The Negative NuFACE Review I Didn’t Want to Write

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honest and negative nuface review. I share my experience with buying it twice and how it worked for me. By Alison Gary of Wardrobe Oxygen

I read Bobbi Brown’s interview with Into the Gloss where she mentioned she used a NuFACE device. Bobbi Brown is all over social media promoting her beauty line Jones Road, and she looks great – she doesn’t look 25, but she glows and looks healthy and cared for. I am over 40 and seeing gravity affect my skin; I ordered a NuFACE mini device, hoping for the same results as Bobbi Brown. I didn't want to write this negative nuFACE review, but I pride myself on being honest with the Wardrobe Oxygen community.

This NuFACE review was originally published in 2016 but has been updated. I ordered from NuFACE two more times over the following years and wanted to share my thoughts on those devices and why I still have this as a negative NuFACE review.

NuFACE Mini Review for Women Over 40

Besides a tough year in middle school, I’ve had pretty good skin. After college, I worked for a skincare company, so I learned early the benefits of regular cleansing, polishing, and protecting. However, I was a sun worshipper and spent much of my college years inside a tanning bed. I had my first sunspot at age 29, but things changed once I turned 40.

Once I turned 40, my skin seemed to change overnight. Suddenly, I was dealing with dry patches, loss of elasticity, and wrinkles. Creams and serums that plumped and hydrated weren't as effective.

I went to a dermatologist to get a full-body scan (a very… exposing experience but one I recommend to get a very detailed check) and asked about Retin-A and red light therapy. Many of you have recommended it for improving skin. My doctor suggested Differin as a budget-friendly alternative, but I didn't see the results I desired and hated how it made me so photosensitive.

Then I was reading Bobbi Brown’s interview with Into the Gloss and she mentioned NuFACE and I was intrigued.

What is NuFACE?

NuFACE is a microcurrent device. This device does exactly that, sending microcurrents to the skin. But it also works towards helping tone the skin and lift jowls, contouring the jawline, reducing nasal labial folds and wrinkles, lifting eyebrows, and opening eyes. It's essentially supposed to increase collagen and elastin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The full-sized NuFACE is almost $400, which is beyond my price range. However, researched, and many NuFACE reviews stated the NuFACE Mini was just as effective and almost half the price.

Review of the NuFACE and whether it is worth the price by Wardrobe Oxygen

Selling anywhere between $160-$250 on sites such as Amazon, QVC, Ulta, and Sephora, I chose to buy it from Nordstrom knowing that if I had an issue with it I could easily return it without a return cut-off date. The NuFace is regularly part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and a good time to purchase it for less.

The NuFACE Mini comes with a palm-sized device, a charging cord, a tube of their gel primer, and a laminated card with the general 5-minute daily routine to complete with the device. If you download their app (advertised in the package), not only will it send you notifications when it’s time to do your treatment (optional), but it also has videos for more elaborate treatments.

To use NuFACE, you must first cover that portion of your face with their gel primer, which has a consistency similar to aloe vera. The laminated card and videos on the app are very clear to follow.

How to Use the NuFace Device

I charged the NuFACE Mini for 24 hours before first use, and plugged it in to charge overnight every few days a week for maintenance. The NuFACE Mini is set to turn off after five minutes; when getting familiar with the device or if you wish to do the more elaborate, turn it back on and keep going (this is one of the things different between the Mini and the full-size version). You can safely use the device for up to 20 minutes a day.

The NuFACE Mini stays charged for almost a week, but I found it best to plug it in overnight every Wednesday and Sunday to keep it ready to go.

A detailed review of the NuFace mini toning device by 48 year old trusted blogger and reviewer Alison Gary of Wardrobe Oxygen
Images from the NuFACE website show before and after using a NuFACE device for 60 days. I saw similar results, though such results do not last if you do not continue to use the device.

Slowly glide the NuFACE device over your skin, and the round metallic balls on the gel make it very smooth and comfortable. When you do the more elaborate routines on their website or app, you may hold the NuFACE in one place for a few seconds, but I didn't experience any pain or discomfort with such techniques.

If you use a thick layer of gel and stay far away from your eye sockets, there’s little to no feeling when using the NuFACE Mini. I occasionally had a bit of a metallic taste in my mouth after using it, but it went away pretty quickly. If you don’t have the gel or have a sensitive part of your face, you may feel a slight pinch or twinge on the skin, like a hair getting caught in a spring.

