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I figure since I can't get you full length photos these days, I can at least get you some shots of me once I get to work (I sneak these photos when my office mate leaves to get coffee or head to the men's room).

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The top is this one from Kenneth Cole New York.  The top is actually pretty darn long (could almost be a dress) so I gathered the hem with two hidden safety pins to make a blouson top.  With it are my black pants from New York & Company.  This is a new pair of shoes I inherited from my friend's mom – they are from Impo.  And then my fabulous chunky silver necklace that is from Ann Taylor from a couple years ago – always gets compliments and people are always shocked to know it came from Ann Taylor.
Hair is next day.  I brushed it and that's about it.  I had it dried smooth the day prior, and today it is icky out so I knew if I tried to make it straight or curly it would just look a mess by noon.
Makeup is my standard bag o' tricks – no foundation because I ran out, but this concealer trio from Redpoint is pretty fantastic at covering up the bags under the eyes and the zit on the chin that I got for not washing my face before bedtime.  I got it through Beautyfix (will be writing review today or tomorrow).
A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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