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This Weekend and Monday

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Saturday was a big at-home day. I wasn't feeling my best, so I did a lot of things like laundry, sorting through my closet, sorting paperwork, things I usually put off. The weather was also really gross – hot and thick and humid and like soup. That night I was supposed to assist my husband with a wedding photo shoot, but since I felt icky and it was an outdoor wedding I stayed at home. I did a few more tasks, watched the movie about Coco Chanel on Lifetime and was a bit of a slug. 🙂

Picture 010Sunday I was feeling far better, so I did some more hardcore of tasks like cleaning the bathroom and doing some yard work. My husband went to watch football with his buddies and I went to Annapolis with my mom and her boyfriend for lunch and some waterside breeze.

I wore a gray fine jersey top and black Bermudas from Old Navy maternity. Hair was second day, smoothed out with a round brush and dryer, but it was still quite hot and humid so my hair sort of had a life of its own. Here I am at the restaurant, in my pregnant-bosomed glory. They have now grown over two sizes, I can hardly keep up! Ack!

Picture 0151Picture 0161Attire:
Kenar: Purple jersey woven top
Old Navy Maternity: Black ponte trousers (these are the BEST! On sale, super comfy, feel like yoga pants but work-worthy! I wish I had found them earlier in my pregnancy!!!)
Sudini: Black leather booties
H&M: Silver necklace
Silver hoops and cuff

Washed and conditioned night before and dried with wood-bristle brush
Smoothed this morning with round brush and dryer

Laura Mercier: Flawless Face set in Sand
Nars: Blush in Orgasm
L'Oreal: Eye shadow in purple
Avon: Luxury eye liner in Eggplant
Stila: Lip Glaze in Berry
Chanel: Intense Volume and Curl Mascara in Black

As you can also see, along with my breasts growing, so are my fingers. I was down to just my engagement ring for a bit, but last night it got really uncomfortable so I took that off too and have gone to wearing my wedding set around my neck. I didn't want that to happen, and wonder if it may fit better when it is less hot/humid out. But yes, the whole body is screaming to me that I am pregnant – it's finally fully kicking in! 🙂

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. Thanks Alli for the dry cleaner hem tip. I would have never thought of having them hemmed. Alot of times there are so many that fit the front and back but the length is the problem.

    I will have to look back to see if you posted the do and dont’s on jean, and pants as far as length. I have no idea where they should hit. A flat shoe and say a boot with a heel.

    Do you have to pin the jeans and pants then take them in or do they do this for you?


  2. One thing to consider – a reason that companies like Old Navy are so cheap is because they cut costs with production. A higher end brand will have a few layers of fabric cut at the same time for patterns – companies like Old Navy will have an even larger stack cut at one time to save time. Think of when you cut say two pieces of paper at a time versus 10. When you cut 10, the paper slightly moves and the cuts don’t all line up perfectly. This happens with denim, which is why you may try on 10 pairs of the same style of jeans and find each pair fit differently. On top of this, the same style can be made in four different factories across the globe with different dye lots and different shipments of denim creating more variety in fit and style.

    Oh, and to add to this frustration, retailers will change the pattern to a well-known name of style and not inform the public. This has happened more than one with Gap’s Long and Lean fit of jeans.

    I despise the mall, but when it comes to denim, I find the best luck in trying them on in person since there is SUCH a variety in sizing.

    I also have decided it’s worth the $5 or so to take the jeans to the dry cleaners to have them hemmed than risk highwaters. My local dry cleaner has done an amazing job with thread to match and a hem that is exactly the same size and style as the original. This doesn’t work well with distressed styles, but is great for dark or standard denim!

  3. Ok it was me that was the no namer who was asking about the maternity pants,lol!

    Well I guess I must have missed the ponte pants in the regular women’s section…silly me even thinking maternity pants:)

    I just am at wits end with lengths of jeans. I had a bad time at the GAP just to try jeans to see what looks good and what does not. What works for me is the GAP classic ankle length but the lady said I was cutting it very close as far as the black slides I was wearing.

    Now the regular length was swimming down there on those ankles I tell ya. So my choice right now is GAP classic ankle with flats and for winter I am doomed for now. I guess I have to be one of those 29 yr old women with the four screaming kids saying one more pair I have to try on in the dressing room.

    A girl like me just wants a decent pair of jeans that does not sag in the crotcho after a few wears stays up without a belt, and does not make me feel like the semi muffin belly is not going to have a chance hanging all out.

    Alli I am so awaiting your reviews on the new line. I think I am between a size 10 and 12 and in between the length sizes.

    I have a pair of the old navy sweetheart jeans and feel like the jean is not coming at the right place on the belly. But for some reason the ankle length seems a little longer then Gap’s ankle length. Someone correct me if I am just seeing things.

    Life is real hard over here!


  4. The maternity ones run large and are low rise so they are at the bottom of the belly – the waistband is similar to a yoga pant.

    However Old Navy has non-maternity ponte pants – they have a waistband but the waistband is also of ponte so there is some stretch. I received a pair from them last night to check out their new petite line and will soon be reviewing them (probably with a Bella Band) on Wardrobe Oxygen in the next week or so!

  5. I can not believe I am even asking this so call the fashion fru frus now but…those ponte pants from Navy look so comfy, and look like they wash and wear very well.

    Could a non-preggo lady get away with these? But the elastic thing is just calling me, and it may just be a step up from drawstring track pants. Is this a do or don’t for non-preggers people?

    I am hiding now!

  6. Oh good I’m glad you finally found some great pants! Umm..I waited to long to take off my rings and then they had to be cut off my sausage fingers by the jeweler and then saudered back on after the baby

  7. I liked it – the backstory parts. I didn’t know that much about Chanel’s history so it was really great for me. It was very… summed up into a pretty package though (but heck, it WAS on Lifetime!). I felt Shirley McClain wasn’t anything spectacular – almost anyone could have played that part of Chanel and I would have preferred someone who was French. The woman who played the younger Chanel was quite endearing.

  8. Ponte is a tightly-woven heavyweight knit that I adore – makes great feeling and fitting clothing that is work appropriate! Lurve!

    The top was found at Marshall’s – the home of interesting pieces that no one can ever find again. It is a non-maternity piece. I swear if I knew it would wash and wear so well I may have bought it in a second color!

    I jsut wrote a whole thing about my accessory organization system but then was thinking it may make more sense with pictures so look forward to a post about this very subject! 🙂

  9. Just wondering how and where you store your accessories?!? You always look so put together and your accessories are the finishing touch. I’d like to be that way but never seem to be able to keep my accessories straight!

  10. same thing happened to me with the wedding rings. i just bought a nice ring in a bigger size to wear during my pregnancies. and the boobs. i lost track of how many sizes i went up, but finding bras was a nightmare. after much trial and error i found that wearing non underwire bras while pregnant worked for me, and i went straight back to underwire regular bras during nursing. the nursing bras just were so awful. no shaping, ugly, and no support. good luck. you will find what works for you, and be just fine.

  11. That shirt looks so great on you when pregnant!!! I have scoured the internet because it’s the style that I have been looking for, but I can’t seem to find it.

    Other things will grow too. Namely your feet. I grew at least a half size for each of my pregnancies (3) and my last one I grew a full size. Before getting pregnant, I was a size 7, now I’m a 9 or 9.5. 🙁

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