NuFACE makes it hard not to use the product correctly. With information leaflets in the packaging, an app, and plenty of tutorials on the NuFACE website, you are armed with all the information to succeed with the NuFACE device… that is if it works for you.

Does NuFACE Work?

NuFace Mini Before and After - Wardrobe Oxygen | NuFACE Mini Facial Toning Device Review featured by popular DC style blogger, Wardrobe Oxygen
I completely forgot I texted this picture to my friends back in March to show how it works.  So yes, there is a photo of the before and after.  I did my left side of the face in this picture, my forehead is all shiny from the gel you use with the device.

So, Alison, this is all fine and good, but does NuFACE work?

Before writing this review, I used the NuFACE mini daily for over two weeks before sharing my thoughts. It frustrates me to read glowing reviews on items and then find the person only used it long enough for the glamour shots in their bathroom. I wanted to be sure I gave the NuFACE enough time and that I could honestly see lasting results (or no results) before ranting or raving.

Yes, the NuFACE Mini does work. It worked well for me. I could do one side of my facial muscles and it would look like I was half-smirking and raising one eyebrow. It reduced the furrows on my forehead and made my jawline more pronounced. My skin, in general, looked healthier, not so dry, not so flat.  I found the results could last up to 48 hours, and the longer I used it, the longer the results lasted.

I would do the 5-minute microcurrent facials most days, and when I had time, I would go into it more in-depth and do it for about 15 minutes.  Even five minutes five times a week will be enough for people to ask if you've gotten more sleep and maybe changed your makeup.  That subtle something different (unless your partner walks in after only doing one side and freaks out and wonders if you had a stroke; it may or may not have happened in this household).

The combo of the gel and the machine can cause serious breakouts if you don’t clean well afterward. I was getting insane deep whiteheads around my mouth and I thought it was hormonal, I thought it was my diet, my new night cream. Then I read around online and found many other NuFACE users who had experienced the same. With a deep cleaning after use, the breakouts stopped.  So I NuFACE, wash my face at the sink with CeraVe, and then hop in the shower and wash again with CeraVe or a random facial scrub or wash sample I have.

My First Negative NuFACE Review: Was It a Dud?

Negative NuFace review by Wardrobe Oxygen after trying three devices

If I wrote this post after two weeks of using the NuFACE device, I would end it right here. It’s great, it works, the NuFACE Mini can be purchased at Sephora, Nordstrom, QVC, Ulta, Dermstore, and the NuFace website. But I’ve been slow with my Over 40 Beauty posts and this time it’s a very good thing. Because my NuFACE went from awesome to awful in just a few weeks.

I used it fine for about three months. I couldn’t rave enough; while $200 may be a lot at first, the results were better than all the random tubes and pots I had purchased over the years. I saw it as an actual saving and an alternative to Botox and other injectables.

After a few weeks, my NuFACE Mini seemed to lose its charge earlier than usual. I plugged it in; it ended up charging for two days straight. It wouldn’t turn on again. No light, no beep, nothing. I was frustrated, how could an item this expensive (and raved about all over the place) break down after just a few weeks? I left it on the top of my toilet and figured that weekend I’d box it up and return it (this is why I bought it from Nordstrom after all).

I captured a few videos of my first NuFACE Mini facial toning device before I packed it up and returned the possessed thing!

I didn’t return it promptly; the NuFACE Mini sat uncharged on my bathroom counter for over a week. Then one day, my daughter was bathing in our bathroom, and she started screaming. I race up the stairs, fearing the worst. “Mommy, your machine is beeping!” And sure enough, the NuFACE Mini, which was silent for weeks, was beeping the way it does when it needs a charge.

So I plugged it in again, excited it was working again. I waited 24 hours, tried it, and still it wouldn’t turn on. I left it there and plugged it into the charger.

That night, around 3 a.m., it started beeping. Beep beep, be-buh-la-la-beeeeeppppp beep. Beebeebeebeebebeeb… I went in, and all the blue lights flashed in different patterns! I unplugged it, and it stopped… and wouldn’t turn on. I left it unplugged and went back to bed.

