My Wardrobe Today – Friday

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alison gary 2
statement necklace
chambray shirt
alison gary 3

Chambray shirt – Target (similar)
Skirt Gap
ShoesMiss Sixty “Jaiden”
Necklace – Ann Taylor (similar)

This skirt is currently $39.99, and then Gap is having 30% off. And then I had a $10 savings certificate (I have a Banana Republic credit card). So the skirt ended up being around $18!  I look forward to wearing this skirt in the winter with opaque black tights.

Today is my husband's birthday; tonight we're going to one of his favorite restaurants for dinner and to see a local band play.  Tomorrow starts swim lessons for Emerson, and then tomorrow night we're having a party at our house for my husband's birthday.  We used to have parties all the time but with Emerson, it has been hard (and our priorities and money have been elsewhere!).  We decided to do this several months ago so I have been saving up.  Nothing fancy, some comfort food, some beer, and lots of great friends.  We haven't had a party since November '08! 

What are your weekend plans?

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  1. I have been getting a KILLER amount of wear out of my Chambray Old Navy shirt..so glad I didn’t splurge for the JCrew one, becuase the Old Navy one is amazing.  Love your entire look here! C

  2. Just wanted to let you know that I thought of you when I got dressed this morning – brown dockers, white tuxedo front tunic shirt over purple cami, white gold and enamel disk necklace (enamel is hot pink and orange. Denim blazer and pink, purple and orange striped cotton scarf. Black clogs (because I have crappy knees) 

    Heading to a kid birthday party, then the park

  3. Not really. It is deep and it’s not light, but the way it’s made with the wide strap, it doesn’t bother me when I weight it down. Yesterday I had my netbook, a notebook, travel mug, small bottle of water, and all my purse stuff (2 different pouches, wallet, camera, phone, etc.) and it was fine to carry. I also love the giant front pocket with magnet – in there goes my metro card, keys, phone, lipstick and they are easy to find.

  4. A casual Friday outfit with a little self expression of rebel thrown in!  I am really diggin’ that new bag you’re sporting!  The description says it’s a bit heavy and I know you like to carry you netbook, do you find it weighty?

  5. I dont know if it is a new makeup routine, new hair style, the weight loss, or what, but you look super young again! (Not that you ever looked old.) I think you look amazing right now. I hope you guys have a great time this weekend.

  6. Very cool outfit! What a great steal on the skirt. We are celebrating my husband’s birthday tonight! (Even though it was last week). Drinks and snacks with his brother and wife. Enjoy your weekend!

  7.  I think this is a great versatile outfit. The top creates a nice balance to the skirt, making it an easy transition from work to evening, in my opinion. Also, love the new blog layout/logo!

  8. A chambray shirt is on my wish list right now. I don’t think I could do the leather skirt but I have a ivory lace skirt that I’m thinking of pairing it with. Looking good! Love the necklace too. 

  9. Is this a work outfit?  Seems a bit sexy for work with the length/bare legs and the shoes.  Would be a great date night look though.

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