My Wardrobe Today – Monday

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IMG 0107
IMG 0117
MICHAEL Michael Kors Skirt
IMG 0111

Blouse – Ann Taylor (similar)
Skirt MICHAEL Michael Kors
Booties – Miss Sixty (similar)

What do you do when you walk out of your house and break the heel of your pumps? Gran your trusty booties and keep going. I know they aren't the best choice for this outfit, but I was short on time (and on heels!).

And the last picture is me imitating Emerson when she shows off her “muscles.” Having a girly girl raised by a dad who loves to exercise means she loves dresses, ruffles, the color purple, being strong and having muscles. I think it's a great combination!

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  1. I’m loving the snake print skirt especially with the bright blouse!  So fab that your daughter knows even at a young age that she can be strong.  Fantastic!

  2. Yay for girls with muscles! You look fantastic, love the skirt and the booties, and way to have a great attitude about wardrobe malfunctions  : >

  3. OH ! the MK skirt. I saw it and loved it but had to pass it— I had already splurged on other stuff.
    It looks fabulous !

  4. Your morning sounds like the day last week when none of my jewelry worked with my outfit or it turned out that the clasp was broken or it broke while I was trying to put it on because I was in a hurry. I actually shrieked in frustration in front of the jewelry armoire and resolved to clean it out and fix stuff over the Christmas break.

    You look incredibly cute anyway. 🙂

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