That morning, around 5:30 am, my alarm went off. I, still half-asleep, wandered into the dark bathroom and sat on the toilet. The unplugged NuFACE started going bonkers again, lighting the bathroom with blue strobes. I was no longer half asleep!  I turned it off, and it was quiet for a few days… but then Monday night, while brushing my teeth, it started going off again!  My NuFACE was possessed!

I packed up the NuFACE and sent it back, worried the package would be destroyed before it got to Nordstrom, with USPS thinking it was a bomb. But Nordstrom emailed me that they received my return and credited my account.

I figured my NuFACE device was a dud. I kept seeing so many positive reviews; it had to be an accident. So when the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale came around the following summer, and I saw the NuFACE Mini was part of it at a great price, I ordered another one.

My Second Disappointing NuFACE Mini Review: More of the Same

Almost a year later, my second NuFACE Mini arrived in the mail. And again, I was impressed by the results after the first use. The NuFACE does a great job of lifting and tightening without pain or discomfort. I felt so confident; my face looked younger and more rested.

And again, three months into owning my second NuFACE, it became possessed. It wouldn't turn on when I wanted to use it but would start beeping with lights flashing in the middle of the night, even if it hadn't been charged for a week. Again, I returned the nuFACE; glad I purchased it somewhere with a lenient return policy.

Review of the NuFACE and whether it is worth the price by Wardrobe Oxygen

My NuFACE The FIX Review: Third Time is NOT The Charm

Maybe I am a glutton for punishment, but a good year after my second possessed NuFACE Mini, I saw many of my favorite Instagrammers, YouTubers, and bloggers raving about the NuFACE FIX.

nuface fix review honest unpaid by wardrobe oxygen

Over $50 less than the NuFACE Mini, the NuFACE FIX is a smaller device specifically targeting fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth, eyes, and forehead. During a Sephora sale, I ordered myself a NuFACE Fix, figuring the brand got its act together and its microcurrent technology would last longer than three months.

Nope, in less than a month, the NuFACE FIX stopped working. If you look at the Sephora reviews, you will see several others had the same thing happen. Luckily, it happened early enough that I could return it to Sephora.

Why I Do Not Recommend the NuFACE

Since my experience trying three NuFACE devices, dozens of Wardrobe Oxygen readers have reached out, sharing they had similar experiences. They experienced their NuFace devices malfunctioning anywhere from a couple of weeks to a year after purchase.

The NuFACE works. It is a truly effective, non-invasive method for dealing with fine lines and sagging skin. However, the technology is not stable enough for me to recommend any of their products.

I question all the rave reviews I have read regarding the NuFACE device. How long did the reviewer have the product before sharing their thoughts? Did they continue to use the NuFACE after their review? What are their thoughts a year after? I recommend you ask such questions with any review you read online, including any reviews in the archives of Wardrobe Oxygen.

If you are willing to risk trying a NuFACE device, I recommend purchasing it from Nordstrom or another site with a lenient return policy. Ulta lets you return it beyond 60 days, but only for store credit. If you know of another NuFace retailer with a good return policy do share it in the comments. I hope this device provides you with years of success, but if you have a negative NuFACE review experience like me, you can get your money back!

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  1. Hello everyone, I recently began using the NuFace Trinity device. I’ve used it twice in the past six months, massaging my face for 10 minutes each time. I noticed immediate results, which made me very happy.

    However, the last time I used it, I started experiencing headaches (from my jaw to my head on left side) an hour after the facial massage with the NuFace device. The pain on the left side of my face persisted for 24 hours. The following day, I sought emergency care, where the doctor performed several head and neck scans. I was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy, a condition characterized by weakness in facial muscles. Fortunately, I recovered in two weeks with the help of medication.
    I’m curious if anyone else has experienced these side effects or has further information

  2. So, I’m guessing it uses a Lithium Ion battery. These batteries do not like remaining plugged in. The manufacturer site recommends charging for 4 hours once a week. You definitely experience wonky behavior, regardless, but I still wonder if your experience may have differed if you had charged it less often for shorter periods of time.

    1. Maybe, and maybe they should put that in the instructions if that’s the reason. Three times ordering over years and I’ve never seen it mentioned and I know I can’t be the only one who has experienced it.

  3. Hello,

    Thank you for such a thorough review. It helped me to decide and purchase Mini on Costco.com which runs 1-day only deal today, 12/8/23. This mini is only $99 and we all know how great Costco on their return policy. Cannot wait to try it on and mostly, see the results!

