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Do New Pajamas Count as Self Care?

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Wardrobe Oxygen in Needham Lane Logan PajamasWith the new rug I don't want to leave the bedroom, it really does pull the room together and inspires me to keep it clean. The weather has been perfect for opening all the windows and letting in the breeze as well as the sound of birds in the backyard. Karl captured me this past weekend wearing these crisp cotton pajamas gifted to me by Needham Lane.  I love how breezy they are, and I feel far more luxe in them than in an old band tee shirt and faded knit harem pants (my usual Sunday morning attire).

Needham Lane Pajama ReviewI feel it's a form of self care to upgrage one's loungewear.  We'll focus on clothes for work, clothes for special occasions, and often what we wear at home and to bed is a hodgepodge of comfy pieces that really shouldn't see the light of day.  Crisp yet high quality cotton like these Logan pajamas feel so good against the skin, and are perfect for spring and summer.  They only get better with each washing; now that I own these I want more like the adorable Ellie shorty pajamas.

Wardrobe Oxygen: Needham Lane Slipper ReviewTheir mule slippers were featured on the O List and I can attest to the fact they are pretty great. I love that they have a proper rubber sole so I can go outside with Cindy in the morning or dash out to the mailbox without a worry.

Based in New England, Needham Lane is a woman-designed line that creates classic sleepwear, totes, dresses, shirts and more and carry regular and plus sizes.  Their products are currently manufactured in India, with all factories screened and certified that there is no child labor.  They pride themselves on great quality for a reasonable price and they have been some of the nicest people to interact with!

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  1. Heck, yeah, new pajamas count as self-care! Even though I’m single, I still like to look nice at night. Also, thanks for the recommendation to Needham. I have a pair of Bedhead pajamas that I love since they are so stylish and was looking for another brand.

  2. I’m another fan of nice pajamas! Mine have to be cotton & I prefer long sleeves or 3/4, even in summer b/c my arms get chilly at night. I love long pantleg pj’s or even Capri length (have yet to find a pair with shorts that I like sleeping in). My family jokes with me about my pajama collection & how I wear a different pair every night! After I’ve run errands or exercised in the evenings, I can’t wait to get in my pj’s. Love your calling nice pajamas self care–they really are.

  3. I agree with you, Allie, that pajamas are “self care,” but have to add that they can function as couple care, since my husband usually gets to see me in a XL t-shirt before going to bed. I usually reserve wearing special pajamas like you’re featuring on a vacation or a business trip when I can’t count on either a steady room temperature and/or room service or the maid showing up without much warning. I love pajamas and how they make me feel special, especially if they feel silky soft and comfortable enough to move around in without binding.

  4. Short answer, yes! I love pjs but somehow I’m just wearing slobby old things now. My husband commented wistfully the other day so I think I should throw him a bone and get some pretty but comfy every day pjs.

  5. Most people I know, including my husband, think it’s fine to wear old stained t-shirts, sweats & leggings to sleep in. I always make an effort with my pjs….no stains, no holes, etc.. I even make sure my tops match the bottoms! Some think this is crazy, but I really feel like it’s a way to “respect” myself….something about making the effort to look good, even just for me.

  6. Just ordered! I like how you call it “self care” to upgrade in this area. It’s something I’ve been trying to do. Also with regard to workout clothes . . .

  7. I just checked out their sale section and bought Christmas gifts for my girlfriends and a couple of things for myself. I can’t wait to try my new nightshirt. Thanks for the recommendation!

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