What I Wore: Magenta and Merlot

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Pink and red fashion trend for fall

This summer one of the hottest color trends was partnering red with hot pink. When I saw these pieces in Talbots' New Arrivals I wanted to pair them together for a fall version of the color trend. Instead of pink and red, how does magenta and merlot sound?

wearing the pink and red trend for fall with a silk blouse and double cloth pants from Talbots wearing the pink and red trend for fall with a silk blouse and double cloth pants from Talbots wearing the pink and red trend for fall with a silk blouse and double cloth pants from Talbots

Blouse: Washable Silk Top c/o Talbots (L) | Pants: Italian Luxe Double-Cloth Barely Boot Pants (14P) | Bag: Thacker | Shoes: SARTO Franco Sarto (on sale!) | Earrings: The Carmines Large c/o Jenny Bird

talbots red pants

I swear I wasn't trying to match this blouse with my hot pink sandals but it ended up working out. Seems this is my signature color this summer and into fall! As for the pants, all wine shades are hot hot hot this season and this is the perfect red that isn't too bright, too dark, and not gloomy or drab. I also got the matching blazer (as an FYI I got a 12 regular based on reviews and it works but kind of wish I got a 14P for a bit more room in the shoulders and a better sleeve length), and plan to wear them together some time in the future.

magenta silk blouse

The blouse is washable silk. It appears a tad sheer on the hanger but on with a nude-to-you bra, it's perfectly appropriate for even the most conservative office. I find it's a bit snug in the bust for me, I had to put a safety pin in between the buttons to keep it from gaping a bit (but then I deal with that on most shirts). The blouse has a beautiful sheen and also looks great untucked with a slim ankle pant or skinny jean.  As a reminder, Talbots and therefore this whole look comes in Regular, Petite, Woman, and occasionally Woman Petite; it's a reason why I continue to love, wear, and promote this brand. I also rock Talbots because I think they make some pretty great clothes!

wearing the pink and red trend for fall with a silk blouse and double cloth pants from Talbots

I just got this bag from Nordstrom. It's now out of stock there so I've linked to the same bag, same price but at Bloomie's. The bag has an optional crossbody strap and the back side is black leather (a smart choice as the shearling would get matted when pressed against the body). I love ring handle bags and it's a trend that's continuing into fall. Leopard is also a hot fall trend so I expect this bag to get plenty of wear this season!

wearing the pink and red trend for fall with a silk blouse and double cloth pants from Talbots

I often share my outfit shoot outtakes on my Instagram Stories. The wonky eyes, the weird poses, the crazy hair. For this shoot there were several of me flipping my hair out of my face because I had a bit of static cling.  Most of these shots ended up with my eyes closed (or one half closed and one looking anywhere but at the camera). This one was the only one where I didn't look demented and I liked the movement so decided to share it! I'm trying to have a bit more movement and different angles of the clothes so you can see how they truly fit and move. I'll also let you know how the pieces wear (I'll admit the day of this shoot was ridiculously hot and humid hence the shoot inside and the look was taken off as soon as I got home. However, I will wear this look again and be sure to report back with how it held up!).  Thanks to your feedback I will continue to make these outfit posts more informative!

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. I am going to have to respectfully disagree with the scarf suggestion for two reasons. 1.) It would make the look matronly. This look is 100 menswear-inspired chic. 2.) There is already the unexpected bold color combination in this look. You don’t want to overdo it with accessories.

    I like the look as-is!

    1. Rosana,

      Why do you say a scarf would make the look matronly? I don’t know what you mean. To me, matronly suggests the uniform of a female prison guard in a 1950s B movie. But what do you mean?

  2. I agree the colors are fabulous on you but I am having a problem with the fit of the blouse. The sleeves are too long and, as you say , the front gaps. Have you considered going to a petite xl? I enjoy the movement pics, fun!

    1. I think if I could order it again I would do a petite XL. This is one of the things when you work with brands, you guesstimate your size, and don’t always end up with the best choice. My fear was the Petite XL would be too roomy and also too short in the body, which I’ve experienced before with Talbots. But then, each piece fits slightly differently!

  3. I like the color combo and I am knocked out by the matchup of the shoes and blouse. I have a quibble. I get the tailored vibe, yet I wish you had a scarf around your neck. Of course that would have taken some of the zing out of the animal print purse. Still, I just want a dash of something or other along with the zowie color.

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