Monday: Milkmaid

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Dress: c/o eShakti | Cardigan: Ann Taylor (similar) | Shoes: Ivanka Trump | Bracelets:Emerson” c/o Kristin Biggs, Stella and Dot (other two are from sets I purchased this past year from Nordstrom)

Two years ago, I tried out eShakti and didn't have the most perfect of experiences. So when they contacted me last month asking me to try the line again but do a custom fit dress, I was excited. Many of you said the fit of the dress was bad because it was a straight size, so the idea of a custom dress appealed to me. At home, I had my husband measure me and entered it all into the eShakti site. Less than two weeks later, the dress arrived. And yes, the fit is MUCH better. No bra showing under the arms, the waist is at the right place for my petite figure, plenty of room for my bust and no chance of a strap slipping throughout the day. However, I just don't think the dress is very flattering on me; my husband said I looked like a milkmaid or a beer wench.  The fabric is very stiff and the entire dress including the bodice sticks out from my body making the dress look more like a costume. I think such a fabric may work better on a taller person who can better balance the volume.  The dress doesn't seem to be on the site any more, it has a square neckline in front, a v-neckline in back, a size zipper (though I didn't need it to get it on), and pockets.  The black are ribbon stripes sewn onto the navy dress; there is one of these ribbons defining the waist which is sits just above my belly button.

While today is springlike in DC, there's still a chill in the air. I tried a traditional cardigan and it looked a bit too twee on me; this wrap cardigan not only make the ensemble fit better with my personal style, but also cinched in the dress. I have to say, this dress will be pretty awesome in the hot humid months of summer but I'll have to do some tinkering with it so it is a bit more flattering. The fit issue could be my fault – maybe the measurements weren't accurate, and maybe I chose the wrong style dress. Have you used eShakti? What have you thought of the experience?

UPDATE: eShakti is sweet enough to offer all Wardrobe Oxygen readers 20% off their next order!  Just use code WRDRBEXYGE at checkout for 20% off.  This code is valid until March 20, 2013.

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  1. I have to say that i really love this dress on you. I like the volume and i think it is very flattering on your figure.

  2. I have ordered three custom dresses from them over the past year, and they are great. I have the poplin material and enjoy the flouncy look, and one retro look that I had them add sleeves to, and one that i haven’t been able to wear yet because it is too summery for our weather, it might be a bit on the short side but as long as it isn’t scandalous i will wear it. I am a size smaller on top than the bottom so having a dress that fits right away is great, being short and plus-sized makes me very aware of what styles suit me, they are often styled and made for much taller women than me, and it can look like i am playing dress-up. as a relative new follower of your blog, I am grateful for your honest reviews of the clothes, and love your style.

  3. I just ordered a dress from them and we will see how it fits! I had ordered one in the fall and the sizing didn’t work when I chose to customize with my measurements. This time I stuck with a standard size, but customized the length and arm length. Fingers crossed!

  4. I bought 4 dresses from eShakti and cannot say enough wonderful things about them. I did not get a customized dress, but they fit better than most off the rack items. Plus, there are tabs at the shoulders to hold my bra straps in and they work really well.

  5. I’ve ordered a standard size skirt (perfect fit) and a custom blouse (I had to move the buttons a bit to make it fit.) So lesson learned for me is – stick to my “normal” sizes with eShakti and I’ll be fine! I do like the color and (potential) shape of your dress, hope it works out.

  6. I’ve purchased from eShakti a lot over the years, and I feel it’s always been the standard shopping experience for me: many pieces work great & I keep, just as many don’t and get sent back.

    With the custom-fit options, it feels like every piece should magically work on us perfectly, but the fact is… some styles work great on our bodies, some don’t. Sometimes the fabric is great, sometimes it’s like “eh.” I have one knit shirt I love the style of, but it’s not the best feeling. A new dress whose fabric feels amazing… but they’re all the same trials and tribulations of all shopping, but especially online shopping!

    I just wish returns were free, or a bit easier at least.

    I love your pairing of navy and black, even if it’s the basis of the dress. It’s such a chic combination! (FWIW, I didn’t notice the original dress fitting you oddly until the last picture –from behind. It fits you beautifully up top!)

  7. This is timely, as I just this afternoon returned a top to eShakti. This is the 3rd purchase with them and I don’t think I’ll be purchasing anything else. I bought a dress for a wedding with custom measurements which fit beautifully, but the fabric wrinkled like mad. Then I bought a ruffled necked blouse in like a loose chiffon type fabric which I loved but it was way too snug in the shoulders/bust even though it was an L. I got a cute knit tunic type top which developed a hole in the pocket after only one wear – that’s what I returned today. Oh I forgot, there was another dress I got that I do like a lot still and would wear a lot if I wore dresses more. But yeah – it feels like it should be more special and of higher quality; they are kind of a like a step down from LOFT or something along those lines. I can’t deal with hit or miss when it comes to online shopping.

