Recent Fashion Purchases: Hits and Misses

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Here we are with another round of things Allie bought that she loved and she regretted. But thank goodness for free returns and a new office location not too far from a shopping mall, those regrets can be returned quite easily!

Halogen JacketHalogen Zip Pocket Open Jacket – Ivory Cloud

I ordered this in an XL Petite and think it fits great. The fabric is a crepe that dresses up nicely. It is fully lined, has a bit of give, and nice details like a seamed edge where a lapel usually would be a fully functioning zipper pockets. This looks a lot like a jacket from Rebecca Minkoff that I admired but didn’t come in my size. Regular and petite sizes, comes in a bunch of colors (and even a tweed option), and under $100. This is a jacket I will wear to work, but can also pair with a band tee and a pair of leather-front pants for a night out. Hit!

_12453450Vince Camuto Stretch Cotton One Button Blazer – White

I have this jacket in black (seen here) and pink (seen here) so when I decided this spring I needed a white blazer, I ordered this one in 14. It had to work, right? Wrong. Karl said I looked like a doctor, I thought I looked as though I was selling cosmetics door-to-door. The jacket that I love and regularly recommend looked frumpy, cheap, and boxy in white. I thought it was me, I was too heavy, too busty, too curvy in general for a white jacket. But I decided to try again with the Halogen one (it’s more of a winter white) and realized it’s not me, it’s the jacket. I still think this Vince Camuto blazer is amazing, but just not for me in white. Miss.

_12161072Wayf Blouson Midi Dress – Coral

I ordered this before I saw a ton of bloggers wearing it. I saw it as a perfect summer dress and something fun to wear to my friend’s wedding this May, styled with sandals and a turquoise necklace. I ordered it in XL, knowing Wayf to be a Juniors brand and to run a bit small in the bust.

That rich almost neon color that you see here and may have seen on a blog or two? That’s not the color in real life. The real life color is more muted and felt dated, especially in the crinkle fabric. The neckline is super low and wide; while my bra wasn’t on display, if I moved the wrong way half a breast would slip out. The lining felt too heavy; it took a summery dress and made it feel as heavy. The sleeves were weird; loose and flowing until the hem which was fitted on my arm. It just looked and felt cheap. Miss.

cn10559927Banana Republic Foulard Ruffle Tank – Preppy Navy

Never go clothes shopping in a dress. I went to Banana in one, and tried on this top in an XL with no pants and thought it was super cute. The print is far more colorful in person.  I envisioned it with my orange suede pumps (there's plenty of orange-red in the print), untucked with dark straight ankle jeans, or tucked in with navy trousers for the office. I thought it would be fun with distressed denim shorts in the summer.  I bought it in an XL, the L was too tight on my bust. I got it home and this looks insane on me. A woman with curves like mine should not be wearing ruffles like this; they looked like straps for an apron. The XL is far too big, while it fits in the bust it’s gaping under the arms and tents out so much it looks like I’m expecting. The ruffles do not play nice when the top is tucked in. That being said, the print and the fabric is nice and this could be a great top for a woman with fewer curves. But for me? Fail.

cn10767114Banana Republic Colorblock Crepe Top

See how drapey and relaxed this top looks on the model? It doesn’t look like that in person. This is a heavy top, with longer sleeves than I expected. I got an XL, which again was too big. The burgundy color went down past the middle of my bust, taking the spotlight and making the cheery colors on the bottom an afterthought. The burgundy was as low as the sleeves were long, making a big rectangle of sad on the top of my body. Then having the fabric so heavy without flow? I looked made of Legos. Too bad the top doesn’t have more shape, less burgundy, or maybe was made into a dress so the other colors could have a chance against the rectangle of sad. Fail.

vince-camuto-rich-black-off-the-shoulder-blouse-black-product-0-878046616-normalVince Camuto Off the Shoulder Blouse – Black

I fell for the season’s trend of cold shoulders and off the shoulder tops and ordered this in black, envisioning it tucked into my Banana Republic Ryan pants and paired with a fabulous pair of shoes and a bright lip. I got an XL, partially because I worried it may be too small and partially because black was no longer left in L. Well the XL is too big; so big the straps were too wide-set to stay on my shoulders. There was so much volume it looked insane, and the top is too short to tuck in. The fabric is challis, so it has a nice drape, but that’s about all I can say positive about this top. It sells out pretty quickly, if you do decide to get it size down. I think I could have carried off a Medium in this top except I’d worry that my navel would be exposed when I raised my arm. Fail.

_11614778NIC+ZOE Drifty Wide Leg Linen Pants

Will you do me a favor? Will you please keep reminding me that I do not look good in thin drapey wide leg pants? Because I don’t, no matter how many times I try. I featured these pants in this post and sold them so well I ordered them before the post went live. Oh how summery and cool! Pair with a Breton tee and flat sandals, wear with a white tank and lots of beaded necklaces, knot my white linen shirt at the waist and wear with my silver Birkenstocks and silver choker. Oh I had great plans for these pants. Then they arrived and I put them on. They fit perfectly (I got Large Petite) in every way and even length. They look really nice in person, a little button at the elasticized waist was a nice touch. They have pockets, and they’re opaque. But dang if a pair of pants like this don’t emphasize all the negative and hide all the positive. And I am not a drapey linen kind of personality. If you are, these pants are quite nice. But if you’re not, let us remind each other of this every spring so we don’t make this mistake again. Fail.

