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Dark denim-look jacket with white pinstripes – Ann Taylor (no longer available)
Orange-red tank Ann Taylor
White jeansKut from the Kloth
Beige sandals Sofft “Pavia”
Blue bag Brahmin “Melbourne Chelsea Selia”
Silver cuff and chain with wedding band

I bought this jacket a decade ago. I remember wearing it to a training seminar with khaki capris and a dark red cowl-neck sleeveless sweater. Back then, I wore the sleeves unrolled and believe I wore tan kitten heel sandals. The fabric is like suiting, it's fully lined like suiting, but the dye of the jacket makes it look as though it is made from denim.

As you see, mama's got a brand new bag! I got an annual bonus and promotion this year and thought long and hard how to use the money. I decided to put some in savings for summer, got myself a netbook, and then got this bag. I have been obsessing over Brahmin bags for a long while and wanted a bag that was unique, yet a good bag for work. This bag is amazingly designed; I can fit my netbook in here and still have room for a paperback novel and all my purse essentials. There's a pocket for my SmarTrip card, my phone, and every other thing you can image. I know it will be great on travel because it is so organized!  Right now in it I have my “Diane” wallet from Hobo International, my sunglasses in a hard case, my camera, a cosmetic bag, phone, small paperback, my WeightWatchers guide, a sandwich, a comb, two pens, a pack of gum and my ring of keys in there (oh and a top to mail out today from Shop My Closet!) and it's not stuffed and not heavy.  Check out my review on the link above – had to give a shout-out on Nordstrom!

I still have my fun purses for everyday – my Sandhursts in brown and black, my new tan Banana Republic bag, my red Hobo International purse, and all my smaller novelty bags. but this is my first fancy bag, and one I think I will be using for years to come.



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  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous bag. The color is just stunning!
    Hmm, now I am eying Brahmin bags. Thanks for the tip. I need a good work bag for summer.

  2. Love your bag! I think you’ll find you get years of wear out of of it and won’t regret the purchase.

    I’ve changed my philosophy on bags the last couple of years. I will spend more money per bag for an “investment” bag that I will love and keep for years rather than buy more, cheaper bags that get thrown out after a year or two of wear.

    Plus, I’ve got a daughter so I can justify spending more on a quality bag so I can pass it down to her one day!

  3. That bag!  Dying over here.  I love this whole look – the shape of everything together and the colors just play off of each other fabulously.

  4. Hello fellow DC gal. I love you outfit and thanks for checking out my blog. This blogging stuff is all kind of to me but have been having fun with it. 

  5. The bag was the first thing I noticed. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Congrats on your promotion and bonus!

  6. I love this whole outfit. The pop of orange and the way it plays with the striking blue color of your bag just works…plain and simple. Thanks for sharing this great look with us!

  7. Loving the bag, a great investment and well deserved reward! Also, the white pants are stunning, I’m looking forward to wearing mine soon!

  8. Yay, congrats on the much-deserved bag. It’s GOR-GEOUS! And, most importantly… looks great on you and makes you smile. 🙂 Totally worth it. You look lovely as always. How great is it to have those pieces that last you a decade?!
    Alyson —

  9. Love the bag, love the pops of color, love that you’ve had such a quality suit jacket for ages and can still wear it well!

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