  4. I am almost 66 and have been using my Original Nuface Mini every day now for about 15 yrs!
    My face looks great!!! It has almost diminished my nasal folds and my jowels are gone and my chin line is lifted! Eyebrows lifted too and hardly a line on my forehead.
    Now, I have taken care of mine and put the 9volt battery in when needed. I do not use anything on my face and just use it for about 10 mins every am. It works wonders for me and who doesn’t have 10 mins extra?!!
    I have people telling me I look 45.
    I am 5’2 and about 112lbs.
    I do not use Botox or anything else except for Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair. I love my original Nuface device.
    The beeps… not on here so nothing to worry about. I really think the original Nuface was made much better.

    1. When you say you don’t use anything on your face, do you mean you don’t use the gel? I thought you had to use the gel or it hurts.

  5. I am really glad that I found this review! I’m 54, starting to really notice some deepening marionette lines and frien lines, maybe a tiny bit of sagging in the cheeks? I have just treated myself to Renee Rouleau skin care, and may follow up with a Nuface; now I know to check the return policy, and about the reset trick!

    One thing I’d love to know: has anyone found an effective, inexpensive alternative to the Nuface gel? I won’t be able to afford that long term. I’ve thought about ultrasound gel. Any experiences with it?

    1. Hello Mary-Ellen,
      I use Kaeso Beauty 250ml which I think I purchased from Amazon at a fraction of the price Nuface gel was charging. It works brilliantly and has a pleasant scent. Hope this helps.
      Kind regards,

  6. I was going down a rabbit hole online and saw your post in passing. I’m so happy I did! I’m 47. The year I hit 45, I noticed that my jaw started to be saggy and I aquired deep lines around my mouth. I already had quite a few lines on my forehead, and have had the 11 lines between my brows for about 7 years. I had also stopped having any regular monthly cycle-it was sporadic. I realized that my hormones (or lack thereof) were the main culprit. Within the past year and a half, two major support relationships in my life ended, and my mental health has declined significantly (also made more intense by lack of hormones). It was a big hit to the self esteem that my wrinkles became so much more obvious around the same time as having my partner end a long term relationship. I know that I’m not unattractive, and that it’s important that I focus on loving myself, but looking in the mirror, putting on makeup… I’ve just stopped caring about getting dressed up or putting time into my make-up routine. I’ve always taken very good care of my skin. Lately, I have tried the handheld red light therapy, super expensive serums and creams and moisturizer, I’ve made myself habitually lay flat on my back while sleeping (years of sleeping on my left side has noticeably created deeper lines on the left side of my face). I’ve tried facial exercises, etc. I am not interested in getting any plastic surgery, or Botox (I fear getting addicted to the results, and ending up unable to have any expressions). I didn’t think any of these gadgets would work! I’m going to order a mini from Nordstrom now! Thank you so much! I’m not, in any way, expecting to look 30 again, but even if it’s just a small improvement, I’ll take it. I know it’s so silly, but the reality is that our society doesn’t value women past menopause. I tell myself that I don’t care what people think about me, but realizing that I will, at some point, be dating again is so intimidating when the last time I dated anyone was 8 years ago when I still had normal hormone levels. I need a little boost in self esteem! Thank you!

    1. Hey girl! Just read your post, and I can relate to much of what you said. Here for botox: it’s good. Really. I’ve done once a year only for the past 5-6 years and no wrinkles at all. Just got my Nuface mini 2 weeks ago, using daily, hoping for results on the sagged jaws (but skin texture is already better). As for love after menopause: I don’t know that yet either, but I really feel that if I can love myself, others’ love won’t matter much. I too lost important creatures in my life and have been single for years. But I know I’m in my worst when I hate myself, and in my best when I love myself. I am light, I just need to reflect it. So are you. All the best in your/ our journey!! Love from AUS.

  7. I’m surprised to read so many people had technical issues with the NuFACE Mini. I’ve had mine for probably 3 years and haven’t had that problem. Also I have found that it works well to keep things from going south too fast and too soon. Sadly, due to some unfortunate family genes I’ve got a problematic neck/unde chin situation and it’s outside of my mini’s capabilities. I’m now wrestling with either doing some sort of non invasive procedure or self love and acceptance 🙂

    1. I’d urge you to do face exercises with sculpting and relaxing massage. You can do it yourself at home. Just buy face oil. The results are amazing and, as you research free teachers online for blogs, you’ll understand why certain changes are happening and how to target problem areas whilst keeping the whole face and neck in better shape for longer.

