What I Wore: Denim Coveralls

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denim plus size coverallsI have wanted a pair of coveralls forever (okay since 2007 as I mentioned in this post). I had it in my mind, dark denim, but not too stiff.  Snaps, no zipper, no buttons.  I envisioned them cuffed to the ankles with some old-school sneakers or funky flats, or maybe roll cuffed with an amazing pair of heels.  However, when you're short and round it's darn near impossible to find such a garment.

wardrobe oxygen fashion blog wardrobe oxygen by alison gary over 40 fashion blog smaller asos denim boilersuit closeup alison garyBoilersuit: ASOS (14 and on sale!) | Patches: Etsy | Boots: BCBG Max Azria (old; similar concept) | Earrings: Bejeweled Relics (more from this company) | Silver cuff: Had forever (budget-friendly alternative)

wardrobe oxygen over 40 fshion blogBut then one day this fall I was on ASOS and I saw this boilersuit.  Okay, it's not dark denim, and there aren't the classic denim copper snaps and rivets, but it was the closest I had ever found and had to try it.  I was astounded that not only did it fit, it didn't need to be hemmed or tailored! I wore them with sneakers, but felt they looked kind of plain without any details.  Should I get a patch with my name on it and put it on the chest pocket? That seemed too cliche. Then in the shower (where all good ideas happen) I thought it would look awesome with some sequined angel wings on the back. I headed to Etsy where I found these at an amazing price.  I ironed them on, but they didn't stick terribly well, just enough to hold in place as I sewed them on with silver metallic thread.  And then I decided to continue the silver theme with my beloved silver snakeskin heeled boots I've had for years and the vintage silver earrings I wore Tuesday on the blog.

asos curve boilersuitWe passed this garage covered in graffiti and felt it a perfect backdrop for such an outfit.  And it had an old payphone booth, so I had to pretend like I was making a call! This location, like many of the colorful backdrops in posts the past couple of months was painted by Green Owl Design, a company trying to #fighttheblight on Route 1 in Hyattsville.  They are painting abandoned buildings so they provide some fun and color to the area until the buildings are demolished and replaced.  They've become a popular place for photos, the last two times we've been in the area we've seen other people doing photo shoots!

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. I love this look on you! You look so happy wearing this outfit and you totally own it. This is true personal style.

  2. So much fun when we get to fulfill a long held idea—especially when it works out so awesomely! Yay! This is such a fun and lively look for you.

    I always think there is something perfect in pairing blues in the indigo range with silver accessories.

  3. I too have been lusting after coveralls and having an impossible time finding a pair that fit over my chest but don’t have a crotch down to my shins. I finally found my dream pair at Lucky Brand; black denim slouchy perfection. Loose but not sloppy, short enough for this 5’1″ plus ish size person. No belt for the look Alison is wearing or belted for that 80’s retro thing. A sigh of pleasure for me.

  4. Seriously, if I’d just read the post without seeing the pictures, I would be like “She’s lost her darn mind. Coveralls? With wings? And high-heeled silver boots?” But the photos prove otherwise — the whole ensemble totally works, looks great on you, and is fun and unusual and statement making without trying too hard. Well done!

  5. OMG… I never would have thought of wings! That’s so cute and a nice visual break in a long expanse of denim. When you posted about these, I thought it was too bad the wash was such a light color, but I couldn’t resist them. I love this suit and it’s fun and comfortable with enough ease to make it an easy on/off, which is always an issue with jumpsuits. And, I couldn’t believe the quality of fabric and construction for the price. I am thinking about dyeing them a darker color still, but I love these. Thanks for the inspiration and the shove out of my comfort zone!
    And, You look great in these! Thanks for the post. I was really interested to see you put your personal spin on these and it was worth waiting for!

  6. Allie, I love this look! Thank you for always sharing the most interesting things, and balancing your fashion/sponsored posts with more personal ones about giving back, or about what you’re going through. Happy holidays <3

  7. You look great in those coveralls! And how cool is that building? Love what Green Owl Design is doing. There are some amazingly creative people in this country.

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