Cabi Collection: Maravilla Spring 2018

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Cabi Collection: Maravilla Spring 2018 featured by Popular DC Petite Fashion Blogger, Wardrobe Oxygen


Cabi released their second New Arrivals collection for spring entitled Maravilla.  This collection helps transition your wardrobe into summer. This Cabi collection is considered to be their most daring take on summer to date. Full of fantastic patterns and flattering silhouettes, Maravilla makes me want to book a tropical vacation!

Cabi Collection: Maravilla Spring 2018 featured by Popular DC Petite Fashion Blogger, Wardrobe Oxygen Cabi Collection: Maravilla Spring 2018 featured by Popular DC Petite Fashion Blogger, Wardrobe Oxygen Cabi Collection: Maravilla Spring 2018 featured by Popular DC Petite Fashion Blogger, Wardrobe Oxygen

Top: Sunshine Tank c/o cabi (L) | Pants: Charlie Crop c/o cabi (12) | Belt: Charm Belt c/o Cabi (L/XL) | Earrings: Lookout Earrings c/o cabi | Bracelet: Tide Pool Bracelet c/o cabi | Shoes: Aerosoles

Cabi Collection: Maravilla Spring 2018 featured by Popular DC Petite Fashion Blogger, Wardrobe OxygenMy favorite color is orange, so when I saw these orange pieces from this fantastic Cabi collection, I just HAD to have them! The top is fun with the orange pants, but would also look smart with white or blue jeans, or styled under an ivory or olive suit. The pants are a linen blend and light as air; the cropped loose fit is perfect for warm summer days, paired with a linen sleeveless top and sandals, or dressed up with a blazer and silky shell. I also wore these jeans with a Breton tee and denim jacket and sneakers and loved the effect for the weekend.

Cabi Collection: Maravilla Spring 2018 featured by Popular DC Petite Fashion Blogger, Wardrobe OxygenI decided to go tropical glam with gold accessories. I think these earrings are so cute (see them up close in this cabi outfit post), and I find a chain belt like this such a smart closet addition (this belt has a detachable second chain for detail or you can wear as a choker!). I love the intricacy of cabi jewelry, they are so well made and so unique. This bracelet is no different.

Cabi Collection: Maravilla Spring 2018 featured by Popular DC Petite Fashion Blogger, Wardrobe OxygenCabi recently launched their first ever mobile shopping app, cabi Tap. Cabi Tap allows users to browse the look book, save their favorites, RSVP and send orders straight to their Stylists electronically. When new customers sign up to shop, they are automatically paired with a Stylist and can shop immediately rather than having to wait to be matched with a Stylist before shopping. It's like cabi read your minds, I know many of you have been looking for an easy way to shop this brand!




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  1. Love the orange and art direction ! I already got the sunshine tank so would get the Charlie crops, maya dress, party cardi, kick it crops and crossroads jacket. Yes following cabi on Instagram and fb.

  2. I like the Clip Art Blouse because I like anything with an element of surprise or something a little different. Follow Cabi on IG as susitravl

  3. I love that outfit on you. Great collection- the weekend dress and hoodie vest would be my picks with the Sienna poncho a close third!!!

  4. I want those orange pants! They look comfy and they would mix well with all of the blue in my wardrobe.

  5. I’m torn – I love the Charlie crop, but that Maya dress is also super cute. And also the Charlie trousers… so, I’m not sure what I would want to get in the end!

  6. Oh my! I can’t pick only 1 CAbi item. I like them all. I’ve been wearing CAbi for several years and love the uniqueness of the brand. The tops I want are out of stock but I love the Amour dress. One and done dressing. Following on instagram. Thanks for the opportunity and love your blog!

  7. I have some Cabi dresses — really nice quality and super comfortable. I love the Amelia, Dakota and 21 Club jackets, the Whistle cardigan, and the Canary pullover.