        1. So many, and they are all mild. I’ve used Almond Oil, Rosehip Oil and Plant Based Squalane. Anything with a good glide that doesn’t absorb too quickly will do. It’s all about the glide so you don’t drag the skin. Use for exercise, massage and with any small face tools such as vacuum cups, gua sha and rollers. All tools are dirt-cheap too. Then hit YouTube for free massage tutorials. TheMoments is a nice channel. Some oil recommendations here: https://www.abigailjames.com/the-best-oils-for-face-massage/ If they remove links, just google ‘face massage which oil’ and click on the top Abigail James link.

  8. FOUND A FIX!!
    I was gifted the Nuface Pro (trinity) from my sister this past week. It had the same technical issues when she handed it over. It would start charging then stop after a couple minutes, beeping sounds, etc. I just did a “reset” on it and it finally charged! It’s really easy too:
    1) Get a paperclip/safety pin
    2) Pop off the roller connection & locate the pin size hole (there’s only one)
    3) Put the base back onto the charging station…make sure your charger is plugged in.
    4) While it is in base, use paper clip/safety pin to push & hold down the pin size reset button
    5) You will hear a series of beeps which means it is resetting
    6) Once it’s stops, let it charge in base 12 hours

  9. I have the Nuface mini which works well and keeps my aging face lifted. However, I then bought the NuFace Fix as I have eye bags and dark circles. After using the Fix a couple of times, I noticed that the eye bag on my right eye had got a lot worse and had a dark ring right around it which is not going away. I used it exactly as in the video but I would suggest people dont use around their eyes.

      1. I only just started using Nuface device (4th day) and I noticed that my dark spots under my eye is more darker than usual. Has your brown spots fade away?

  10. Mine stopped working as well. So disappointed because I thought my skin was softer etc. I bought it at Nordstroms and am returning it. OH well….. hopefully another product will come along and work better.

    1. FOUND A FIX for the NuFace
      I just did a “reset” on it and it finally charged! It’s really easy too:
      TO DO A RESET:
      1) Get a paperclip/safety pin
      2) Pop off the roller connection & locate the pin size hole (there’s only one)
      3) Put the base back onto the charging station…make sure your charger is plugged in.
      4) While it is in base, use paper clip/safety pin to push & hold down the pin size reset button
      5) You will hear a series of beeps which means it is resetting
      6) Once it’s stops, let it charge in base 12 hours

      1. This will not work for NuFace mini. I am surprised that the company hasn’t done anything even after such bad reviews on the physical component. Called the company and they were ready to give me a 10% discount to purchase their new product again. Wow … to repay the same agony again!! I denied their offer and said that I am very disappointed.

    1. Yes I have the Foreo Mini. It’s…fine. It helps you get a consistent effect with scrubs and it feels nice and is a fun addition to an indulgent evening routine or to wake up a bit more in the AM. But it’s not a groundbreaking product and it doesn’t do anything except ensure that your mechanical/physical exfoliant is distributed evenly and completely.

  11. I have the mini. The first one started developing issues within a year or so of purchase. It would automatically turn on and off–very weird. I was able to video its weirdness and send to the CS of the site I purchased from and for the cost of shipping the defective device back, they replaced it.

    The current one I’ve been using for several years without issues. I think the issues I had (and this may apply to others) is that I was overcharging the device. With my first device, I would recharge weekly. Apparently that was too frequent.

    I only charge my current device very infrequently. I use it for 10 minutes 2-3 times a week. I also have a Nuface Fix (which I use approximately twice a week) and it starts getting “buzzy” when the charge is low and I use that to determine when to recharge it as well as my Mini.

    I also recommend stopping charging as soon as the lights stop cycling to prevent overcharging. I think that if you don’t overload the battery, the device will last longer and work more consistently–at least that’s been my experience.

  12. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for this review. Thanks so much for taking the time to write it. Am I going to try the NuFace? In three weeks, I’ll be 49. I’m going to try the NuFace. The thing I know now that I didn’t 12 minutes ago is to make sure I buy it at Nordstrom so I can get my money back when the stupid thing starts weirding out on me.

