Happy Halloween! 2014

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With the craziness of 2014, the Gary Parents didn't get their act together enough to create Halloween costumes for ourselves, but we made sure Emerson was what she wanted to be. Ever since she saw a commercial for Monster High this summer, Emerson wanted to be “purple Monster High” for Halloween. Using the tutu my sister and I made Emerson for her witch costume last year and some Monster High goodies from Party City, Emerson transformed into a gothy purple diva.  And nope, I didn't tell her to pose like that, that fierceness is pure Emerson!

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Thursday evening, our town had a Halloween costume Parade. The kids are organized by age, parade around the town center, Trick or Treating the stores, and then past a table of judges (including the Mayor) who chose the best costumes. After the parade, they offered cookies, lemonade, and a magic show. Friday, Emerson's school doesn't specifically celebrate Halloween but the kids are encouraged to dress as their favorite storybook character and they have a two-hour early release to have time to get ready for Trick or Treating.

I hope all of you have a safe but very fun Halloween weekend!

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. She is fierce, that little one! Adorable 🙂 love your blog, it’s def one of my go to’s for fashion inspiration!

  2. Awww… she is fabulous! What a great outfit and what a lovely proud Mama you look to me in the pics too.

    We had heaps of fun this Halloween dressing up as zombies and joining our local zombie walk/ flash mob around town.

    1. She really wanted a skull on her shirt, but gosh it’s hard to find a skull shirt that isn’t all covered with logos or blood/biker stuff. I did get her a purple skull ring that lights up and blinks and my sister found the fishnet arm warmers with little dangling skulls. She wanted me to draw a skull on her face but my liquid liner skillz aren’t that strong with the wonky arm so I ended up doing a heart. But yes she actually told me she wanted to look goth, and now I so want to know how she learned about that word! 🙂 I think I’m going to have to get her a skull tee for Christmas!

  3. I saw the picture on Facebook, and had no clue (we don’t have TV in our house), but it makes sense now. My first thought was riot grrrrl with the hair. Ha!

  4. YES. She is perfect! And that’s my favorite Monster High doll too! (Yes, I’m almost 30 and into Monster High, do not care. I wish they’d existed when I was a kid.)

    1. Oh that’s awesome! She doesn’t have the dolls or anything, I let her tell me what she wanted and we worked with what we had, I got the wig, we had the furry boot covers from another costumer, and my sis picked up the Monster High arm warmers. Glad to know it looks Monster High by someone who knows it better than I! <3

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