Holiday Gift Guide: Beauty Edition

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Holiday Gift Guide: Beauty Edition - great gift ideas at different price points for all sorts of beauty loversFor the holidays, I gotta say I love receiving beauty gifts. It’s something I usually won’t spend money on, it’s something I can use almost daily to pamper myself, it’s that lovely mix of practical and decadent that makes a gift people will love. That being said, no one wants that cello-wrapped package of holiday scented lotion, shower gel, and body spray. Here’s some items that I would love receiving as a gift and I think your loved one would as well.

Holiday Gift Guide: Beauty Edition with products in all sorts of prices and for all types of people on your gift list

  1. Brushing Emerson’s hair is an ordeal, no matter what we do she wakes with the most insane tangles and her scalp is uber delicate and she freaks no matter how careful I am with picking apart knots. I saw an ad for the Tangle Teezer and took a chance. While she still cringes when we brush the underpart of her hair, it’s sooo much better. She is also better at brushing her own hair with the Tangle Teezer than with a standard brush. Karl liked it so much he got one for himself. We’ve had them for almost a year and they’ve held up great. Not just for detangling hair, this is also a good tool for brushing in conditioning treatments on wet tresses.
  2. Living proof sent me their Perfect Hair Day collection earlier this year. While I wasn’t a fan of the styling product for my type of hair and style, the shampoo and conditioner totally blew me away. Karl loves it even more than I; he started growing his hair this year (was to his shoulders before a recent trim) and won’t use anything other than his “Jennifer Aniston shampoo.” So much, I bought him bottles for his birthday and he’ll be getting more for Christmas. A lot of bloggers have been writing about Living proof and I’ve often rolled my eyes and been turned off by brands that saturate the blogosphere all at once… but sometimes those brands and products are as good as the raves in the sponsored post. This is one of them. This travel set is a budget-friendly way to try out the line or share with a loved one.
  3. I bought reusable cotton rounds a couple years ago to use in place of disposable ones to remove makeup, wipe off cleansing oils, and wipe on Thayer’s Rose Petal Witch Hazel each morning. I have a mesh bag hanging off the bathroom door where I drop them, then zip it up at the end of the week and throw into a laundry load in the washer and dryer. They have only improved with time, and this past Christmas I bought my sister a set. It’s a great gift for the beauty maven, the eco-minded mama, and the frugal friend. I bought mine from the Etsy store Little Green Nest but there’s many stores on Etsy that sell these and you can likely find a set that perfectly fits your loved one’s style.
  4. Bliss’ Body Butter is legendary. Unlike Body Shop’s Body Butter which I positively adore but find it’s hard to apply from a tub, this body butter comes in a squeeze tube and is easy to use even with wet slippery hands post-shower. And though it’s not as thick, it’s just as hydrating. I personally love the classic lemon + sage scent, but they have a ‘naked’ version that truly is unscented (no weird chemical plastic scent). This is a little luxury that someone may find odd when they unwrap but will adore each time they use it and see how it transforms dry skin and rough elbows.
  5. Skindinavia sent me their primer and setting spray earlier this year, claiming the combo of the two will keep makeup on for 18 hours even in a hot sweaty Miami nightclub. Oh really? I totally took the products through the wringer – humidity, the gym, rain, tears… and well they’re right. This stuff is pretty phenomenal. The thing is, using two products together your face feels like rubber and when used often, I experienced breakouts. But yeah, this is a great combo for a special occasion. The primer is pretty intense and really makes everything stick to the face. The setting spray alone? A great regular product and works better than other products I’ve raved about and makes a primer unnecessary. I think it keeps oil at bay (and I don’t have the oil control version), and I look far fresher at the end of the day than I have with any other finishing spray. This is a great gift for the beauty fan as she may not have heard of this; also a great gift for a bride-to-be.
  6. I think this set from Deborah Lippmann is fantastic for the young adults (or the young at heart) on your list! Deborah Lippmann nailcolors are high quality and luxe, the two colors are a great combo – one that’s a good day color and incorporates current nailcolor trends but then a bottle that’s fun and festive. All in an adorable bag that is a gift in itself and all for less than $20.
  7. Last year I succumbed to the Sara Happ hype and bought the Clementine Lip Exfoliator. I know, $24 for a lip scrub? Just use a dry toothbrush, Allie! Make your own with some coconut oil and sugar! But gosh, this stuff is lovely. It smells good, it tastes good, it’s the perfect consistency and it’s sitting there in my medicine cabinet ready to use. This is a great gift because it’s likely something your loved one would never indulge in purchasing. Made in the USA, I’m partial to the sunny Clementine flavor, but there’s tons of other choices.
  8. Smith’s Rosebud Salve is a classic and a welcome stocking stuffer. It adds moisture, shine, and has a beautiful scent. Not just for your lips, it’s also great on cracked cuticles, burns, and some swear by it for diaper rash. It’s a great gift for tweens because it’s “cool” and used by celebs, but isn’t actual makeup but is welcome by folks of any age.
  9. You can’t go wrong with a tube of Burt’s Bees Lip Balm in a stocking or added to a gift basket. The classic Beeswax version is a safe bet, but they now have a ton of wonderful scents (I’m partial to coconut pear) that are still 100% natural and free of parabens, phthalates, and petrochemicals.
  10. Kiehl’s makes some of the best skincare and has been around since 1851 for a reason. This gift set has their iconic lip balm and hand salve in a travel-friendly size and it comes in a limited edition package designed by Peter Max. For those who don’t like lots of fragrance, this is a great choice – Karl and I both use both of these products because they’re neutral but effective.
  11. I SWEAR by Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. The more I use it, the more I love it and the more I realize no other dry shampoo can compare. No ashiness, no stickiness, no cloying smell, and it gives that perfect bit of texture. Sure I’ve used it when my roots are a bit greasy, but I mainly use it as a styling product. It’s that price that is hard to stomach for yourself, but a good price for a gift. Add some hair ties or a paddle brush for a complete kit that your friend will be thanking you for after a just few uses.
  12. Have you ever found a fragrance that you swear is perfect for you but just doesn’t work with your chemistry? I feel that way about kai. I smell it on others and swoon. I love that it’s a roller ball of essential oils, I love the minimalist look, the blend of feminine and sensual. I continue to love the scent (and love that they have home fragrance options), but realized it’s not for me. So I gift it and get to enjoy it on my loved ones. This gift set has the lotion and fragrance together in a white mesh bag and I promise will far more appreciated than another package of holiday berry or juniper breeze.
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  1. I got the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day set (shampoo/conditioner/styling products) as a point gift from Sephora, and to be honest I wasn’t terribly impressed. I think I got less time between washes than with other brands. It’s smells nice and it was a convenient set to take travelling with me, but I wouldn’t spend the money on the full sized products. I do however really like their Full Thickening Cream, it works well for me and gives me mega lift; I’ve bought that one a few times.
    And I’ve been meaning to make my own cotton rounds. I think it’s time, thanks for the reminder. 🙂

  2. If you know someone who has a cat, the Tangle Teezer is the best cat brush ever! I have 4 cats, one of which is high maintenance and this brush is amazing. It not only collects the hair, but it is easy to remove from the brush. I bought it for my hair, but it wouldn’t make a dent in my thick, wavy hair. I have recommended it to friends who love it for themselves, too.

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