    Because we know it will.

    This isn’t new, but we forget. We don’t expect an expensive item, or any item really, to just fall apart like that. Things aren’t made well anymore. It’s shameful. I have items that are 20+ years old, and still going strong. Anything I’ve bought in the last 10-15 years (particularly in the last five) however, I’ve already either replaced more than once or gave up on, because it wasn’t worth the effort. There is no “pride in craftsmanship”, or work ethic, or blah blah, etc. etc. No one cares. None of that matters to this generation of people, and things seem to be getting worse rather than better.

    So, again— Thank you. So much. You are doing your fellow consumer a valuable service.

  13. Great blog and I appreciate your honest feedback! I’m really interested in NuFace as a form of TMJ therapy, to help regulate the muscles of the jaw and reduce jaw pain. Microcurrent stimulation has been shown to be very effective for this, but usually around 1000 amps whereas NuFace only uses 350.

  14. Mine just became possessed yesterday! Almost exactly 16 months. Their warranty is for 1 year, which makes me think they expect the neuface demon to enter the device within 12 months. I think I’ll try a second one, but I’ll get it from Nordstrom. Good tip!

    1. I just got one from a private party on ebay. Now that I read your review, I wish I hadnt. The original hard masks with electric impulse points for muscles DID give you a slight shock & since I still have it, I may go back to it (15 years old) Mini device fails. I hope nobody thinks it will rid them of brown spots as only laser can do that , along with- a skilled Doctor. These things do work & its terrible they are not made to last, considering the price! Now $100 on QVC. Thank you SO much for your truthful Review !

  15. I literally can’t believe how many deep forehead wrinkles you have and you’re just a wee bit past 40. I’m 64 1/2 and I swear to whatever god anyone worships that I’m just NOW seeing the tiniest hint of a fine line here and there in my forehead, none around my eyes, and a little hint of 11s. BUT I have deep marionette lines which I abhor.

    I promise this isn’t an insult – my face is shaped differently – you have that nice, wider structure and look like you’ll never develop marionette lines!!! So jealous! But my face is a little longer and runs a little thinner with a small chin, and all I’ve ever wanted facially is bone structure like yours.

    1. That is a awful comment, really. In fact her lines are not even that bad it is pretty normal for a 40s year old, and we all age differently. I think she is pretty and looks natural. In fact much prettier than many woman who put so much fillings and botox to the point they look bizarre and are all over social media taking selfies of themselves.
      Lets age naturally and stop trying to be what we are not.
      I must add that many women end up looking older with so many procedures when they dont even need them!!!
      I will take the opportunity to say thanks for a great review, I want to buy one as I do not want botox and fillings and I am thankful for the review, I will buy from a place I can return if needed 🙂

    2. Anastasia…wish I could see a picture of you as I seriously doubt it would live up to your claims. Allie…YOU LOOK WONDERFUL AND YOU HAVE A BEAUTIFUL HEART.

      1. What’s a crappy comment. You think at 65 years old someone would know to hold their tongue if they have nothing kind to say. But I guess some folks never learn.

    3. What a crappy comment. You’d think at 65 you’d know to hold your tongue if you have nothing nice to say. But I guess some folks never learn.

  16. I have this horrible metal taste in my mouth that I can not get rid of. Has anyone else had this happen? I call the place I bought my NuFace from and they said they don’t take returns on devices. I am currently waiting to hear my the management.

  17. I bought the mini over 5 years ago and it’s worked fine for me. No issues… and impressive results.

    1. I agree. My first one is 10 years old and still going strong. I gave it to my niece and upgraded to the Trinity a year ago. No issues at all.

  18. I have the trinity. I’ve had it for a very long time (I bought it when the trinity first came out – 2011, I think). It still works great, other than the LED – for some reason it turns off quickly with that attachment, even if it’s fully charged. But that only started about a year ago. I definitely feel like I got good use out of my device.

  19. Oh man! Mine never became possessed but each one I bought became unusable after a few months because the power button scratched away and became indented and I literally couldn’t turn it on. For my friend, all her attachments repeatedly broke. It sucks because it’s easy to use and I love the results but I can’t justify purchasing this again.

