The Best Extended-Size Joggers for Grown-Ass Women: 8 Brands Reviewed

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reviewing the best joggers for women all available at least up to size 20 with a focus on extended sizing and plus sizes

I believe any woman, of any age, can wear whatever makes her happy. That being said, as a woman in her 40s I know that some silhouettes and fabrics that made me happy in the 20s don't make me as happy now. Lifestyle changes, body changes, and changing priorities for what I choose to add to my wardrobe have affected my purchases over. the years. While searching for the best extended-size joggers (see my original post on this topic), I found that online reviews that spoke to me were based less on a person's clothing size and more on a person's age.

What are the Best Extended-Size Joggers for Grown-Ass Women?

So this search is for the best extended-size joggers for grown-ass women. Though I have found that styles for grown-ass women work usually well for younger women because they can be styled in a variety of ways. Below is my criteria for what makes a great jogger for me, a grown-ass woman:

  • Available at a minimum in sizes 0-20. Would prefer a broader size range and extra points for any style that comes in lengths or tall/petite sizing.
  • Has pockets. At least real front pockets, but wouldn't be mad at back besom pockets, whether they are real or faux.
  • Wide waistband that doesn't fold over
  • Thick enough that it doesn't show VPL for a basic pair of briefs
  • Available in solid black. No heathering, no sparkle, no contrast stitching, or contrast ties.
  • No athletic details so they can dress up for streetwear. No logos, reflective trim, or other details that scream activewear.
  • Doesn't cost a kazillion dollars but will also survive more than one season of going through both the washer and the dryer.
  • While I have faux leather joggers and cotton cashmere joggers I love, this search is for a traditional jogger made of a knit fabric with banded leg opening and are full length.

The search is for joggers that are comfy enough to wear when lounging at home, but polished enough that I could pair them with a sweater or a blazer and some boots and wear them out of the home. The current pair that I have that fits this bill is no longer available from the brand and after a year of hard wear are starting to look worn.

My Holy Grail Joggers

cabi pivot jogger
Wearing the cabi Pivot jogger in August 2019; I'm still wearing the same joggers today, even after dozens of washes and runs through the dryer.

My holy grail joggers are the Pivot Jogger from cabi. However, they haven't had them in black for several seasons. They also only came up to size XL (I wear a Large in them when I am a 12 and when I'm a 14).

The joggers I purchased for this review are based upon your suggestions. Wardrobe Oxygen readers and members of the Facebook Community suggested some brands I had never heard of, some that I knew well but didn't think of going to for joggers, and brands they heard others rave about but wanted an honest review from me before they clicked “buy.”

I have other pairs of joggers still en route but delayed with the current issues with USPS so there will likely be a Part Two of this jogger review if any of them are worthy of a photoshoot. If not, I'll do a quick mention in my Friday Shop posts and link back to it here in this original post trying to find the best extended-size joggers.

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What are the Best Extended-Size Joggers? Eight Pairs Reviewed

Woolx Lola Jogger

I had never heard of Woolx before until a Wardrobe Oxygen reader suggested the brand. Woolx offers Woolmark® Certified ethically-sourced non-mulesed merino clothing for men and women. Offering base layers, underwear and socks, as well as sweaters, shirts, leggings, and other pieces of apparel, Woolx offers their women's clothing up to size 3X/24-26.

woolx joggers review wardrobe oxygen

The Woolx Lola Jogger is available up to 1X which is a 16-18. This jogger is made from 100% merino wool on the inside and recycled polyester on the exterior. The wool is 250g for a midweight warmth. Due to the fabric, these are moisture-wicking, anti-microbial, and breathable.

woolx joggers review

Woolx states these joggers are an athletic (read: trim) cut and to size up if you want a more relaxed and loose fit. I went with a Large to see how trim their athletic fit is. I think I would have been happier with an XL as these were snug over my curves, though the waist wasn't tight.

woolx jogger review

The recycled polyester has quite a sheen, similar to my Adidas track suit or even a swimsuit. The joggers also have athletic details like a drawstring and exposed serged seams. If I was looking for true athleisure or activewear, I'd love these.

I appreciate the fabrication, the ethics of the company, and the quality of manufacturing. I am glad I learned of Woolx and likely will make another purchase in the future, but for now will be returning these joggers.