  8. The outfit looks amazing on you. What a beautiful color. I would choose the Sunshine Tank – I love the pattern!

  9. I like the look of the Charlie crop and I would pair it with the Parade top. The Shirt dress also catches my eye!

  10. The High Slim pants and the Lindsey tank for starters. Lots of cute items in the new collection. I follow Cabi on instagram and get a lot of outfit inspiration from it!

  11. I like the dockside dress! Although, even though I’m sure it was words requested for you to use, daring? It’s a lovely collection to be sure, but daring, really?

  12. The Fiesta dress looks great! But the m”leggings would be so easy to mix and match. All the pieces are so nice!

  13. The Maya or the Fiesta dress. I love all my Cabi dresses, they make getting ready in the morning so easy.

  14. The linen pants are gorgeous! I would love them though I don’t know if I can pull it off??

  15. I LOVE Cabi jeans– so the High Straight is definitely on my list And I love the look of the Siesta poncho. I’m already following cabi on instagram- @nancynotnow

  16. I love the M’leggings! I don’t have anything like them, but would love to try a new style!

  17. I like the Weekend Dress in the dark charcoal grey. I can see wearing this dress often for many events.

  18. I love Cabi! I am addicted and love all the pieces I’ve purchased so far. I am eye the Tanner trench coat and windward hoodie.

  19. Another very generous giveaway! Thank you!. The floral patterns on the Lindsey tank and Maya dress are gorgeous. Easy to see why the Lindsey tank is already sold out!

  20. I love the sunshine tank! I would pair with the high straight. I am a CAbi addict! Thank you!!

  21. I would rock the Lindsey Tank and Amelia Jacket with a pair of skinny jeans. So cute for a casual evening out with friends. But then I’d wear the Sunshine Tank and Charlie Crop in a heartbeat!

  22. I would be rocking the Charlie crops in honor of my nephew who gained his wings the day he was born. The orange reminds me of brighter days for my sister. I love Cabi!

  23. I chose the Weekend Dress from this collection when I ordered with my stylist. But I would love a pair of these Charlie Crops. They look great on you in this outfit!

  24. That outfit is perfect on you! Great choices. I love cabi and have shopped a bit this season. I’d still like to get the Charlie crops and maybe the club 21 jacket. I’d also love to try the shoes.

  25. I would really like to try Cabi! I would love to put the Siesta Poncho and Angel Trouser together with some gold jewelry and the Tiptoe Sandal…OMG! I think those pieces would be very versatile separately as well. I reached out to a stylist once but then chickened out going to a show with no one I would know…and it didn’t work with my schedule. Maybe I’ll get brave and try again! Thanks for sharing, as always, Allie!

  26. I love that Fiesta dress! But, those High Straight jeans might be the perfect jeans I’ve been looking for all spring.

  27. I desperately need to freshen up my tops for summer. I’d love the pin tuck blouse or ruffle tank. Fun!

  28. OMG! First of all – that is the PERFECT backdrop for your outfit photos! I just fell in love with the striped blazer with the flutter sleeves AND those lace up sandals!

    1. We were driving to a different location for the shoot but I saw this wall and said STOP THE CAR! Glad it worked out as well as I saw it in my mind!

  29. I’d love the charlie crops but they sold out :-(. So instead I’d choose the clipart blouse!

  30. I’d go for the Clip Art blouse or the Penelope top. Both are fun but classy. Thanks for the opportunity!

  31. I love the colors in the new cabin collection of all the pieces i saw, i would get the Amelia jacket..great for cold offices in the summer and a color that can easily pair with natural linen.

  32. Love the orange! The Charlie Crop look like they’ll be perfect for summer and the fiesta dress is beautiful

  33. I would love to get the Flipside blouse or the Dixon blouse. Or maybe the 9-to-5 Trouser. I run a warehouse (that isn’t air conditioned) so I’m always on the lookout for comfy but nice looking pieces that can be used over multiple seasons.

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