On Mondays We Wear Pink

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Wardrobe Oxygen in a pink puffer coat with hood from Amazon with a Furtalk beanie

For most of my kid's life, I have been able to be ahead with her wardrobe, and it has saved me a ton of money. I stalk the end of clearance sales and have gotten her amazing apparel, outerwear, and shoes for way less plotting out what size she'd be in a year. Heck, I have pulled out of storage pieces I bought two years prior because it was such a good deal and I knew it would eventually fit her.

pink puffer coats on Wardrobe Oxygen and her kid

And now she's 12 and growing like a weed. The winter coat I bought her in September didn't fit over her shoulders come December and her beloved knee-length oversized hoodies now exposed her elbows. She's constantly growing so spending a lot on her wardrobe is like throwing money right out the window.

pink puffer coat

A friend got her felow quickly-growing kid this coat and said it was well made and super warm. She liked the pockets had zipper closure and the thumbhole cuffs which were better than nothing when her kid headed out without gloves. I liked that it had a hood, and when I showed it to my kid, she looooooved the pink. I also loved that it was under $50.

pink puffer coat from amazon

And then I was invited to check out Amazon's fashion and beauty storefront which has the best-rated items all in one place. Amazon offered me store credit to shop the storefront and what did I find there? The same coat. And while my growing like a weed kid is now in adult sizes, she still loves twinning with her mom and loved the idea of us having the same coat in the same color.

pink coat under 50

We're also wearing the same joggers, these to be specific. My kid loves these joggers, she'll hang out watching for when the dryer is finished so she can put them back on. I think they feel too much like activewear and prefer them for yoga and such instead of everyday, but have found they have washed and dried beautifully.

The hat? Also the same. And we both love this hat. No, it's nothing remarkable, but it fits nicely, it doesn't stretch out, and I have washed hers and it still looks new.

pink puffer coat

I'll admit I didn't need another winter coat; I still have my several-years old Bernardo coat and I have the Universal Standard Kanda puffer. But since I got this one I've been wearing it nonstop because lately, I just don't want to wear a black coat. Things are so gray outside and gloomy in general, a pop of pink has made afternoon walks and errand runs far more cheery.

pink puffer coats on Wardrobe Oxygen and her kid

My kid is wearing the coat in XS, I am wearing it in XL. The coat comes up to XXL and is available in several different colors and subtle prints. The joggers, she is in XS and I am L. And the hat is one-size. Her shoes are these Doc Martens, mine are my Adidas Superstars.

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  1. Awe, this is so sweet! Y’all are adorable in your pink & it’s lovely that she still enjoys twinning with mom. This age, they do grow like weeds. My son is almost 15. When he hit around 13, there was quite a growth spurt & my days of buying ahead for the next season were gone. Thank you for explaining to us about the use of “kid.” I try to keep up with appropriate terminology but did not know this. Thank you!

  2. I don’t often comment, but the pics of you and your “kid” are so adorable I had to let you know! The one with each of you on one foot is lovely.
    I also wanted to respond to your explanation for your frequent references to your “kid” because, for some reason, “kid” has sounded slightly harsh to me, too. I know you are a strong advocate for the LGBTQ+ community, as am I, yet I didn’t recognize this gender-neutral term for what it was. Now that I know your rationale, I’m all in and I thank your for your thoughtfulness.

  3. I read that it is a good idea to consign kid’s clothing. Here in Maryland there are several consignment stores especially for kids. I bet they would have the things your daughter would love to wear. You can do the community a favor and sell back her outgrown clothing so somebody else can love it too. This is helpful because kids grow out of things so quickly. Good luck !

  4. Love the pink jackets, and the twinning wardrobes! I wonder how long she will keep doing this with you!?!

    On another note, somehow I don’t love the phrase : “my kid”–but I can’t say why.

    Perhaps it sounds rough to my ear? How about “my daughter” or “my girl”? Maybe you don’t want to use her name any longer in your blog. understood.

    Not a big deal, just sayin’.

    Love your blog.

    1. I use it because I don’t want to use her name anymore, but also because daughter and girl are gender-specific and LGBTQ+ rights are very important to her. While she identifies as a girl and uses the pronouns she/her, by me trying to use gender-neutral terms for her and others is me respecting her and others. I’m still navigating these waters, but I’m always looking for ways to make my language more inclusive and am open to suggestions!

      1. I’ve been reading your blog for years. I followed you over to Instagram. I’m rarely on Facebook. I just wanted to say that I found the comment of your use of the word “kid”surprising. I have no negative associations or connotations with the word. I’ve always used it but would not have been able to articulate why the way you did. To me a kid is a kid the way a person is a person. maybe that’s not eloquent either? I’ve always found you to be fair and inclusive. I appreciate your graciousness in responding to the comments. Not that you need my approval.

      2. I call my kid “my kid” too, esp. referring to my kid in comments on blogs or social media posts. And to my friends sometimes “the kid”. I don’t find it harsh, but actually endearing.

  5. Your daughter is a beauty. I taught middle school for 30 years and I know all about that growth spurt. They go from child to woman in no time!!

  6. You two are adorable! And cozy. I predict she will be taller than you by December at the latest. . .

    I know how it feels, as my daughter ended up 3+ inches taller than me. And I fit under my son’s chin. And now my 20 month old granddaughter is also very tall for her age, and will probably be at least as tall as her mama–and way taller than me, as I am now starting to shrink!

    1. Yeah, I am doomed. Her dad is 6’4″, his family is all tall, and even my dad’s side of the family is all over 6′ (he was the “runt” at 5’10”). She measures herself against me almost daily to see if she’s taller yet!

      1. Your matching outfits are adorable! I love it that she measures herself against you! I did the same when I was younger. My dad `was 6’2″ and my mom was 5’1″. So, I ended up somewhere in the middle at 5’6″. When I was nine and all my friends were able to clomp around in their mother’s heels, I was barely able to get mine inside my mom’s tiny mules. It was then that I realized that I was already taller and bigger than her. Cherish these days that she’s still smaller and willing to dress like you. They go quickly. Soon, she’ll be her own woman.

  7. Yay for some bright colors during these challenging times…and yay for twinning with your daughter, it speaks volumes for your family.

    1. Soon enough twinning may be uncool, so glad you’re taking advantage of it now. You both look awesome and to me the is a photo that needs to be framed for the house (and maybe for grandma too). Love the look… it made me happy just looking at it!

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