No Baby Yet…

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Tomorrow morning I have my weekly appointment and will find out how dilated I am.

No real stuff going on that makes me think labor is happening soon – none of the symptoms, not even any Braxton Hicks. Just tired and achy and antsy. Hip joints, back and knees are getting a bit sick of this state of pregnancy, but mentally I am okay if she sticks around a few more days or so.

House is almost complete. Supposedly the kitchen sink and counters will be installed tomorrow – this is the third date they have given us and it sucks to have a kitchen almost complete except for open drawers and exposed dishwasher and no water. Sigh.

They have completed one coat of paint in the nursery, just need a second coat, chair rail, install the fan light and clean up the wood floors and it will be complete.

Once it's finished I will take pictures; I just feel like right now it doesn't look great because there's pantry and kitchen stuff in the living room, a dozen cans of paint and our old fridge in the dining room, stacks of stuff awaiting furniture in the office, etc.

It's hard because I see so much I want to do and cannot do it because I am on bed rest. Each time I go downstairs I take a handful of plates and kitchen stuff; when I come upstairs I bring some laundry or books. But that's all I can do and I wake at 3am making lists of what needs to be accomplished before the baby arrives. 🙂

On the fashion front, it's pretty sad. I am down to very few items that fit me and are comfortable – my Old Navy ponte trousers are still a staple; I usually match them with some jersey or tee shirt style top from Gap or Old Navy. Though my blood pressure is under control, I still have swollen ankles and feet so I am living in slippers, Crocs or bare feet around the house and am… *GASP* leaving the house in the Crocs. I know! I hate myself for doing it, but I just don't have anything else left that still fits and I just can't stomach purchasing shoes now that may be the wrong size in a couple of weeks.

Hair is air dry except for the bangs to encourage the curl. Makeup is Philosophy's The Supernatural mineral foundation in Beige, The Clinique shadow duo in Like Mink, Cover Girl LashBlast mascara in Rich Black and either Clinique Long Wear lipstick in Beauty or Bare Escentuals Buxom lip gloss in Dolly. I keep these pieces in my purse because my dressing table is not put together and I keep my purse next to my bed for easy access.

Hope everyone is well and enjoying the holiday season!

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  1. Hang in there Allie!

    I only have one child, so like you I did not exactly know what to expect the first go around. I was waiting for my water to break and it never did. I know a lot of women think that is the first indicator but, you can’t count on that. I tried to wait for my water to break, but I was in so much pain, my husband decided to take me in. Good thing he did because when we got to the hospital I was 10 centrimeters dilated and ready to have the baby. We got there around 8am I had my son at 9:15am.

    I hope you had a good New Years! I’m so excited for you and can’t wait to see the baby pictures. Praying you have a wonderful delivery and sending you lot of positive energy!

  2. On the bright side, the Capricorn onesie that you bought was definitely the right choice! Am sure that the baby girl is well on her way now, but if not, my mother swears that curry hastened the arrival of me and my brother.. Happy New Year and can’t wait to see the pics.

  3. Here’s wishing you, your family, and your new addition a wonderful, healthy, stylish new year!

    Hope you are all well!

  4. As many others have said, hang in there Allie. The last 2 weeks can be agonizing. However, your need and desire to organize, clean and be done with all the house stuff is a good sign (nesting, ya know?).

    Plus, keep an eye on those aches and pains. Early labor can feel much like an achy back. Stay hydrated and well rested as hard as it may be. You’ll be the better for it when the time comes.

    Looking forward to pics of the renovation and of course, that beautiful baby girl when you’ve got the time. -Molly

  5. Hang in there Allie! The last month is by far the hardest, and I can only imagine how stir crazy you are…. but you’re almost there.
    It’s definitely worth it in the end 🙂
    Keeping you in my thoughts.

  6. Don’t worry – baby will come when it’s time. Dialation at this point means NOTHING, so don’t let that discourage you. You might take days to get to 10 or just an hour.

    After my first was born I remember getting into the shower and looking down – and I could see my foot bones again!

  7. I think I am more anxious than you at this point. Soon Allie soon you’ll be holding Baby E tight!

    I expect camera phone pictures!

  8. Congrats on the baby! Always enjoyed your blog. Don’t worry about updating it so often after the birth, just focus on you and your baby.

  9. Hang in there!!
    I had no dilation, Braxton-Hicks or anything else until delivery day. I had 12 hours of irregular contractions (ie no admittance to the hospital) and then in 90 minutes went to regular contractions 45 seconds apart! Lucky we live 5 minutes from the hospital. You’ll do just fine!!

  10. I know what everyone means, I keep checking to see if you’ve had her yet!
    btw, I found this online through my local paper. is closing their online store. They’re having a huge clearance sale. Check it out.

  11. thanks for the update. I feel like you’re a member of the family so I’m happy to know “what’s going on” on the baby-front (and the home remodel too). Looking forward to new pics of the renovations and, of course, of that baby girl of yours. Best of luck!
    Michelle in Michigan

  12. Hang in there! I’ve been checking your blog for news regularly. Pretty soon you’ll have a beautiful little baby in your arms and a gorgeous kitchen. Just a little more patience! Happy New Year!!!!

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