My Wardrobe Today – Tuesday

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Orange and Gray Print Cotton Sateen Sheath DressMaggy London
Black and Cork Heeled SandalsPayless
Orange Snakeskin Belt – Target (belt has no brand on it, think it was Merona)
Blue Bag Brahminir?t=whaevewomneei 20&l=btl&camp=213689&creative=392969&o=1&a=B004UI351E
Silver Cuff and Hoop Earrings

A Day in the Life: Allie's Blog Photo Shoots:
  1. Get dressed in the dark while husband and daughter sleep
  2. Daughter catches whiff of me being awake and either slowly awakes with “chirping” and singing, or goes into full-blown screaming “MAWWWW-MEEEEE MAWWWW-MEEEEE!”
  3. Wake up husband to care for daughter and dogs. If I am already finished with hair and makeup, usually he will go let out the dogs and I will go get Emerson ready for the day.  Today I took care of Emerson before hair and makeup since she started the day with the screaming.
  4. Get Emerson out of bed, dressed.  Take her downstairs and go back upstairs to quickly slap on some makeup, finish hair (or try to make it not look like bedhead – today was easy because I put it in a high topknot last night while sleeping and in the AM only had to brush out the tips and hit a piece or two with the curling iron).
  5. Rush downstairs, dump everything from yesterday's purse into today's purse
  6. alison gary 20
  7. Husband hands me half a granola bar and our two coffee cups.  I sling my bag over my body.  We get the three of us out of the house and to the car.  Emerson protests, saying she needs her purse, her Dora doll, her stuffed monkey, different shoes.  She then tells us that she would rather ride in the blue car (my car) than the black car (my husband's) and cries because we say no.
  8. I crawl into the back of the car and wrangle Emerson into the car seat.
  9. While my daughter screams, “Want DORA!  Want DORA!”, my husband and I get into position.  He takes about 12 photos in succession while I get into what I hope to be decent poses.
  10. Husband hands me the memory card, we take the coffee cups off the roof of the car (have only forgotten a sippy cup so far), head to the Metro to drop me off.

So many fashion bloggers have the most lovely photos, backgrounds, poses.  With time we are getting better with our process to get the shot done and still stay on schedule, but I find it tough some days and often get to work, look at the images on the memory card and wish I could have a re-do.  If you are a blogger who shoots her daily outfits, what is your process for shoots?

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  1. I bought a 12 when I was between 12 and 14. At first I felt it ran too
    tight but it stretched out a bit and I shrunk a bit. πŸ™‚ My review is one of
    them on the Nordstrom site (wardrobeoxygen)

    Alison Gary*
    *Wardrobe Oxygen*
    Twitter: @Wardrobe_Oxygen

  2. Allie – if you don’t mind sharing, does that dress fit pretty true to size (at least as far as the size guide on the Nordstrom website?  http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/maggy-london-ikat-cotton-sateen-sheath-dress/3141831?origin=sizechart&tn=Sizeandfit_popup)

    I need to buy a new dress for a wedding to attend at the end of the month, and am very much thinking about this dress as one possibility.  It looks gorgeous on you and keeps coming to mind as I’m browsing through dresses online.

  3. Oh my goodness I am in love with that dress – I think I need to find me something similar!!

    You look fabulous – the shape and print of the dress suits you just perfectly!

    Little miss E is not so little anymore – she is simply gorgeous! I love her cute dress too – I seem to be drawn to childrens clothing that has fruit on it! My daughter has lots of strawberry outfits for the summer!!

  4. Still drooling over that dress. Hot!
    I’m only doing daily photos right now b/c of the 30 for 30 challenge – I much prefer only doing 1 a week with some of my pro photog buddies. But our system is to grab pics on the back porch in the morning before work, and the boyf emails them to me. Pretty much the same as yours, minus the kiddo.

  5. Hi! Allie,
    I’ve been readinf your blog for sometime now and I like how you always remix your clothes.I find this to be very inspiring and down to earth.I also like your tips and your big smile. It’s a winner! Keep on with your stylish remixes!
    Now on shooting photos.I work and I raise 3 primary schook kids and try to keep husband happy and the house…liveble. So you get the picture. I also do about 12 shots and I think I’m getting better over time but I don’t have the best camera and I can’t figure out all the settings.
    But I think my readers get the picture litterally and i don’t want to spend so much time in the whole procedure because it borders… vanity after a while.

