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Wednesday, I made $7.00 just for buying the regular stuff I need. Toothpaste, baby-friendly (and eco-friendly) bug spray, toilet paper, teething oil, a couple extra sippy cups, mascara, shower gel. Last week I made $3.00 for ordering me and my daughter some clothes from Old Navy and $4.00 for purchasing a dress and shoes from Nordstrom. Last year I made over $700 for just shopping for the regular purchases I make. I don’t need a taskbar, I don’t need to collect points, I don’t have to scour the Internet for codes, I don’t need to buy from shops I don’t know or regularly frequent.


What I do is use Ebates before shopping online. Ebates is a site where you can get cash back from online purchases. Anywhere from 1% to 20% cash back. You visit the Ebates site, search for your favorite online retailer, and visit their site through their link at Ebates. An extra 30 seconds in your day. Then four times a year, you will receive a check in the mail from Ebates. No contracts, no giving all your personal information, no strings attached.

Ebay, Nordstrom, Target, Sephora, Victoria’s Secret, Kohl’s,, Old Navy, Ann Taylor, JC Penney, The Children’s Place,, Lands End, Home Depot,, Overstock, SmartBargains. I could keep going. The list is amazing and encompasses most of the best online retailers. Not only that, Ebates will keep track of promotions and coupon codes taking place for these retailers so you can get your cash back AND save as much as possible on your order.

And why am I telling you about this? Well, I am because I love this site and love to share fabulous bargains online. But I am also telling you because Ebates offers a referral bonus. If you sign up for Ebates and love it as much as I do, you can tell your friends and make a bonus off each of them when they sign up and use the site.

There’s no risk. If you sign up for Ebates and don’t love it… then stop using the site. No worries. And whether you make $6.00 or $600 of the site, you will still get your check for your cash back (or a deposit in your PayPal account – your preference).

Worried about privacy and security? Ebates was founded by two former Deputy District Attorneys who take privacy and security very seriously. Only a very limited number of Ebates employees ever have access to your personal information, which is only used to track and send the cash back payments you earn. Ebates uses an SSL connection on all pages where you access or transmit personal information. Ebates sends two types of emails to its members: customer service emails required to maintain the Ebates program (like cash back credits & payment notifications); and promotional emails featuring especially good offers. You may choose not to receive promotional emails at any time from your account page or by clicking the “unsubscribe” link in an email. Ebates will not sell your information to any third party.

Interested? Click here to sign up for Ebates and start saving money!

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