Boden Cuffed Jersey Joggers

While I love love love the color and chic yet whimsical style of Boden, I haven't always had success with fit, especially with their pants. I have a booty, a tummy, and solid legs and their pants are often too snug on my curves to make me feel fierce in them. However, many of you recommended Boden's Cuffed Jersey Joggers so I ordered a pair.

the best size inclusive joggers: a review of boden

The Boden joggers come in three colors and sizes 0-14 and then 16/18 and 20/22. I ordered a pair in Black in size 14, my usual size in pants and jeans. Note the description says “stripey cuffs,” the black version is solid, only the navy and gray marl versions have two bands of color at the bottom of the pants.

boden joggers petite review

I get why many recommended these joggers. The fabric is a silky knit made from 49% cotton, 47% modal, and 4% elastane. It's a bit thinner than my favorite no-longer-available joggers, but still thick enough that I feel confident in them. However, these are not made for my 5'3″ self.

boden cuffed joggers review

These joggers are far too long for me. Even the drawstring at the waist was so incredibly long I didn't even cinch it and the tails were hanging past my crotch. Reviews say these run large, I prefer a jogger that fits closer to a sweatpant than a legging so I liked the width, but the length in the rise, as well as inseam, was just too much. I think these would be better for a person 5'6″ or taller.

Universal Standard Cooper Jogger

I love Universal Standard and have for years. Go through my closet at home or my Universal Standard archives at Wardrobe Oxygen and you're going to see a hella lot of Universal Standard. So when they came out with knit joggers I was all about trying them. Unfortunately, each time I went shopping for a pair, they were sold out in my size. Like, get a notification email that morning, head over when I get a break around 10 am to shop, and already sold out.

universal standard cooper jogger

I finally scored a pair of Universal Standard Hathaway joggers. They weren't what I was looking for. Some said I should instead try the Universal Standard Cooper jogger so I ordered a pair.

wardrobe oxygen in the universal standard cooper jogger

Okay, these are nice joggers too, but they are casual and athletic. The fabric is on the thinner side, it's a combination of buttery jersey and activewear, so they'd feel good lounging on the couch or doing a workout. I like these, but I don't need them; they are not a replacement for my couch to street joggers.

universal standard cooper jogger review

To be honest, I didn't check the size chart since I am 99% of the time an XS with Universal Standard; well these joggers are that 1% where I would have been better with an S. If I needed a pair of joggers like this, I would reorder them for sure, but would definitely size up.

Vuori Pocket Performance Joggers

The second half of 2020 was, if you are either in my industry or follow several Instagrammers, all about the Always Pan, Tula skincare, and Vuori joggers. The thing is, all the folks telling me to swipe up on these omigod so cute totally obsessed buttery must have don't want to take them off joggers was under a size 10 and under the age of 35.

While I was informed in these Instagram Stories and blog posts how Vuori joggers felt and how to style them, I was surprised to find out Vuori has sustainable and ethical business practices. Like, I did not know that until I ordered my own pair and perused the Vuori website, it's not even in their Instagram bio. If I had known, I likely would have ordered a pair sooner.

I don't think it's just me that finds it a selling point that Vuori has ethical manufacturing of their merchandise and that 50% of their current merchandise is made from sustainable materials and by 2022 they plan to have 80% of their collection sustainable. I don't get why it's not promoted more. Anyway, I went to order assuming I'd hate them, and by the time I clicked “buy” I was hoping I'd like them.

vuori joggers review plus size

Nordstrom and other online department stores and boutiques that sell Vuori usually go up to XL, however, the Vuori website offers up to XXL which is an 18-20. Also, the Vuori site has the joggers in eight colors while elsewhere I only saw them available in four. I ordered a pair in black, size XL, thinking of those under-30 size 4 girls saying they fit TTS and thinking for my 46-year-old self, that meant they didn't have the vanity/mall sizing of many of the places I shop.

vuori joggers review

I get the hype over the fabric. Feeling these Vuori joggers, I can see why people resort to the term “buttery” for the fabric. This fabric is soft and stretchy but silky and a bit… spongey but not heavy. It's good.

vuori jogger review

The thing is, these are really clingy and fitted on me and I don't think a larger size would fix this. These are joggers I would rock with a bralette and oversized cardigan if I was still the woman who rocked just a bralette with her oversized cardigan. These are not what I'd wear out of the house and are not what I need.

On top of this, the Vuori joggers have a contrast drawstring and a visible logo which are two other things I do not want in holy grail replacement pants. So yeah, these are a no for me, but that doesn't mean they aren't great joggers for the right person.

