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My Wardrobe Today – Monday and this Weekend Oct 03, 2011

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alison gary 2
franco sarto lotion1
alison gary 1

Sweater – Banana Republic (similar)
Skirt – Ann Taylor (similar)
Shoes – Franco Sarto “Lotion” c/o Nordstrom Rack (similar)
Necklace – Ann Taylor (similar)
Bag Sabina

They don't call them the Terrible Twos for nothing. However, I think the age is more terrible for the child than the parents. Emerson is at a point where she can communicate pretty well, but doesn't always have the right words. She also is still trying to grasp her emotions and how to express them. She doesn't understand why it's okay to do some things, but not others. This morning we had a full-on fit over having to wear a coat and non-sandal shoes due to the weather (45 degrees when I left the house!). It was so intense (and lets add right now that “Mama” is the bomb and Daddy is the enemy) that I had about 15 minutes to get from pajamas to this point. As usual, I rely on an all-black outfit with one statement accessory to get through such situations. I didn't even brush my hair this morning, just hit the front with a curling iron so it wouldn't stick out as drastically from the rest. Sigh.

This weekend was pretty jam-packed! Friday night after work, we went to a local cafe to celebrate my husband's birthday. Saturday morning my husband teaches yoga; I spent that time prepping food for the party. As soon as my husband got home Emerson and I left for our first swim lesson. That was 30 exhausting minutes of power struggles, tears, and singing. E isn't scared of water, but she doesn't like splashing and loud noises so she was pretty overwhelmed and not handling it in her usual chill way. I think each class will get better and better because she really does love being in water and “swimming” (kicking her legs while I hold her).

Got home, put E down for a nap and got right to cleaning. My mom and her boyfriend were awesome enough to come get Emerson and take her home with them around 6pm; guests started showing up just after 7pm for my husband's birthday party.

What I Wore: Vintage Hawaiian print muumuu I got from my husband's grandmother's yard sale (only $1!), J. Crew necklace, and my old beat up DUO “Bern” boots that didn't go at ALL but let me muck around the rainy yard to check on guests and socialize outside.   I never got a full picture of me in the dress, but let me tell you it's a pretty awesome dress!

 Me & my sister


 Me & my friend Nicole


galt line
The Galt Line rocking out in my living room!

The party was SO MUCH FUN! I couldn't believe my house could hold so many people! And to think, I had a band rocking out at my house! The Galt Line was amazing – can't believe how much sound can come from two folks.  Everyone was enjoying it, and after their set some of our musician friends jammed with them – had live music almost all night!  The rain didn't slow us down, my husband put up EZ Ups and tarps outside – felt like Bonnaroo!

Boo boo kitty cleaning up the bottle of wine I dropped on the floor

Having an “adult” party is pretty fantastic – still a blast, but nothing broken (except a bottle of wine but I did that), no one puked, no hungover strangers in my living room, no cops called. I think we'll be having another in the future!

And I wish I got more pictures, but my camera battery died after one picture.  Pics above sent to me by friends, you can find more pics on my friend Nicole's blog.

So Sunday was spent cleaning up, catching up on missed sleep, hanging with Emerson. Then last night I went to my friend Izolda's house so she could record my voice for one of her One Minute Movies (click here for more info). Excited to be part of her project! I was home by 9:40, and passed out by 10. This morning I woke and felt I could have slept 8 more hours easily, but at least the exhaustion was because of awesomeness!

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  1. Seriously LOVE black leather with black wool…something about the texture mixing…so chic! And of course those leopard shoes are FABULOUS! First time stopping in…heading to read some other posts…def following along.

  2. Thank you so much Sonia! And yes, Emerson is tough, but she is phenomenal. Even when she’s throwing herself on the ground kicking and screaming about sandals I think she’s pretty awesome! 🙂

    The party was a blast, we’re still on a high from its energy!

  3. I have been letting her get away with sandals but it’s hard when it’s wet and cold.  You’re right about a slow transition, and how we all hate to see the passing of warmer days! 🙂  We’ve been having better luck with her summer dresses over tees and leggings, mixing the warm pieces with the cold. Thank you!

  4. Emerson is being two and it’s a difficult time, but she’ll be grown before you know.  Enjoy every moment.  Sounds like the party was a huge hit and fun for everyone!  As far as your Monday outfit, you KNOW I love the black from head to toe look, but you’ve outdone yourself by adding the animal print shoes!  Love them! You look striking!

  5. My kids had trouble transitioning to cold weather.  There were always battles about wearing shorts.  Once they got to be school aged then the rule was that it had to be over 70 degrees.  They’d check the temperature every day before getting dressed with very little complaining.   For a little girl why not go to tights with sandals and then edge into regular shoes? When you transition gradually and go for rule-based criteria they’re more likely to go along.  I think we all hate putting our sandals away!

  6. You look smokin in that black/black outfit and animal print shoes. As the new movie asks, How do you do it? In 15 minutes? girl, you have got to write a book : )

  7. Yep the class is once a week. It’s 30 minutes which is perfect – not too much, but enough for a new thing to learn. Our friend D is the instructor, she has a son just a couple months younger than E so she surely knows her stuff. 🙂 I have put it off for too long, I want her to be a water baby like I was all my life. Glad she doesn’t fear it.

    Today was FREEZING! I needed a coat! Insane!

  8. Sorry you had a rough start. We go through those battles often at our house. Are E’s swim classes once a week? We need to get A in some as well. Just another thing to add to the to-do list.

    Love the black on black on black. I can not wait for the stinking weather to cool off so I can wear tights. Also, seems like the party was a blast!

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