The Best Socks to Buy from Bombas

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I don't know when I first learned about Bombas socks. It may have been when they were on Shark Tank in 2014. (CNBC) All I know is as soon as I heard it was a brand that carried quality socks and for every item purchase, one is donated to someone experiencing homelessness. This has been Bombas' mission since the company started and continues to be what drives them.

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My husband and teenage daughter sitting on a couch in loungewear. My husband is wearing the Bombas Original Crew socks in white, my daughter a pair of Bombas Ankle Running Socks in a colorway of pink, lavender, gray, and black.

The Best Bombas Socks for Our Family

XL Socks for My Tall Husband

My husband became a fast fan of Bombas socks years ago because Bombas socks come in sizes, and offer XL which fits up to a man's size 16 shoe. Always resorting to clearly athletic socks or style-free casual socks, his size 14 foot could now rock colorful running socks, and ankle socks, and cool calf-height socks that don't make him look like he raided his dad's sock drawer.

Bombas Original Calf Socks

The Bombas Original Calf Socks have become part of my husband's signature look. From lounging at home to heading out and about when wearing shorts and sneakers, my husband will be wearing these socks with the signature Bombas bee logo. I am impressed by how well these socks hold up; he has pairs that are years old and still worn regularly without holes or being stretched out.

Bombas ankle running socks
The Bombas Ankle Running Socks on my daughter

Bombas Running Calf Socks

I'd say after the Original Calf Socks (with the bee), my husband's favorite socks from Bombas are the Men's Running Calf Socks. Each season, Bombas comes out with new colorways of these socks and I replenish his collection with the wildest colors which he wears as everyday socks when they match his look, as well as on his runs, on the Peloton bike, and for other fitness activities. He's a fan of the original and the merino wool versions.

The best Bombas socks for our family include the ankle running socks and the original calf socks

A Sock Brand That Has Grown With Our Family

Bombas has grown up with our daughter, as Bombas offers sizes for babies, toddlers, and youths. They even have family matching socks! The socks were such great quality, I was able to pass down some of her outgrown pairs of Bombas socks to younger relatives and folks in the community. Parents, you know how hard kids wear their socks so this is pretty impressive! Now as a high schooler, she still loves Bombas and says they're “cool” which makes us parents who also wear them feel a little cooler.

“Cool” Socks for High Schoolers

As for our daughter's favorite from Bombas, the two she loves are the Running Ankle Socks which she says fit great, don't make her feet sweaty, and look great too; and the Women's All-Purpose Performance Calf Socks which she says is THE sock to wear these days with sneakers and shorts. From the mouth of babes…

My Favorite Bombas Socks

Me personally? Open my sock drawer and you'll find they're almost all Bombas. I don't have especially small feet but they feel tiny when I put on most brands of socks. Designed for sizes 9-11 and me being a size 7.5-8, I always have the heels up near my ankle, performance socks cushioning and support in the wrong places, and no-shows either showing or balling up under my arch. I also appreciate the extensive size range of Bombas socks (women's US sizes 4-17).

Bombas Ankle Running Socks with sneakers
My husband and I both wearing the Bombas Ankle Running Socks

Bombas Running Ankle Socks

Like my daughter, I too love the Running Ankle Socks and use them even if I'm not doing anything athletic. They aren't thick, but they cushion and support where needed and don't rub or add bulk. With my wide, high-volume feet I appreciate a sock that doesn't slide, doesn't restrict, and doesn't add bulk under ankle boots, casual sneakers, as well as hiking shoes, athletic shoes, and my Peloton bike shoes.

Bombas No-Show Socks

I think almost all of us reading this have bought a pair of “no show” socks and had them either show, or slide down mid-day. I used to have a favorite style of no-show sock and that brand stopped making them in the early to mid 2010's. I wore my last few pairs even with holes in them because I struggled to find no-shows that would stay up on my feet. And then I tried the Bombas Lightweight No Show Socks.

Now the only no-show socks in my wardrobe are from Bombas. And the Bombas Lightweight No Show Socks are the no-show socks for women I recommend most to the Wardrobe Oxygen community. The Bombas Cushioned No Show Socks are also great, but they do show on my feet so I keep them for shoes like my Birkenstock Bend sneakers where I don't want any sock to show but I want more coverage of my foot inside the shoe.

Bombas ankle running socks review
The family that wears Bombas together stays together!

Bombas is B Corp Certified

A Certified B Corp, Bombas uses 86% recycled polyester in its Men’s Active Underwear, between 16-26% recycled cotton, and between 48-61% Organic Cotton in its Kind Knit Socks. Every item purchased on bombas.com is shipped with packaging using 100% recycled materials. You can learn more about Bombas' sustainability efforts at this link.

Bombas Promo Code

Bombas is offering the Wardrobe Oxygen community 20% off their first purchases at Bombas.com with promo code WARDROBE20.

Offering merino wool blend socks, compression socks, slippers, underwear, and t-shirts as well as their iconic cotton and performance socks, Bombas has been for years a Gary Family favorite for wardrobe basics that give back. Thank you Bombas for partnering with Wardrobe Oxygen, we're such fans!

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  1. I am a Bombas fan too and love their hiking socks. I have had a few pair that have gotten holes in the heel/bottom of the foot area but seriously, I was wearing them TO DEATH and I was not mad about it. I will keep wearing Bombas! Oh, and as another reader mentioned, I also love Darn Tough.

  2. I love Bombas mission but have hit-or-miss luck with their socks. While I love they way the hug my foot through the arch area I find that many of them are so uncomfortably tight around the calf and top of the sock that I look forward to taking them off at night more than many women look forward to removing their bras at the end of the day! No-shows are my only safe bet for all-over comfort.

  3. I got a set of the no-shows at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and they are really comfy, but they do show a bit. But from looking at the pictures, I see to have the regular rather than the lightweight ones. I’ll have to give those a try because I like everything I’ve tried from Bombas, and my husband always says how comfortable the crew socks are.

    1. Yeah, I too got the padded/thicker ones from Nordstrom and they were nice but show with everything except sneakers. Try the lightweight, and be sure you get your right size (if in doubt size down, I find the medium to be too big for the no-shows and I am a size 8).

  4. I wish they worked for us because they are cute! My husband tried them (he wears things hard) and within a few months the hiking/ athletic socks had holes in the toes! This happened with Smartwool, too, after they started making their socks more cheaply. The only socks this doesn’t happen with is Darn Tough, out of Vermont, and they come with a lifetime guarantee. If you need ironclad socks (maybe it’s his foot shape) it’s a wonderful company and a good choice (also cute).

    1. I have heard good things about Darn Tough! And I do think it’s specific to people/feet because some folks say their Bombas last for years (like me, I am wearing a pair I know I got pre-pandemic as I type this) and other say they don’t work. Feet are so unique, as is how we use them!

  5. I love Bombas socks. I am super picky about wearing socks that don’t move around on my feet and have given away more pairs than I care to remember because of the fit. There are pretty much the only socks I buy now -and my husband also has several pairs plus my now adult daughter b/c she is very hard on socks. I still have the first pairs I purchased years ago and they do wear “like iron”. So comfortable and the fit is amazing.

  6. It’s likely that I cannot order Bombas here, but it’s good to hear of a sock brand that does merino wool socks in colours other than black!

    On a slight side note, where are your husband’s silver trainers from? So fab!

      1. Thanks – just walked past a Puma store yesterday & saw the same (or at least very similar) silver trainers in the shop window!

        Just FYI, if anyone else is interested.

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