My Wardrobe Today – Thursday

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Skirt – Gap (circa 2000 – similar)
Booties – Miss Sixty (similar)
Bracelets – eBay, random boutique, UTAC, cuff I have owned since '97

When I left the retail world, I gained weight slowly but steadily. To go from practically walking and climbing ladders for 50-70 hours a week to sitting on my butt for 40, it really changed my metabolism and clothing size. Over time I gathered quite a collection of pieces from my smaller me, hoping they would fit again. Pieces I felt were classics, well-made, worthy of real estate in my small home. This skirt was one of them. I got this in 2000 or so on the Gap clearance rack at Columbia Mall in Maryland and I remember paying $50 for it because there was a stain on it (which came out with a little Coach leather conditioner I already had on hand).

I forgot about this skirt until I saw Vahni from Grit & Glamour wear the same skirt on her blog this past spring. So I went up to my attic and found it. I couldn't believe that the tag said it was a size 8 – was I really ever that small? I tried it on… and couldn't get it up over my hips. I decided to hang it in my closet for inspiration. This weekend I grabbed it, thinking it was my Ann Taylor leather skirt. I pulled it on, and once it was up to my waist I realized it was the Gap skirt. And once it was up to my waist I realized IT WAS UP TO MY WAIST! I needed my husband to finish zipping it for me, but IT FIT! However, it was still too tight to wear in public.

So this week I have put it on after work to stretch it out a bit. I did the Denim Squat Dance a few times, and some times just hung out wearing it while sitting on the couch. Tried it this morning and it zipped up no problem. Hooray! So while it is technically a size 8, it's more like a 10 after my wiggles and dances.

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  1. Great look! Loved the skirt and congratulations on fitting them after all those years. All the work is pay off for you, that’s for sure. 

    Nice seeing you at the event on Thursday!

  2. I remember starting my first desk job.  I swear I could FEEL my ass spreading from sitting on it all day!

    It definitely takes extra effort to stay fit when forced to sit all day.  Congrats on finding a way!

  3. One of my biggest motivators for joining WW is a pair of leather snakeskin patterned pants I bought at a consignment store for $10. Ate my way out of them two years ago but am just about 5lbs from wearing them comfortably again.

    Leter…an amazing motivator, no?

  4. what a perfect skirt and CONGRATS! I know that feels good.  I just ordered one today from Etsy, saying a prayer that the 14 works {I am a 14-16}! I think a black leather skirt is so classic, especially with a red lip.  Love this outfit.

  5. Wow, good for you.  That is fantastic!  It looks great on you and certainly doesn’t look as though you had to wiggle your way into it.

  6. Congrats on getting back into that skirt! That is such a fantastic feeling.

    I have a special place in my heart for leather skirts. They are so rock-n-roll, but silhouettes like this pencil skirt keeps it lady-like and appropriate for the office. I just bought a leather pencil skirt from the gap, and I’ve already worn it several times, with everything from a sparkly evening top for a night out to a chunky knit sweater for the office.

    Great look, Alison!


  7. You know I saw you today and I LOVE this look! Tres French!

    Also, I accidently clicked on some link above when trying to comment and saw an outfit you wore in February… girl you have lost some weight! You look like a completely different person

  8. I actually love that length (and have a heck of a time finding it). I really like the slightly harder edge you give the outfit with the studded bracelets, too. 

  9. I don’t mind dissenting opinion – I appreciate it. I tried this with a couple different shoes and felt the booties gave the best look because of the height – this skirt hits at a weird length on my body, with a lower heel it made my legs look very short and wide. It’s funny, I remember this skirt being knee length when I last wore it… but then I also remember wearing it with tall black boots. Now if I could just find some tall black boots that fit… 🙂

  10. So sorry to check in after a long time of silent lurking only to give a dissenting opinion: I think this skirt would look better with the leopard mary janes. The high waist/below knee length with the booties makes you look disproportionate. Or maybe a black top to create a column, then the booties would work.

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