  20. Hi, do they not come with a guarantee? Surely this is a faulty item and you would be covered under warrantee?

    1. I was seriously considering getting the nuface mini but now I’m reconsidering as it just seems like a waste of money due to so many breaking early.
      Does anyone have any experience with new radio frequency device?
      Or any other microcurrent devices that work as well as nuface?

  21. My NuFace Trinity also just stopped working. I was very pleased with the results and used it every day but very upset that after just three months it just broke.

  22. I’m having same issues . It seems to be charging as the lights are on but switches off as soon as I’ve disconnected it from the charger. A complete joke and nuface don’t bother picking up their phone. Two times I’ve been holding 40 mins at a time

  23. I have been happily using my Nuface Mini for over two years now and I wonder if the way I charge might have something to do with its longevity. I leave it off the charger, sitting on the counter in my bathroom until the battery is fully discharged – usually 3-4 weeks of using 5 days per week, before I put it on the charger for 12 hours then immediately unplug it again. I also am scrupulously careful to wipe the device with a clean, damp cloth after each use before I dry it off with the dry portion of the cloth. Yes, it’s more work to do all of that every morning, but I’m happy to do it if it will last longer and give good results. I used up the gel that came with the device ages ago, and now I use Ziip Golden Gel with my Nuface, and that stuff is really worth the price: a small amount is all that’s needed and it really helps keep my 54 year old skin happy and strong.

  24. So good too see this article. I bought through Nuface and had two replacements. When the third one went in a couple of months (mine weren’t possessed just quit powering up or stuck on level 1) I just said forget it. I honestly saw no difference with faithful use, unlike so many reviewers, anyway. I was just brainwashed into thinking it was doing something anyway.

  25. I am on my 2nd NuFace mini, both purchased from QVC. I started using it in 2014 & used it 10 minutes on each side regularly(4-7 times a week) I had great results, but the gel was much too pricey, so I began using aloe vera. Soon, the chrome was wearing off & I could hear metal shaking inside. Eventually the plastic cracked on both. I am 68 years old & I hate to be without a device since I am 7 years in….

  26. i am having the same issue. i was using my nuface mini for a year and it started doing the whole possession thing. the company was really nice and sent me a replacement but it couldn’t turn on after a month. i’m on my third one now and today it has started being possessed!!! i was wondering if i was doing something wrong but seems like it’s not a user error issue.

  27. Do you think there is more success with the NuFace Trinity rather than the Mini Nuface? I am also about to return my second nuface mini in less than 6 months, its very frustrating!….I am wondering if after I return it, I should just go for the bigger trinity version? I am hopeful that perhaps the Trinity has less problems.

    Any advice greatly appreciated or experiences?

    1. My NuFace Trinity Pro quit working in less than a year. I think the battery inside is very cheap and will not hold a charge and Nuface does not repair their devices.

    2. I have a trinity and haven’t had any issues. I was also told to leave it on the charger anytime it’s not being used, which I do. So far it’s worked flawlessly, as have the attachments.

  28. Hi everyone, I just wanted to share my experience with yourselves. I’ve had my nuface mini since August 2020 and I’ve only charged it three times, once fully charged you can use it up to 4 months without charging it. Same with my nuface fix I only charge it every few months. I love the results it gives. I’ve just recently turned 40 and I get told I look like I’m in my 30s. I use my led red & near infrared therapy light and then do all my nuface treatments with the nuface firming & brightening silk creme (conductive gel) and then wipe it all off with nuface cleansing wipes and finish it off with my normal skincare products…

  29. My Nuface has the exact same issue, purchased from Sephora who won’t rake a return past one month. I so desperately want to buy again, because it did do wonders for my 40 year old skin… but I feel like I can’t trust it won’t crater as well!

    I’ve contemplated taking it apart to see if there is a connection issue but not sure how safe that is.

    Nuface please rectify and address this issue!

  30. I had my first NuFace mini for a couple of years before it died. I bought a second one about 4 months ago and it died. I thought it was perhaps the lead because when you plug it in, all the bars go blue and stay like that, so I ordered a new lead from NuFace. Exactly the same thing happened. I just can’t turn it on. Unfortunately, I got a deal when I ordered it so won’t be able to get a refund. I may order a third but it all becomes so expensive but my husband does notice a difference; and noticed the fact that I haven’t used it for about a month! Everything starts to sag back! I appreciate the tip about Nordstrom and probably will bite the bullet.

