My Wardrobe Today – Thursday Dec 22, 2011

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Shirt – Talbots (similar)

Skirt – Ann Taylor (similar)
Tights DKNY
Shoes – Jessica Simpson (similar)
Necklace – c/o Ann Taylor (no longer available online, matching bracelet)
Bracelet – Ann Taylor (similar)

New Shoes! Like? Filene's Basement in DC is going out of business and I stopped by the other day on my way home from work. I got these for about $35 and they are surprisingly comfortable (unlike my other Jessica Simpson suede heels). The place was a crazy mess last Friday – I didn't even go downstairs to look at apparel.  I had to search four boxes to find the mate to these shoes, grabbed a three-pack of black socks and headed for the register.  Everything is now up to 70% off in stores, if you're willing to risk your life, step over craziness and dig deep, you may be able to find some great deals on fashion!

By the way, these shoes are a 7.5, the size I wore before I got pregnant.  I was a solid size 8 after having Emerson, which I have heard is completely normal.  Lately some of my shoes feel big – could I be going back to 7.5 again?  Any of you experience this years after your pregnancy?  Thanks!

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  1. I wore a six 6 before my first daughter was born, a size 6.5 after her birth, and a size 7 after her sister’s birth.   My weight has not fluctuated much through the years.  I’m probably five pounds heavier since the birth of my first daughter.  My feet have not changed since the birth of my second daughter and last child.  Nineteen years later, still  a size 7.  I do, think, however, that your shoe size will vary 1/2 size or so with weight loss.  I LOVE YOUR BLOG.  Keep it up.  You are an inspiration. 

  2. I’ve never owned a denim shirt, but I think that you have convinced me it is a must! It looks so sharp and polished!

  3. my youngest is 12 and i have lost 40 lbs this past year. my feet have gone from an 8 1/2 – 9 to a 7 – 8 depending on the style. i used to wear a 7 1/2 before i had kids. i didn’t think i would ever be that size again.

  4. My feet grew almost a full size as a result of pregnancy.  Many years later I lost a bunch of weight (45 pounds in 7 months) and my feet shrunk but not back to prepregnancy size.  

  5. I’ve had two kids and my feet didn’t change during or after either pregnancy.  I agree with others here that it’s probably more due to your recent weight loss than a pregnancy thing. 

    Those are great shoes and look good with the tights.  One of these days I’m going to try the tights/pumps look myself.

  6. My feet didn’t really change when I was pregnant, but I noticed my feet went down a half size when I lost weight a few years back.  It was so weird because a lot of my shoes were suddenly too big!

  7. Well the skirt is lined (flannel wool with acetate lining), the shirt is a petite so there isn’t much tucked in (can’t blouse), and I use a tiny safety pin that comes with hangtags to keep the shirt closed at the very bottom past the last button. I think if I bloused it a bit it would lump up more. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Oh yes, the rings fit again (sometimes… wore them overnight the other day and now I can’t get them on… but they will fit again tomorrow). I should have thought more about this fact before giving away my old shoes. I was a 7.5 at 104 lbs and a 7.5 at 200 lbs, I didn’t think going back down would make them shrink. Oh well… sell the old to make money for the new!

  9. I’m with Laura on this one. After loosing 10 kilos, my feet have gotten smaller too. I’ve gone down a half size in my shoes too. Which is quite normal, after all your hands and fingers shrank too, right?

  10. Kimberly’s blog has been open on my browser now since 9:30 and I haven’t had a chance to read it! I know she has been AMAZING with her weight loss – 60 pounds! I didn’t think it would happen with only 30 pounds, but that may be it. That would suck since I just built back up a shoe wardrobe, but if it happens with the clothes and the bras I guess it makes sense for it to happen with shoes too!

  11. Hi Allie!

    First, of all you look great! And I love the shoes. I work around the corner from a Filene’s Basement in downtown Boston, and I hear you about the craziness. I’ve decided not to try going in there anymore.

    Second, did you see Kimberly’s post today on Fab Finds Under $50? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the two of you mentioned in each other’s blogs. She has posted a Weight Watchers update, and says that since being on the program, she’s gone down half a size in shoes (and I think you’ll agree with me that she looks amazing). Maybe the foot shrinkage is a Weight Watchers phenomenon (although I’m sure pregnancy could be a factor as well, although I can’t speak from experience)!


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