakers. The sock opening is on the bottom of the insole over the heel.

You don't wear the sock; your insole does!

Instead of wearing the sock, have your insole wear the sock! This works with those frustrating no-show socks that slide down, but also works with any style of ankle sock in any fabric that is most comfortable for you. Have the bottom of the sock on the top of the insole where it touches your foot, and the opening/neck of the sock on the underside of the insole.

showing how an ankle sock is slid over a shoe insole with the sock opening under the heel
Sliding the ankle sock over the insole, showing how the opening would end up under the heel.

What type of socks works for this hack?

Even with thicker cushioned ankle socks that have that little tab in the back, I find they fit back into the shoe with no issue and don't affect the fit or comfort of my shoes. While this hack won't provide full foot coverage, it does offer the cushioning, sweat absorption, and moisture wicking desired from no-show socks without the sock showing or sliding down mid-day.

showing the sock-covered insole back in the shoe, the sock opening is not showing because it is under the insole
With the insole back in the shoe. The sock opening will not show because it is on the underside of the insole.

Seeing this no-show sock hack in action

This may seem a bit confusing, so in addition to the photos in this blog post, here is a link to a quick little video I created on Instagram that shows how I did this with a pair of cushioned ankle socks from Bombas and my beloved Birkenstock Bend sneakers. I am a big fan of Bombas socks, and here is my review of the Birkenstock Bend sneakers (read the comments for additional tips for fit and other folks who love these sneakers for travel, comfort, and everyday).

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  1. Thank you for this truly excellent hack! No need to buy anything special. No more stinky shoes. Love it.

  2. Interesting. I wear no shows with certain shoes because they cushion my tender spots on the foot and prevent blisters– like the bunion that wants to rub on the seam at the top of the laces on my Ecco sneakers. But it would help the sole blisters I develop with a bare foot rubbing the insole all day. So it’s clever for sweat absorption. 🙂

  3. Hmmm. I thought you were going to slide your foot into the sock/insole combo. Not sure what the point is?

    I recommend Soxsols, removable cotton or wool shoe liners that act like socks, are washable, and are far easier to deal with. They can be used in any shoe, removable liner or not, and come in sizes and shapes (like Birkenstock).

    1. The point is that the underside of your foot doesn’t stinkify your shoe, without the need to buy anything extra or new (lile your Soxsols)?

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