Good American Good Waist Cotton Terry Joggers

good american joggers

I am not built like a Kardashian. These pants are designed for those who are. The end.

good american joggers fit

Okay, I'll write more. These joggers are both low-rise and long in the crotch. They are made of sweatpant material, but the sweatpant material that isn't very soft and stretchy so while they're designed for a Kardashian, they still slide down when you sit. They're also made for a person at least 2″ taller.

good american joggers review

I am not ragging on these joggers just because they are a Kardashian brand. I have worn items from Good American before that I have found to fit amazingly well and be well crafted too (here I am in a Good American denim jumpsuit). These joggers are not good, especially not good for $75.

Hanes Sport Women's Performance Fleece Jogger Pants

hanes sport jogger review

There are some categories of clothing where you can find quality at lower-priced brands. Knit staples like t-shirts and elastic-waist pants can often be found for much less and rival a department store brand for fabric quality and sometimes, you find good style too. These joggers from Hanes Sport looked promising.

hanes joggers for women review

These joggers… these are also made for a Kardashian, but they are far better fabric and fit. They're made of thicker fabric, sort of like an activewear ponte knit which is cozy and also looks more refined. These pants are available up to XXL.

hanes joggers review for women

I ordered a Large in these joggers; I wonder if I went up a size I would found them to fit better. They didn't feel snug, but they also didn't look good on. I found these joggers low rise and made for a body that would better fill out the hips. If this is you, these may be worth a look; at the time of writing this, they were $16.92.

Daily Ritual Women's Stretch Tencel Relaxed-Fit Drawstring Jogger Pant

daily ritual tencel pants

I used Amazon Prime Wardrobe to try out a few pairs of joggers but dang, it was hard to find pairs in black in my size that wasn't from some weird fly by night brand where I'd have to order either a 4X or an M to get it to fit me correctly. I've tried Daily Ritual in the past and found the sizing pretty consistent so I added these joggers to the order, even though they're not knit. These are available up to XXL; I ordered Large.

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daily ritual tencel joggers review

Have you ever gone to a music festival and you're feeling really good on whatever you consumed and between sets you wander into this retail tent and the temperature seems to drop 10 degrees? It smells like incense and there this really friendly chill person working the tent who smiles at you and you find these pants all by themselves in the middle of a rolling rack. You pick them up and hold them up to yourself as you stand in front of that tiny warbly mirror and you're envisioning them with a denim jacket and some Stan Smiths once you're back to Real Life and next thing you're handing over your credit card. And then you get home, three states away, and realize while the pants technically fit, they don't make you feel nearly as cute as you felt in that tent.

daily ritual tencel joggers petite review

These are those pants, though replace the cool purple and teal print with threads of gold with plain black. So if you've bought such pants at a festival or a beachside boutique and actually do wear them with a denim jacket and Stan Smiths, these pants will look effortlessly cool on you. But for me… they're a no.

Amazon The Drop Women's Grace Supersoft Stretch Rib Cuff Jogger

Another thing that has been all over 2020 in the influencer world is Amazon The Drop collections. It's an interesting concept: the influencer designs a capsule of pieces, they're sold on Amazon and the influencer gets a percentage of the sales while also getting a chance to create clothes for their audience or based on their personal style aesthetic.

Thing is, everything I have seen come from these The Drop collabs looks like fast fashion, or else the kind of fashion that does not fit my grown-ass life. But one of y'all DMed me on Instagram with a link to these pants and said they're awesome so I took a chance.

The Drop has pieces designed by influencers, but also staples they mix in. I think these joggers are one of those staples. These joggers are available up to size 3XL in 11 different colors and retail for $39.90. I ordered size Large, expecting them to be fast fashion crap.

the best extended-size joggers for women

I really like these joggers. They aren't quite as thick as my holy grail joggers, the fabric not as refined with a silky, tightly woven finish, but they're not bad. I think if my holy grail discontinued cabi was an A, the Boden pair I reviewed above would be an A- and these pants would be B+.

what are the best size inclusive joggers for women

The pockets are a bit low on the sides for my short self, but nothing too extreme and I think that helps prevent them from bowing out. I don't love a drawstring, but at least the drawstring on these joggers is black and there isn't any metal hardware.

the best size-inslusive joggers

These are the only joggers I kept. I haven't washed them yet, and will share how they did once I have. I will be styling these in the future so you can see more pictures outside with good lighting to see why these stood out from the rest.

In Summary…

One pair of the joggers worked, but other pairs are en route. So stay tuned for tips on how to style joggers beyond your college sweatshirt and fuzzy socks as well as additional reviews and whether they're better than these joggers from The Drop. And if you have a suggestion of where to get extended-size joggers that isn't mentioned here, do share in the comments!

