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I have a shameful blogging secret to share – until recently I didn’t own my own computer. Karl and I share his laptop, and I say it is his and not mine because it’s a fancy computer with fancy things to make professional photos do all the fancy things they’re supposed to do. He uses Chrome, I use Firefox, and I store all my files on an external hard drive or Dropbox. A few years ago I splurged on a netbook; it was knocked off the coffee table by an exuberant dog’s tail wag and had to be repaired by those far more techy than I; when it was dropped a second time by a curious toddler I gave up and went back to sharing with Karl. So when HP offered to send me their brilliant x360 in exchange for a post about versatility (um hello, I am all about a versatile wardrobe) and Meghan Trainor (um hello, I am all about the bass) I was psyched.

This February & March, HP is going on the road with Meghan Trainor to cover her entire US tour. From Vancouver to Nashville, they’ll have a camera crew and some of their favorite Meghan Trainor fans from her Lips Are Movin’ video to help bring the tour to life. You can follow along with the Meghan Trainor tour by watching Behind The Scenes episodes or following @HP for updates.

hp x360

I am writing this piece from my HP x360 and this machine is awesome. Not only do I finally feel like a legit blogger with my own computer (and I already personalized it as you can see above and on Instagram), but the versatility of the x360 is cool. What stands out with the HP x360 is its four modes: laptop, tablet, tent, and stand. This is not just a laptop, and it’s far more than a tablet. A hybrid of the two that bends all the rules, the HP x360 has a keyboard but also a touch screen. The hinges that connect the screen to the keyboard move 360 degrees and hold their place; this means it can be a classic laptop, can tent to make it easy to watch movies (great for lying in bed watching Netflix), can flip all the way back to be a tablet (and the screen rotates in all four directions), or bend the keyboard back to be a stand to keep the monitor upright on a tabletop. And unlike my old netbook (RIP), the HP x360 is substantial and able to survive daily use or a curious toddler.

The HP x360 has four modes of versatility, and four is a pretty good number to keep in mind when choosing a new piece for your wardrobe. Especially when considering wardrobe staples, you want a piece that you can envision being styled in multiple ways with multiple pieces already residing in your closet. Back in June of 2005 I started this blog with a list of items every woman needs in her wardrobe (and stay tuned for a Spring 2015 update). I still believe that some core pieces work for most any woman’s closet and one that I recommended and people question the most is a trendy jacket or blazer. While this list is a decade old, I still think a unique jacket can transform a wardrobe and truly infuse your personal style to your closet. From a velvet blazer with puffed sleeves to a leather moto jacket in your signature color, a jacket that incorporates trends you enjoy and details that speak to you will take your wardrobe basics to the next level. Below I show the versatility of a trendy jacket with four different distinct ensembles.

Inspired by Meghan Trainor’s personal style and the pastel trend for spring, I decided to use a pink moto jacket as the trendy jacket.  I find moto jackets surprisingly versatile and the pastel shade bends the rules of classic biker style by offering a feminine touch.


A moto jacket is a cool alternative to a blazer and can add personality to the work sheaths already residing in your closet.  Pink and gray is a classic combination, using that plus an office-friendly hemline on the dress keeps the look from being too edgy for Corporate America.  A pair of sleek black booties and a professional bag with modern details ties the look together.


A moto jacket is a great way to add style and a bit of warmth to more casual looks. Here I paired the jacket with weekend staples of a knit tank, jeans, and sneakers to up the style quotient. Switching out your day bag for a clutch with a rocker vibe makes this comfy-cool look work for a date or night out with the girls.


Embrace the grunge trend but add your own spin by pairing a pastel-hued moto with a floral dress. To keep it from looking too twee, style with strong black accessories; classic Wayfarers and Docs are classic pieces that give the “Reality Bites” feel without being a fashion victim.


Balance the tough silhouette of a moto jacket with a feminine full midi skirt and pointed-toe pumps. A cheeky clutch and bold lips complete a look that's tough and tender at the same time.

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. This is one of the best sponsored posts I’ve seen. I’m happy for you getting a new computer, and comparing the versatility to the jacket was quite entertaining.

  2. I recently picked one up in a tweet kind of material and in grey/black but I absolutely adore the versatility of it. I can wear it to business meetings or simply wear it with jeans or a skirt (though I tend more towards pencil skirts). I just lost a lot of weight and went down two sizes. Now have to redo my whole wardrobe and decided to focus on more classical pieces and things that are more versatile. I found your staples post really helpful though I adapted it slightly to my style and to German culture.

  3. I love the looks you’ve created but the pink moto jacket threw me back to the 80s! Add another foot and a half to it and I had that in a dress with, yes, the zipper all the way down to the hem. oof!

  4. I have a light brown suede moto jacket that I wear often. I’d LOVE to find a moto jacket in a color like this! Any adivse as to where to look for asimilar one?

      1. Your blog is so helpful, Allie. I have purchased and used many of your recommended beauty products with great success (Tarte Brow Clay and Revlon lipsticks especially). If you recommend a product, I know it’s got to be worth the $$$. I will consider the HP X360 because I am in the market for a new laptop. I have copied many of your amazing outfits…imitation is the highest form of flattery, you know. Cheers!

        1. Oh you are too sweet! I have a couple computers for work, I’ve used Karl’s different PCs and laptops over the years and I do truly like this machine. It doesn’t come with MS Office and I bought it for it because I know this will be MY computer for a while to come. And unlike Karl’s laptop with Windows 8 I find this one far easier to use because of the combo of laptop/touchpad/mouse AND touchscreen. If I feel stuck in Windows 8 I can swipe the screen even when the keyboard is open and in use and get back to the start screen. A nice hybrid of tablet and laptop!

  5. Allie, do you find it hard to make moto jackets work with a larger chest? I love the idea of one, but I always feel like robin redbreast (assuming I can zip it all the way, of course). <3 <3 <3

      1. I’m 36F so I hear you, I don’t usually zip them up because then I look like I’m wearing a breastplate. But as a jacket in place of a blazer I find them flattering if they are of a softer leather/lambskin or a non-leather fabric (have one in ponte that I adore).

    1. Maybe try one that’s not leather? I just got one that is some kind of tweet material and even zipped I can wear it just fine, though I tend to wear it unzipped. I’m a 32E for reference.

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