Let It Go

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A few weeks ago, I was talking to a friend about blogs. We have many that we both enjoy, and she mentioned one that I didn’t know but she adored. So I added it to my reader. I mean, if my friend who I adore and respect and who owns the same leopard kitten heels as me likes this blog, I would too. Right?

Well this week I removed that blog from my feed. I realized that each time it came up in my Feedly I scrolled right by it. I tried reading the posts on the actual site for a different experience, but nothing really grabbed me, nothing brought value to my life.

For a moment, I felt guilty about unfollowing the blog. Maybe I was missing something; I mean tens of thousands of people follow this blog, including my wonderful friend. But really, why force yourself to like something just because it’s popular?

Nevertheless, by experiencing the blog, I had the chance to better understand my friend. And I got to better understand myself. No one has all the answers, every day we learn something new about life and about ourselves. By knowing what isn’t a good fit, we get closer to what is. This holds true with blogs, food, fashion, relationships… everything.

If something is not a good fit… let it go. It could be a dress that cost a ton but does nothing for your figure or confidence, a fading friendship, a bad habit, or something simple like a blog bookmarked on your browser. Letting it go is not giving up, it’s not being rude, it’s not being wasteful. It’s a step towards making your life yours.

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  1. Yes, definitely. I think the hidden benefit of being an odd child is that I’ve never expected to like things ‘cos everyone else does. I like some popular things, but I’m quite happy being the only person I know who has even heard of any of my favourite authors (for example).

  2. Loved it. So true. I’m trying to let lot of things, feelings, stuff and people just go away. I realize they were important at a time, but not now. And I cannot carry this extra weight in my life!

  3. this is wonderfully insightful. I feel that by letting go, we free ourselves to experience other things that we would otherwise overlook because we’re trying to make something else fit. Sometimes, it’s not as easy as just “unfollowing” but, it may require some more effort or difficult decisions. Nonetheless, the same effect can still be had. =)



  4. I’m learning to do this…AND I’ll forgive you for the Frozen reference. E does know that her friend E is Elsa, right? 🙂

      1. Elsa was on my short list for my three year old. While watching the Sound of Music in early November, I was a little sad we didn’t use it (named after the Baroness? Heck yes!). With the Elsa craze now (and a kid who insists on being called Elsa), I’m happy we went with something else 🙂
        Loved this piece. I’m trying to make my husband purge (35 dress shirts. 20 pairs of SNEAKERS) and maybe he’ll listen to this.

  5. Such a great philosophy. I’ve spent many long minutes since last November explaining to the 5yo in my house why and what Elsa is supposed to let go. It gets philosophical awfully quickly.

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