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  1. I love Zyia leggings. I really want to try the joggers. They have a large range of sizing. They are an MLM, which I’m not a fan of, but a friend sold them and shared her discount with me. Their joggers look so comfortable, but I haven’t pulled the trigger. Also, I’ve seen a brand online called Halara, I’ve been curious about those, as well. Thanks for all your effort in trying the many pair of joggers!!

  2. D o you ever shop on QVC? They carry a brand called Anybody that has great joggers I feel like might fit your criteria. Petite, regular and tall, size XXS to 5X. They are a great price point too, around $30 or less. I’ve enjoyed owning a pair and they fit my curvy 5’1″ frame well. Best of luck!

  3. If The Drop joggers came in tall, I’d definitely try those out. (I agree with the above commenter about varied lengths being so incredibly hard to find.)

    I really like the Old Navy breathe jogger, but it’s a lighter fabric so I’d only pick it for the warmer months.

  4. Maybe this one has already been suggested, but I love the Athleta Brooklyn jogger. Huge size range, including petite and tall. There is a stripe down the side, but it’s more of a tuxedo stripe and actually makes them look more polished.

  5. This was one of the most enjoyable pieces I’ve read in a while, you cracked me up. I am holding out for joggers with a wide waistband and no drawstring.

  6. Sorry if this suggestion is a repeat or you’ve already tried it but what about Banana Republic and/or Banana Republic Factory? They both carry several styles of joggers. I haven’t tried them (not in the market for any — the ones I bought years ago still look fine), but they have petites, often talls, and generally go up to size 20. They do show items on a larger size model sometimes (BR more often than BR Factory) which is always nice. Free shipping over $50 and free to ship returns back. I think people are really sleeping on BR Factory — quality is similar to J. Crew Factory (of course there is always the odd dud), and price is generally very good. Cannot speak to ethics of production — I imagine it is very similar to most stores (not great), so there is that part to consider.

  7. “Thick enough that it doesn’t show VPL for a basic pair of briefs”

    You’re the best, Allison! I have come close to pulling the trigger on the Vuori’s now that they started offering different lengths (the other, sorely lacking dimension of size inclusivity, in my opinion). This post was super helpful.

  8. I just laughed so much at the “Grown-ass woman” comments. So spot on but I have never seen someone use it on a blog! Thanks for the laugh!

  9. I could smell the incense and feel the drop in temperature as I read that description. I have a tie dye tank from 1992 that I would have never bought if it weren’t for the situation. As always, loved this post and your reviews. I learn so much about fit from these and appreciate how it has changed how I shop and how I describe what I want out of my clothes. Thank you.

  10. Bravo Alison! Shipping for joggers has become a bit like shopping for jeans or swimsuits for me – you know there’s got to be something out there that will fit and make you feel fab, but damn, it’s hard work finding it. My biggest issue is length as very few retailers where I live do petites and all joggers seem to be designed for someone 5’6 or taller. And I’m with you on all your must-haves – the weight of the fabric, the need to be able to go from sofa to street, no flashy details etc. I think I’ll give the Boden ones a go!…

  11. I can see why the Cabis are your holy grail–they fit you perfectly. I tried a couple of the Universal Standard ones and I feel like they can’t decide whether they want these to be joggers or leggings–it’s like they fall somewhere in between and just look wrong on me. I was surprised I didn’t see your Somas mentioned–I have a pair and I like them, but am correct that the drawstring doesn’t actually cinch? Mine are always a bit baggy in the waist but I cannot get the drawstring to do anything!

  12. The Zella Taryn Luxe jogger at Nordstrom had been my best find this year. No athletic trim, drawstring is monochromatic, medium weight fabric, good drape, no cling, still looks great after dozens of wash/dry cycles. They are pricy at $75, but go up to size 20 and after trying many pairs as well this year, I think they are perfect and I’ve already bought a second pair. Check them out!

  13. I’ve been living in my Universal Standard gray Hathaway joggers since I began working from home last March. I have washed and dried them on high dozens of times by now, with no appreciable shrinkage. They are just the right length for my 5’4″ frame. Highly recommend!

  14. I loved your first post about joggers and appreciate this one too. I’ll be interested to see if you find something that truly fits the bill, especially since I only want to wear this style of pants these days. I have quite a few pairs now, not all black (amazingly enough), and some are fine, but the only pair of pants I have that meet your criteria aren’t joggers at all—they’re the Moro pants from Universal Standard. I know you want joggers and you should be able to find them, but these are comfortable, well-made, easy to dress up, and easy to care for. US says to hand wash, but I wash them on delicate and hang to dry and they’re fine.