  31. I’m on my third mini in less than a year because of charging issues! We’ll see if 3rd times a charm, but I doubt it. I ordered directly from the site so they have replaced each one. I do, however, have to pay for shipping when sending it back. Grrr.

  32. Think of all the items we plug in to charge (Clarisonic was the first to come to mind, but
    also cordless power tools, battery backups, etc) that don’t stop accepting a charge after 2, 3 months. Definitely unacceptable that this device fails like that.

    1. Agreed! I still have my Clarisonic that I bought… it may be older than my daughter? I have an LED face mask that is a year old and still chugging along. My EMBR Wave bracelet, my two pairs of Bluetooth headphones… so many items survive and the ones that don’t I think the brand just hasn’t put it as a top priority.

  33. I am legit worried after reading your post, I just ordered one a couple of days ago and it has shipped. I have asked for a return and refund immediately. I regret not ordering straight from the official website. I don’t think this product is worth taking the chance on for the money one pays for it. The lack of quality control with the charge is astounding and it seems like a lot of the reviewers are paid.

  34. FURIOUS about buying mine from NUFACE website. $218!!! Bought Feb 28, 2020 and only used it for ONE WEEK. IT was fine but COVID and quarantine made me stop using it and just letting it stay plugged in for 10 weeks. I never used it due to quarantine. Now here I am, May 14 and unplugged it to use it, as the lights were all charged but as soon as I unplugged it to use it since it only works when you unplug it, suddenly it goes black. No charge, not on, nothing.
    Then I go to the NUFACE website to try to exchange it only to find they do not take returns past 60 days!!!! WTF!!! $218!!
    And they ask you to RATE it with 1-5 stars and provide a comment so I did, ONE star and listed why. And when I clicked SUBMIT the review popped up as 5 STARS with a THANK YOU FOR YOUR REVIEW and they deleted my comment and one star!!! BAD BAD. How can they do this???

    Mind you, last year I went through this identical issue on Nuface Mini purchased 4 TIMES in ONE YEAR and had to exchange ALL of them each at 2-3 months for the identical problem!!! But overstock takes it back. Nuface NOPE. I am going to report them to the Better Business Bureau if they don’t give me my money back. Does it work for the short time you get to use it? Yes. But you need to only purchase knowing it’s only good for a couple months so find a source that allows returns for 6-12 months afterward.

    1. I am so late to this reply but since I’m linking I wanted to update. I ordered a second one and it happened again after about two months. Returned and never going to try again.

      1. I literally was just on the nuface website they are having a site wide 25% off everything! I’m almost 36 with forehead wrinkles, one deep 11 line, dark under eyes with bags, under eye wrinkles and already crows feet. I have the LED face mask Hime Sama. I use the $10 Rose quartz Jade Roller and Guasha which helps me with slimmer jaw bone and lymphatic drainage. Thank you so much for being so honest as well as all the other reviews from people. I believe everyone on here was completely honest, even the people who have had no issues, but wayyy to many people on here and the actual website have had them including you so I will save my money. Thank you again!!

  35. What gel do you use? I’ve read some complain about the cost of the recommended brand of gel. Some state that they’re been ordering the gel used for sonograms on Amazon at half the cost. Just wondering.

    1. My device came with a bottle of gel, I was just hear finishing it when the device went wonky. I’ve heard sonogram gel, aloe Vera, even water but on I believe Makeup Alley they were saying this gel does make the device more effective. I wonder if sonogram gel is the same though, I do plan to try other products if my next device works well and will report back!

  36. Wow! Okay, so if you had the funds to get this or a Clarisonic for the same price, which would you suggest?

    1. I think it’s apples and oranges. I have a Clairsonic Mia and I do love it for getting a deep clean, gently exfoliating, and making my skin happy. This is for toning and lifting, which you don’t get from a Clarisonic. I think it’s about what your top skincare needs are. To be honest, I used this far more than my Clarisonic (the brushes get so icky so fast, I’d forget to charge it, etc.) but also because I have in general clear skin and my skincare priority was lifting and toning. Both are good!

      1. Bananas and grapes 🙂 you are absolutely correct – it depends on skincare needs especially when funds are limited! Thank you for reminder!

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