Friday Style in September

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Sweater – BCBG c/o Nordstrom Rack
Tee – LOFT
Jeans – NYDJ
Shoes – Miss Sixty “Jaiden”
Bracelets – Mix of eBay and Ann Taylor
Earrings – Claire's Boutique
Bag – Banana Republic

When was the last time you saw me in glasses? Going through my archives it seems as though it was 2006. And folks, I have had these glasses since at least 2004, if not earlier. Same prescription too.Needless to say, they are scratched, stretched out, keep falling off and are giving me a headache.  But this bug I have had decided to leave my body through my eyes and there's no way I am going to put contacts in there.  Grody.

I am still sick, but no fever and the brain fog has lifted somewhat.  Figure come Monday I will be 100%.  Hope the weather is as well, for I have a fab new pair of shoes that are begging to be worn!

A BIG thanks goes out to reader Amanda. I had broken the heel on my Miss Sixty heels when I went to the DC Sip & Swap a couple months ago. Went to two different shoe repair places, one said it would cost $85 to repair, another said it wasn't worth it. While I get many a comment on the blog that I don't have the legs to wear such booties, I love them. They must look better IRL because I get many compliments when I wear them, and I love how I can run in them, they are so comfortable.

Well a week ago, Amanda hit me up on Twitter and informed me that my beloved Miss Sixty Jaidens were on Gilt for $69! Not only cheaper than what the cobbler quoted me, but cheaper than every pair I had been stalking on eBay (and none of them were my size). I ordered, and they arrived a couple days later. I came home to the box, was so excited, tried them on… and they didn't fit.

I tried the next morning… they didn't fit.

I tried them that weekend… they fit but were a tight squeeze. I wore them while watching TV for about 45 minutes. The next night, I wore them for an hour. Last night I put them on and they fit just like my old pair did when I first got them – a bit snug, but in a good way. No pinching, no rubbing. The leather is really soft, so I know with wear they will end up like my old ones!

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  1. Funny, I didn’t even notice your glasses as I usually focus on your outfit, jewelry and shoes.  I LOVE this look on you!  And, FYI, the glasses add a little panache to the whole look!  I just bought 2 pairs of new glasses–one pair of the demi frame look and the other the new masculine look–and feel so much better now that I can see clearly again. 

  2. Adore!  The belt and glasses especially.  It’s a perfectly coordinated look, right down to the silhouette.  Love it!  (And glad you got a favorite pair of shoes back, too).

  3. I love this outfit.  And Allie, you are totally rocking those jeans — and the Miss Sixtys!  So glad you found another pair.

  4. This literally came to me in a dream. I had the weirdest dreams while sick and one was me wearing this with that belt and my Lucky jeans. The Lucky jeans are too long or else they would have been worn. Also I dreamed silver jewelry but can’t find my cuff (oh the life with a toddler!).

  5. You look so good.  I have a short sleeve sweater, similar to this and always put it on, then take it off and decide to wear something else.  I haven’t belted it, so I’ll try that.  Thanks for the idea.

  6. Hooray for the new shoes, and on sale too  : >  You look great in your glasses, like a fashionable professor.

  7. Allie, you look great in those jeans.  And great overall considering you are under the weather.  I have been fighting some bug for the past five days as well.  Ugh.  You inspire me to dress better.  Keep it up, girl!  

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