My Wardrobe Today – Monday Jun 27, 2011

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payless shoes sandal

Light blue oxfordLands End Canvas
Black and ivory print pencil skirt LOFT
Black grosgrain and cork heeled sandalsPayless
Black woven belt – Old Navy (no longer available)
Bag – Banana Republic “Sandhurst Hobo” (no longer available)

New shoes!  New shoes!  Friday I took off work because I felt dreadful and slept the majority of the day.  Around 4pm I felt great… good enough to be a tad bit accomplished.  I haven't had a professional pedicure since… well before Emerson was a year old so I headed to the nearby strip mall for a Starbucks iced coffee so I can enjoy it with a recent issue of Cosmo while I get my feet pretty and no longer looking as though they belong to Cody Lundin.

On the way to the nail salon from Starbucks, I walked passed Payless… and decided to go in.  I rarely have success at Payless – I usually feel I am too old and in too professional/conservative of an office to carry off their shoes.  But I figured they were having BOGO and maybe I could get some shoes for Emerson.  The toddler shoes were atrocious – too many cartoon characters, bling and gender stereotypes but I was pleasantly surprised by the women's selection.  The shoes above were on sale for $19.99, came in white, floral, denim, and black.  The black came in wide width and these shoes are so comfortable!  Seriously, they rival my high-end shoes for comfort.  If they had the denim color in wide I would have nabbed those as well.  Even though BOGO was going on, I left with just these shoes.  Never buy just because it's a good deal; only buy if it's a good purchase!

Also the toes are a pretty orange-red – same color as my shantung skirt and LOFT knit dress.  The women in the chairs on either side of me were trying to get me to get nail art or crystals but that's just not my style.  I usually keep my toes pretty neutral, but I am totally loving on this color lately and had to take the tomato plunge!

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  1. ITA about the toddler shoes. Plus, Baby’s feet are so extremely narrow, no “cheap” shoes ever fit her. 

  2. I’ve got a pair of aqua wedges from this same line (the toe details are identical) that I wore until the insoles were in tatters. Love then!

  3. I looked at the shoes for a while before I read your piece. I would never have guessed they are from Payless! They are so cute! I love the outfit and toes as well.

  4. Looking good, lady!!  I have those same shoes in the floral/polka dotty pattern.  I haven’t worn them yet except around the house (but they were very comfy!).

    As for your Cody reference – too funny!!  Just yesterday Dave was watching that show and I saw Cody’s feet.  I said “those just look painful”.  Yuck!

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