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I knew I would be one of the only people in the office, so figured a super great outfit wasn't necessary. Black silk/tencel tee from Banana Republic, denim trousers from Gap, black city boots from Impo, gold hoops, gold necklace from Express, gold bangles from Ralph Lauren.

Hair was washed and conditioned, a tiny bit of Jonathan Silky Dirt added while damp and blown dry with a round brush.

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Makeup was simple because I still have a few hives on my face. philosophy The Supernatural in Beige, Revlon ColorStay shadow quad in Neutral Khakis – the khaki on lid. Lashes curled, Cover Girl Lash Blast in black and Maybelline UltraLiner in black on top lash line. On lips is Revlon Shiny Sheers lipcolor in Sheer Cocoa Glaze.

The hives are far better than they were on Saturday or Sunday. I have Emergen-C to add to my water, and an orange for lunch. I also read that green tea helps so I will be drinking that as well. Life has just been terribly hectic recently – new job for me, husband has had a few career changes, travel, family events, possibly moving, and much much more. Guess that even though i have tried to remain calm, cool and collected my body has decided to proclaim my stress. Well I have off tomorrow and will be spending it with my loved ones and have a 4-day weekend coming up so hopefully things will settle down and my skin will follow suit!

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  1. when we were moving overseas, i thought i had it all together and was really surprised about that… until i broke out in hives. not as together as i thought!

    i really feel for you. btw, smelling lavender helps me relax.

    merry christmas!

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