Take Good Care of Yourself, You Belong to You

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Last week on my Facebook page, I shared a New York Times article about Martha Stewart’s beauty routine.  I was surprised when so many news outlets reported on her OMG $2,000 beauty routine, and surprised by how many of you were critical of her skincare process. 

We don’t blink when a celebrity has thousand-dollar designer purse, a closet containing dozens of pairs of heels, or owns more than one car. These days, a bit of Botox or Restylane, lasering off body hair, or monthly facials is the norm for the rich and famous. So why are we all freaking out over the fact that Martha Stewart’s skin care regimen costs $2,000 and has so many serums, creams, and masks?

I believe in quality, not quantity, no matter your income. I also believe in spending your money on things that have the biggest bang for your buck. A dress may be worn once a month, a pair of boots once a week, but your skin is worn 24/7. Be you in haute couture or thrift store scores, your skin is always part of your look, and often gets noticed more than what you wear. Why not pamper it and buy the best products possible? Dresses can be donated when they wear out, but your skin is yours for the rest of your life, and how you treat it determines not just how it looks today, but decades from now.

I love it when I can find a great beauty product that gets the job done for far less than department store brands. I don’t care how awesome La Mer is, I doubt I will ever own anything from the line because it would require me to take out a second mortgage. But for my budget and lifestyle, I always am willing to spend more and do more for my skin and hair than I am for my wardrobe. A designer bag is not an investment, a proper skin care routine is.

And so I say, go on with your bad self, Martha. You have always been a gorgeous woman, and you look phenomenal at 72. And while you do dress in a tasteful subtle manner and have lovely hair that flatters your personal style, people remark on your beauty because you have taken impeccable care of your skin. You inspire me to care more for my own skin, and I found your piece in The Times to be interesting, honest, and proof that caring for your skin is the best thing one can do to look great at any age.

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