My Wardrobe Today – Thursday

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Black and white striped scoop teeAnn Taylor (no longer available)
Black felted wool military-inspired jacket Ann Taylor (still available in stores on the clearance rack)
Black pantsGap Perfect Trousers
Black leather bootsFitzwell “Andrea”image 4195649 10273706
Silver necklace Pendant from Tags-n-Stones on 30″ silver box chain
Bracelet – Tarnish via Nordstrom (no longer available – similar)

When Emerson was born, Christina Lee of Tags-n-Stones sent me this pendant with a pearl charm on a lovely silver chain.  It was one of my favorite gifts and I wear it often.  I have worn the pearl drop alone, the silver disc alone, with a different stone drop, with different chains.  Today I wanted a necklace that wasn't the star of the show, but still had some interest so I put my “Emerson” disc on a 30″ sterling chain I had in my collection.  Perfect!

And this bracelet has become quite the favorite.  Not too shabby for a random accessory that cost less than $20!

Still not feeling my best today, but at least I got fully dressed!  Oh, and I am wearing a new lip gloss – it's “Roxanne” by Buxom Lips – I got this kit last night from Sephora.  I got a similar collection last year and loved most of the lipcolors that were included.  Gosh for $30 you usually only get one or two lip products, to receive ten (and most are either full-size or close to it) is awesome.  And for Beauty Insiders, if you like one of the products in the kit enough to buy it individually, there's a coupon in the box for 100 points!

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  1. Allie! Hi! You won the Orient Watch Giveaway!! Can you send me your mailing address so I can have the watch shipped to you?


  2. Love your hair! Is it freshly washed or second day? And now I’m really thinking I must go to an Ann Taylor and see if I can score that jacket. I really love it on you! Have a great weekend Allie!

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