  8. Hmm… unconvinced by that. The dress looks like a bit of a shiny cocktail dress and I agree about the stiffness. I think it’s also a bit dark and wintery for bare legs – light tights might’ve helped the outfit a bit?

  9. @Lawgirl — this is actually one of the problems I have with eShakti. I would love if they had something similar to Modcloth where you can post that you bought something, your measurements, and how it fit…and even better, a photo of you wearing it. Especially with all of the customizable options, it’d be great to see different things on different women. That, to me, is really the selling point of their website, that you can put in your measurements and your height and feel totally comfortable in whatever you buy. I also love that you can give some of the dresses sleeves! I am always cold, and sleeveless just doesn’t cut it!

    One thing that I do wish they had is an A-line skirt and a pencil skirt in every cotton poplin color that you can customize. So simple, yet this sort of separate would absolutely be worth buying in a tailored size.

    I would also say that their site is terribly disorganized. You can’t access all dresses at once (even though some billed as bridesmaid are perfect for wedding guests), you can’t sort by color…ugh.

    But – the three dresses I have ordered from them with my measurements have turned out wonderfully. The couple that I’ve gotten from overstock, not quite as much.

    Allie, was this dress a cotton poplin? If so, it will soften a bit with time. It will certainly never be as soft as jersey, but it took a couple washes for mine to be less stiff. The other thing is, I love their cotton poplin in the summer; it dries so quickly after it gets wet, and it keeps you fairly cool. Just throw on a pair of bike shorts underneath, and you’re set!

    1. Thanks Bridget for all this feedback on eShakti! I do think the dress will soften with time which I hope for now I feel as though I’m wearing a lampshade. I can’t bend over because you can see straight from bust to the floor, it’s so stiff. And yes, the bodice is a bit big, but not in a gappy way, just big in the ribcage area and the waist is a bit high so I look a bit like one of those women who comes out of a Swiss clock to ring the bell at the top of the hour. If it softens, it may work for a good summer walking to the farmers market sort of dress!

    2. I agree on all fronts with Bridget! I have several custom dresses and I LOVE them and get nothing but complements on them. The two items I ordered from overstock are not quite right, but I learned my lesson. The fabric is as key as the style for me, and I have loved the chiffon and poly crepe fabrics, along with the jersey stuff, but not the poplin. It’s too stiff and sticks out funny from my wide hips and large bust.

      The only other thing I will say is that I stopped ordering because it was taking longer and longer to get my stuff. If they’ve remedied that, I will consider ordering again.

  10. I had a similar experience with eShakti. Ordered a dress that is really, really cute, but unfortunately the fabric is a lot stiffer than I expected. I look a bit like a bell when I put it on (smile). It is also really, really short. If I ever order from them again, I will put in a height at least 3-4″ taller than I actually am. A dress can be hemmed, but too short is a whole ‘nother issue.

  11. My one experience with eShakti was an absolute nightmare. It took me months to get one dress and then they somehow sent it twice. The dress is cute, but the annoyance with the whole thing tainted the experience.

  12. You’ve covered up practically all of the dress, so it’s really not a true “review” of the dress. Please feel ok showing us what *doesn’t* look good on you, so we can make informed shopping choices. Maybe cut the head off if you’re shy (like some bloggers do…I love Gigi!). Just trying to be constructive. I love your blog and the loving spirit that you emanate.

    1. I understand it’s not a true review, but I have to dress to be able to go to work and don’t have the time for double photo shoots. Not about being shy, just about making the blog fit into my schedule. 🙂

      1. Got it! We ladies gotta get to work after all (I got in at 10:30a.m. today. SHHHH. Blame it on daylight savings time!). I just wanted to emphasize: Allie, we love you always, and sometimes a cheapie cell phone review pic will do, in lieu of a blog-worthy “photo shoot” outdoors. I’m a low-rent, loyal reader, and alll I want to see is the dang dress 😉 LOL. xxox

        1. Allie,

          I’m really curious about the dress too. Perhaps the next time you wear it again, do so without the sweater? Pretty please? With fudge on top?


          1. eShakti was kind enough to let me try them again, even when I posted a less than favorable review before. They didn’t deserve another negative review; the dress may not fit because of my issues and as you can see from previous emails many other people love the company. I won’t be sharing the dress sans cardigan on this blog unless it shrinks or changes in the wash because it won’t be a favorable review of the brand.

  13. I hate when that happens… when in theory the dress should be amazing but it just doesn’t work out. It’s cute as a skirt, and maybe with higher heels? Sometimes it’s just not worth it though. 🙁 Loving the shorter ‘do, if I haven’t told you yet. Happy Monday!

  14. Personally, I LOVE this look, but I’m all about the slightly-retro, fit-and-flare, princess, a-line, all that girly stuff. 🙂 Love the cardigan, too.

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