  6. My photo shoots are pretty quick in the morning. I take my own photos at my house right before I leave for work. If I’m not working I try to go outside or do something a little different, but that doesn’t usually happen. I do sort of envy those bloggers who scout a local with hubby and get a fantastic shoot every time. But some lives just don’t give you enough time for that.

    BTW love your dress! And your little one is adorable!

  7. I swear dresses are working so well for you lately! I normally have either my oldest daughter or husband take my photos as soon as I get home in the afternoon.  On days that either one of them say no, I often use a tripod and the self-timer on my point and shoot.  Like you said, I don’t have fancy backdrops but it gets the job done.

  8. Pardon my language, but you look f’n fantastic!!  Gorgeous dress and gorgeous lady!!  

    As for my picture process – I set up the camera on a tripod out on the back porch (or living room) take 2 self-timer shots and a couple of accessory pics.  Then I slap them together in a collage that takes me about 90 seconds.  Viola – – it may not be fancy, but it works for me (and my sweet readers).  πŸ™‚

  9. I don’t take daily outfit outfits, but I’m always fascinated by other people’s routines, mostly because I’m in awe of how you all manage to fit it in every day (especially before work!) – any time I take outfit photos, it always seems to be so time consuming!

    Also, that dress is fantastic on you – love the print!

  10. Hi Allie.  I’m new to your blog.  I’m now following you as tonasun on gfc. That’s such a pretty dress you have on.  You look great.  I’m looking forward to following you.  I hope you’ll stop by and visit me too.
    Hugs…Tracy πŸ™‚

  11. It would take all day for me to get one shot that I’d consider posting so yay for you and Hubs! I love that dress, too. And I love Emerson’s, too. Mini Boden? 

  12. I love that Maggy London dress on you!  My vintage MLs are mostly silk – wondering if the cotton sateen is hard to care for – how do you launder it?  So as not to lose the lustre?  And I too can’t believe how big Miss E is getting!

  13. Thinking I may have to look for a place to do photos in the house so I know I can get shots even when I have to leave early/husband leaves early for a shoot, etc. πŸ™‚  Good idea with the bedroom…

  14. I was thinking after work but I sometimes aren’t home until 7 & my husband works a couple nights a week.  I hear you about the lack of privacy at work… gosh thinking I may have to become DSLR savvy if I want to up my photo quality! πŸ™‚

  15. I take my photos indoors since I live in a condo. A remote and a tripdd does wonders if you’re limited in time (and don’t have toddlers running around:). It’s also a  plus especially if you take photos in the same area everyday which I tend to do. Just turn on the camera, and click using the remote. (Love the dress!!!)

  16. Love it!  I’m no fashion blogger, but I certainly know life with little kids.  You’re rockin’ it all.
    You look beautiful – that dress is stunning, and I love your ‘natural’ hair.   

  17. Oh I think you have lovely photos all the time! And by the way, I absolutely adore this dress. It’s so gorgeous and looks fabulous on you!

    My system is to set up my camera, turn on the timer, and take the shots in my bedroom in front of the French doors. Not as lovely as outdoor shots, but it’s the best I can do for now.

  18. These are the reasons why I still love your blog.  It is obvious that you have a busy life and have to be dressed professionally each day – and that you aren’t 5’11” and wearing a loosely fitting size 4. Keep snapping photos! 

  19. I had completely forgotten about the Brahmin bag up until this post of yours. *Sigh… totally in love with that brand of bags.

  20. love that dress, so pretty!! I used to take my own shots on my lunch break and I loved it!  So easy: propped my camera on the hood of my car and snapped away, using the timer.  My office moved to the city and there is nowhere (private) to take them now… So my husband has to shoot them in the evenings.  We usually load up the kiddies (8 & 11) and go when I get home. We have a great spot around the corner from my house. We finish up, go in and start dinner.  I normally upload and post at night around 9-10pm, right before bed…

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