  15. Thanks so much for this review! It’s an interesting silhouette to get right. I have the vuori and love them — but they are definitely an “around the house” jogger — perfect for WFH but I wouldn’t necessarily run errands in them and wouldn’t dress them up to to that contrast tag and drawstring (why???). Similarly, I have the Zella live in joggers which I don’t think are quite as nice. My holy grail joggers are from Ann Taylor from two years ago. They are silky and easy to dress up or down — they look amazing with a blouse or sweater or even a blazer. I bought them in black and then hunted on Poshmark for navy and olive. No other joggers have come close for something that can dress up or down.

    1. I have & love those same Ann Taylor joggers! They really are amazing and have held up so well. I also searched for the navy and olive with no luck. I wish I had bought all three the first time. I have large legs for my size and it’s really tricky for me to find a jogger that doesn’t look like a legging.

  16. I love that you call out the size 4 bloggers for telling everyone things are TTS or SIZE DOWN fits large. I want to yell through my screen and tell everyone not to size down. The only reason this fits big is because they don’t have boobs or a butt! I hope that most curvy girls don’t fall victim to their sizing recommndations.

    On the sweatpant note I have tried a few pairs from Lululemon that I like on my tall thin friend that were a horrible fail on myself. Just not cut for curves. My favourite sweatpants are from the H&M sleep section but they are more lounge around the house type not wear out of the house type.

  17. Lululemon makes joggers that are very comfortable and wear like iron. I love the “On the fly” style. They are currently on sale right now. What I also like about these joggers is they come in different lengths. The fabric is silky so if you are looking for warmth these are not what you want!

    1. These joggers only go up to a size 14 and are not overly curve friendly. I love them on my neighbour who is tall and lean. Not on me who is short and curvy.

      1. I am short and curvy similar in size to Allison. We had friends over and she is similar in size to me and was wearing these in Size 12 and suggested I try them on! My first reaction was “you’ve got to be kidding! I won’t fit into a Size 12!” Well, I tried them on and was shocked that they fit and were so comfortable! That is why sizing can be so frustrating! Up until this point I just walked past the Lululemon store and now am becoming a devotee!

        1. Glad they worked for you! I love the look of them but when I tried them they were too tight in the legs and not flattering on me. I wanted more drape but with my thick legs and bum they didn’t work.

  18. I want to like joggers but the silhouette is not for me. Call me old fashioned but I prefer the drape of a pant – like a yoga pant. Wish I could be part of this comfy trend!

    1. I feel the same way! Joggers aren’t for my own grown woman style. But I do like them for lounging and love my Universal standard Hathaways in Navy blue. I still love reading Allies reviews for shear entertainment though!

  19. I’m going to throw the Prana Cozy Up Ankle Pant out there even though it doesn’t strictly meet your criteria because it may help other hard to fit women like me. I ordered these for my elderly and very short mom and they were a perfect fit on her in small. The style, quality and fit were impressive! The sustainable fabric is soft and beautiful – a bit sweater knit like and matte, not athletic looking at all. I hate pants in every form because they rarely fit or feel good and rarely wear them other than favorite yoga pants for exercise but I found myself wanting these badly. I’m 5’ tall with a belly and an 18 for sure in pants. I think of Prana as a brand for the young, tall and willowy and looking at the size chart knew there wasn’t a chance an XL would fit me. I was ordering a second pair for my mom and I threw a pair in for me, knowing there was a snowballs chance in hell they’d be big enough and prepared to be disappointed. Well, I was wrong! They fit perfectly all around and not only do I love them, I feel and look cute in them! They hit me right at the ankle bone so there’s a sliver of skin between the not too tight cuff and the top of my sneakers. I can push them up higher on my calf if I want and they stay up but don’t bind. The waistband is soft and doesn’t roll, the pockets are perfection, the drawstring is short and you could do without it. They do stretch out a bit, but they don’t get baggy and don’t keep stretching. They wash and dry like a dream and don’t shrink. I was worried the fabric might pill but nope! I’m comfortable wearing them out of the house, they’re great for all day wear and I’ve slept in them and worn them the next day and they still look great. I now own two pairs and couldn’t be happier that I’ve found something that has been a gaping hole in my wardrobe forever. Reading the reviews, it seems like this may be a staple style that comes out in new colors as seasons change, I hope so! They are on sale right now but worth the full price of $79. I’m so glad I took a chance on them. 10 out of 10 for me.

  20. Ok, todays write up had me laughing out loud…thanks for that.
    As an aside, from where i sit, miles away and thru a small screen, i love the Woolx joggers on you, and if they came in a navy they would be winging there way to me as i type.

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