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While Emerson did Trick or Treat last year, she was too young to fully understand it. This year… she got it. She was so excited for the whole event – wearing a costume, going from door to door, saying, “Trick or Treat!” and being able to be outside when it's dark out.

IMG9902 L
Emerson as Tinkerbell at the birthday party
IMG0032 L
Emerson and our good friends' son E

Emerson had a costume birthday party to attend a couple weeks ago, she went as Tinkerbell – my sister made her a fabulous green tutu, we put her in white tights, a green top, and green wings. The wings got pretty beat up at that toddler fete, but I figured would be fine for Halloween as well.

Yesterday I got off work and saw as I was driving home that kids were already out in full force. I ran inside, grabbed Emerson who was wearing a black long-sleeved tee and black leggings and just put the tutu on over that. It was cold out, so I put her in a white faux fur coat that her Aunt Debbie gave her as a Christmas gift last year. Wings on top of that. Plastic pumpkin basket and a “magic wand” and we were ready to go out!

As that we were in a rush, I only captured pictures of Trick or Treating via my phone…

IMG 20111031 185238
 Emerson and her best friend Captain America


IMG 20111031 185712
Digging in to her first-ever Reese's Peanut Butter Cup

We didn't go to a lot of houses – about six in our court, three in the court across the street.  We were going to visit a third court but it required us walking past our own home, and Emerson decided she wanted to Trick or Treat Daddy, who was home passing out candy!

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  1. Oh my goodness, I love it. I worked at a Halloween shop this past month, and seeing all the kids (and adults!) out having a blast made all the running around feel worth it. She makes a lovely tinkerbell. Oh, and I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before – I love her name so much!

  2. Emerson (I picture her being an Emmy later in life) is adorable in her costume and is truly a daddy’s girl!  So precious!

  3. Adorable!  The Pup wasn’t quite old enough to understand yet–he liked the candy and the other kids, but wasn’t so wild about the costume and walking around in an organized fashion.  Which really just meant he had a LOT more fun at home giving out candy to the other kids!

  4. Aw sweet girl! A ended up getting sick on Saturday night, so she missed her Halloween. Ah well. I am glad Emerson had such a succesful trick or treat experience. She seems to be enjoying that Reese’s!

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