Reflecting on a Year as a Hair Biology Ambassador

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For the past year, I have been a Hair Biology ambassador. What that means is I regularly shared my favorite Hair Biology products here on Wardrobe Oxygen and on Instagram, but what it also means is I had the opportunity to really get to know this line of haircare products, what makes it unique, but also I got to get feedback from all of you who tried Hair Biology.

It’s a bit nerve-wracking to choose which brands to partner with. It may seem so dreamy, to get paid to discuss products, but I’ve had Wardrobe Oxygen for 16 years, I’ve learned over time that the wrong collaboration can ruin my credibility. I’m so thrilled to hear over this past year that so many of you have come to love Hair Biology products for your tresses as much as I have.

What is Hair Biology?

Bottles of Hair Biology Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner on a glass shelf inside a white tiled shower.
Hair Biology Soft and Hydrated Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner

Our hair changes when we get older – it’s just biology!

Hair Biology believes in the power of celebrating age and the experience that comes with it. Hair Biology offers a line of haircare products specifically designed to work with the unique hair biology of women who know that spirit and confidence doesn’t stop as we get older, and neither should beautiful hair.

Hair Biology was created to empower women to take control of their changing hair by focusing on the science of why it changes with age. By targeting the changes at their sources and embracing biological shifts, rather than hiding them, Hair Biology is for women who want to love the hair they have now.

Offering products that address issues such as helping gray and silver hair gleam, offering volume to thinning hair, and ensuring tresses feel and look soft and healthy; Hair Biology is chock full of the good stuff like biotin and argan oil and free of the not-so-good like dyes and parabens.

My Favorite Products from Hair Biology

Alison of Wardrobe Oxygen in the shower washing her hair with Hair Biology Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner
Nothing makes my hair feel softer and look healthy than Hair Biology Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

It was cool to have the chance to try all of the Hair Biology products that were appropriate for my hair. Through this year, I came to have some favorite products from the brand:

  • Hair Biology Thickening Treatment: While my switch to curly hair and embracing my natural texture helped my hair look thicker, I still deal with hair that has become thinner as I have gotten older. Hair Biology Thickening Treatment is a targeted spray that I apply at the roots to offer all-day lift without stickiness.
  • Hair Biology Argan Oil Taming Serum: With fine hair, I find most serums to be too heavy, leaving my hair limp. Hair Biology Argan Oil Taming Serum is light enough I can apply it to dry hair. It’s great in the summer to keep both blown-out and naturally curly tresses from frizzing. It offers shine without greasiness. I also apply it before blow drying to add softness, smoothness, and shine.
  • Hair Biology Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner: I gotta admit it, my tween kid also uses this shampoo and conditioner from Hair Biology! Hair Biology Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner, unlike many moisturizing products of this type, doesn’t leave my fine hair feeling heavy or greasy. However, it leaves my hair (and my daughter’s) so soft, shiny, manageable, and healthy looking. While I don’t use it when I do my curls, I use it when I style my hair straight and wavy. And unlike other non-curly hair shampoos and conditioners, my curls “bounce back” next wash after Hair Biology!
  • Hair Biology Deep Hydration Mask: Over this past year at home, hair masks have become a THING. It seems every influencer is promoting some super expensive deep conditioner or hair mask. I haven’t been tempted because Hair Biology Deep Hydration Mask is so effective and for such a great price. I use it every few weeks and it seems to restore my hair, especially if I have spent a lot of time in the sun, pool, ocean, and gym or with hot tools.

I heard that Hair Biology is adding some new products to their collection this July and I cannot WAIT to try them out! I’ll be sure to let you know all about them!

Where Can I Buy Hair Biology?

hair biology thickening treatment review
Hair Biology Thickening Treatment has been a fave for both my curls and for when I blow out my hair straight and in soft waves.

Hair Biology is available exclusively at Target, where you can buy it in store or online.

My Year as a Hair Biology Ambassador

hair biology review by wardrobe oxygen
Hair Biology Argan Oil Taming Serum and Thickening Treatment for soft, shiny hair with plenty of volume.

I have really enjoyed being a Hair Biology Ambassador. The products are great, that’s for sure. But what was cool that during a year where we were all separated, the Hair Biology team did such a great job of making us Ambassadors feel like a team.

Women like Shauna of Chic Over 50 and SheShe from SheShe Show who I have had the pleasure to travel with and enjoy in person (they’re even more lovely IRL), and Beth at Style at a Certain Age who I met at a blogging conference a few years ago but was a friend even before that. Through Hair Biology I was introduced to Janie Medley and Angelique Miles who have become favorite follows.

I have tucked into the mirror of my dressing table, a little card Hair Biology sent this holiday season with little drawings of each of us Ambassadors with our names below.  It’s an adorable reminder of a great year where we couldn’t be in person, but we still felt connected.

hair biology thinning hair review
A photo from the beginning of my ambassadorship with Hair Biology

But the coolest part was connecting with so many of you. You shared why you tried Hair Biology, what you thought, and what products became must-haves for your hair. It feels so good to recommend something and have it be the perfect thing for you. It’s the best part of this job!

Thank you so much Hair Biology for having me as one of your Ambassadors this year. I look forward to seeing what Hair Biology creates next to keep our hair looking amazing through this half of our lives!

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. I would like to try this hair products on my hair. I am a woman of color and sometimes I like to blow dry my hair, so which would be best for my silver gray hair.

  2. If I have to choose between hair biology and LUS for hair similar to yours, what would you suggest I try first?

    1. Hair Biology isn’t designed for curly hair. I use the shampoo and conditioner when I do blow-outs; the styling products I have used on both curly and straightened hair. LUS is specifically for curly hair styles; if you use it and blow your hair out you may not like the way your strands feel. If you are looking to embrace your curl, I would recommend LUS. If you use hot tools to style your hair, I recommend Hair Biology because it will leave your hair feeling great and will help protect it.

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