My Wardrobe Today – Thursday

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alison gary 23
pearl necklace CAbi classic shirt
nine west patent mary janes
alison gary 14

Skirt – Ann Taylor via eBay (similar)
Necklace – Got at Ross back when I was in college
Shoes – Nine West (similar)
Lipstick Revlon Colorstay Ultimate in Top Tomato (using Burt's Bees tinted lip balm to keep it soft and shiny throughout the day)

IMG 0101

I seem to forget that in DC it seems to rain pretty much from the beginning of October to the middle of January, when it turns to snow. My husband and I were discussing this yesterday morning, and how in the past five years we can recall a rainy Halloween, rainy Thanksgiving, rainy Christmas, New Years, and birthdays for me, Emerson, my mom and sister (all January babies). Right now the sky is clear, but it is quite cold (while yesterday we had the windows open). I love this knit biker jacket I got from Gap last fall – just as cozy as a thick hoodie but with far more style.  Hot coffee and a cozy jacket – ready for the chilly commute!


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  1. I think it has to do more with your office than with your city. In DC, there are some extremely conservative companies where anything higher than mid-knee would be frowned upon; I work for a pretty laid-back nonprofit where people come to work in jeans and the Director is known to wear purple and hot pink shirts and ties under his gray suits. When I started here, I stuck with longer skirts, more conservative styles and slowly changed once I knew the office climate. I tried a shorter skirt with opaque hose, a conservative top and checked to see what looks I got. And it helped me realize that other people in the office wear similar things – crazy colors and prints, an occasional shorter skirt, a more casual dress, etc. When I meet with a client, I still choose longer skirts (and nothing like leather!).

  2. Hi!  I’ve been following your blog silently for awhile and today when I came across your post I just had to ask.  How do you determine what length of skirt/dress is appropriate for the office?  I know you live in a metro area and things are more fashion forward there.  In my office someone wearing a skirt the length you have on above would probably be given sideways looks.  At least I think they would – I have not dared to go that short because I don’t want to be the one getting those looks!  What do you think?  Any tips for deciding?

  3. I love your outfit today, and the especially those patent-leather Mary Jane style shoes!  I’ve always had a thing for Mary Janes since I was a kid!  Great look!

  4. With the jacket, this looks like something I would wear!  I’m still not super sure about my personal style, but I knew it when I saw it here.  Isn’t it great when things that are comfortable and look stylish too?  Not that I don’t still wear hoodies, etc.!

  5. How do you like Foot Petals and which style(s) do you have?  I was thinking about getting some, ironically for those Miss Sixty booties because although I love the look of them, they kill my feet!

  6. I wear them all day. You’ll notice lately I keep wearing the same shoes over and over because some leave me in utter pain by noon and I don’t have the time to do the switcheroo. These have a nice thick heel and roomy footbed, my Miss Sixty booties are a Godsend, my other black booties are the Cole Haan style with Nike Air technology, and my pumps all have Footpetals in them. 🙂

  7. STUNNING outfit! Love the red lip with it and the opaque tights. Apologies if you’ve already mentioned this before, but do you wear heels on the train AND to work, or do you change into flats? I really miss wearing my heels all day!

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