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Packable Down Vest: Bernardo (sold out – similar) | Tee: J. Crew Factory | Jeans: Gap | Shoes: Converse | Bandana: grocery store (similar) | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban | Bag: Rough & Tumble Design

Weekends are family time.  I power off the laptop and focus on Karl and Emerson.  This weekend we had Easter egg hunts, errands to run, dinner with friends, brunch at my mom's, and lots of time outdoors enjoying the gorgeous spring weather.  This is a variation of my weekend look, what I wear when I am in Mom Mode.   I bought this vest when I had the cast to stay warm, but it has become a favorite.  Karl jokes that I'm embracing normcore, I love not being bundled up but still warm enough during this transitional time (and having a crapton of pockets which is ALWAYS a necessity when in Mom Mode!).

And this bag, now that I have the strength to carry a big bag, is again my favorite.   It is truly perfection; the short strap fits over the shoulder, the long strap is comfortable on the shoulder or as a crossbody.  Inside is a pocket or gadget for everything; I can quickly find my SmarTrip card or parking garage ticket, the keyfob to get into the building, tissues for Emerson or a stashed away mini LalaLoopsy if a meal goes on longer than expected, my lipgloss and my ever-present Tide to Go stain stick.  Though my hand and wrist are MUCH better, I am still having trouble feeding myself with my right hand; the wrist just isn't as flexible as it was and I do a modified shoveling food into my face (oh gosh you should see me with chopsticks!), and must say I end every meal no matter how careful I am with a dribble on my shirt!  Just a reminder to keep up with the PT!

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  1. I am have 20-something years on you, but you are my style guru. We have similar figures; however, you manage to look smart and stylish every time – which is what I would like to be. I’m a grateful follower of your blog.

  2. We were in DC sightseeing last weekend, and I was also sporting my striped top, down vest, and converse!! I finally had allergy testing done this week and apparently need to avoid anything down. I will need to replace my go-to vest.

    1. I was scared to get this vest because I too am allergic to down (no down comforters or pillows for this gal), but the vest hasn’t bothered me… yet. REI has some vests that are down alternative but light, fluffy and packable like down, not sure if online but saw in the store!

  3. Yay!!! Outside pics again!!! Not that I mind the inside pics – love those too – just want you to be happy and you look like you are! Btw, I can’t do chopsticks with good hands so you’ve one uped me already!!! :-). Looking good girl! Jude

      1. Love the white background too – whatever makes ya happy girlie girl! You look great either way! Heck, I’m lucky to get a picture with makeup on – with ANY background! Good for you! 🙂

  4. Great weekend look. I’m glad to hear you’re progressing with your PT too. It’s important to stay positive!

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