20310_mBaublebar Aloha Bib

Can you believe I’ve never shopped at Baublebar before? Each year when I get my annual bonus at work, I buy myself a treat. Usually it’s a new purse. After two years of paying an insane amount of medical bills and depleting most of my savings, I decided to treat myself to a smaller accessory and sock away the rest. Many times I wished I had a necklace that wasn’t a color, wasn’t silver, wasn’t gold. Just something to add interest. I saw this necklace when crafting an advice post for the blog and never forgot it so I decided to have this be my annual accessory treat.

I’ve done Jewelmint (RIP) and Rocksbox and received accessories from popular costume jewelry brands like House of Harlow, Gorjana, Vince Camuto, Nadri, Natasha Couture. I’ve seen accessories from other brands of this pricepoint and I always feel they look so… juniors. Not bad, but not really something a 41 year old mom and business professional can rock with confidence. Baublebar is not juniors jewelry. Oh man, I am highly impressed and now understand all the hype. The Aloha Bib necklace was shipped connected to a cardboard card with twist ties, that card was wrapped in bubble wrap, then put in a heavy-duty Ziploc bag, then more bubble wrap, then plenty of crisp tissue and finally in a very large sturdy box. I also received a free necklace (that is also super nice), a black storage bag, and instructions on how to keep the necklaces nice. And the necklace is nice. It’s a good weight, the lucite balls are clear and shiny, the gold metal is well done, there’s a nice long chain to adjust the length, the closure is quality. The necklace is $42 but I don’t think it would be insane to sell this necklace for $68. All this, and you get points for each purchase on Baublebar to use toward future purchases, shipping is free, and they accept returns. This will not be the last time I shop Baublebar. Hit!

Have you made any recent fashion purchases worthy of a warning or deserving of a share to other readers?  Would love to read about it in the comments below!

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  1. I love these posts. So great. And that white jacket is fabulous.

    Also – just visited DC and went to a little shop in Takoma Park called Polly Sue’s. What a fun place!

      1. It’s great! And while they don’t sort by size, there’s a wide variety, which I find rather lovely. And hats! So many hats. I ended up buying a great blush pink feather half hat that is just perfect for summer. I can’t wait to wear it out!

  2. I had a white blazer/jacket years ago. It was a linen blend and I wore it with everything – dresses, skirts, pants, jeans, shorts. Of course I was in my early 20’s and limited funds dictated that you wore what you had. Now, 20+ years later, I don’t think I could pull it off. I too fear it would look like a lab coat and white isn’t a good color on me. But a little part of me is tempted when I think about how much I loved that jacket.

  3. Love it when you do these types of posts–they are really helpful! Yet another reason why I trust your blog. I’ve never shopped at Baublebar but might check it out now.

  4. I saw you that necklace with the b & w dress yesterday and though damn – nailed in one! GREAT purchase Allie!!

  5. I’m a huge fan of Bauble bar—they have some great deals at times—(the marketing department shoud know that those darn emails really work)
    The ivory jacket looks lovely—I can’t wait to see it on you! I’m wondering if it was better than the white one because of the lines down the front & the pockets!! But I had to laugh at your descriptions when wearing the white blazer—I always hated the white lab coats and I Never wore them at work (uckkk….just too clinical)!
    Thanks for sharing this info because I almost bought that BR colorblock crepe top—it’s so pretty on the computer monitor!! jodie

  6. I have never been able to pull off a white blazer or cardigan. A blazer makes me feel like an MD–good call, Karl!–and a white cardigan makes me feel like an old lady. Other white jacket styles do work….

  7. I love what you said about those linen trousers. I love the idea of wafting around in something wide-legged and floaty. But I also don’t enjoy looking the size of a house. The tops of my thighs are wide and so i just have legs like tree trunks in trousers like this. And also linen doesn’t only crease – it stretches. So after half a day they will be really shapeless. And finally …. I have bought linen trousers in the past, a little more structured than this. i would wear them for one summer then throw them away. Because even though they weren’t tight, my largeish thighs rubbed together and by the end of the summer I had holes in the inner leg. If you do want the coolness etc. then I recommend a linen/cotton blend which is tougher.

    1. Agreed. Unstructured linen pants can go frumpy on curvy-bottomed girls.
      I save delicate airy linen for sweet blouses or airy tops and look for pants with more substance. If I want to go floaty I think I do it better in a dress.

  8. I love these posts! We all fall in love with photos online and in ads (and in blog posts). And sometimes we live happily ever after. Not as often as I’d like. What impressed me was that you’d thought out how you’d style your purchases. I need to think more about styling before I buy. I greatly prefer to try on in stores but that’s not always an option.

    1. Never buy anything unless you know it can work with what you already have. This is how we end up with closets bursting with clothes but nothing to wear. I’ve learned this over the years blogging and it has saved me a lot of time and money!

  9. That Baublebar necklace looks great, but wow that sounds like a lot of packaging even for something delicate… The ecofriendly side of me definitely raised her eyebrows!

    1. Considering how many things I get in the mail that are delicate and damaged, I get it. I don’t know about others, but I keep things like bubblewrap and tissue – I used both for Poshmark sales and when tissue is still in great shape it goes in my giftwrap box!

      1. Also something to think about, when you shop in a store 9 times out of 10 the merchandise arrived with just as much packaging. Often shopping online you’re reducing the amount of packaging because it’s only packaged once.

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