And Now I Want a Pink Oxford Shirt: The 6 Best Pink Cotton Button-Front Shirts for Grown-ass Women

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the best pink buttons downs for women wardrobe oxygen

No one would call my personal style aesthetic preppy, but all of a sudden I want a pink oxford shirt in my wardrobe. Let me explain…

It started with my sister. She has a pink linen shirt from Lands' End that is the length where it looks good untucked over denim shorts, as a swim coverup, and tied at the waist with a midi-length skirt. I've always liked it, but didn't want the exact thing (sisters and all). The closest I've found online to this shirt is this one from L.L. Bean. It has been in my online shopping cart all summer.

Georgia Hardinge making the cut episode 2
I apologize to Georgia Hardinge for these atrocious images. I couldn't find any online, Amazon Prime will black out screenshots taken from their shows, so I had to take iPhone pictures of my laptop screen. But how could I NOT have a visual for my paragraph below?

Then I was watching Making the Cut this weekend, and in Episode 2 contestant Georgia Hardinge was wearing a pink shirt that reminded me of my sister's. It was over a white tee, casually half-tucked into a bronze micro-pleated midi skirt, the sleeves sloppily rolled/pushed up, it was styled with black boots and I was intrigued. Like… I think I would wear that or a variation of it. Her shirt was oversized yet fit nicely (clearly tailored). Her body is relatable to me, her age as well and she doesn't look try hard and she looks comfortable, chic, effortless. And that color combo… I dig it.

And then I saw a New York Times article shared on Twitter about Matilda Djerf, an influencer I have never heard of, nor my TikTok-loving 13-year-old. But looking at her style, I see how it actually has infused a lot of current styles (for example, my daughter has curtain bangs that look very much like Djerf's). I saw Djerf's Instagram post and was like oh snap that looks great. And one can be older or bigger or just not vibing on the whole cottagecore thing going on these days and rock this (maybe with a few more buttons buttoned).

how to style a pink shirt
Styling a pink button-front shirt tied with menswear trousers, gold Birkenstock sandals, a glammed-up puka shell necklace, and a colorful straw tote.

One can rock it with pearls and Jack Rogers. One can rock it with Wayfarers and some Docs. One can make it fierce with a bunch of gold chains and some gold strappy sandals or go hippie with a shell necklace and a pair of Birks. And what makes it chic and not “Employee at Blockbuster” is the pink.

how to style an oxford shirt
Styling a pink button-front shirt tied at the waist with wide-leg trousers, platform sneakers, a multi-chain necklace, Wayfarer sunglasses, and my favorite red lipstick.

And now want a pink oxford shirt. Or at least a soft and relaxed pink cotton button-front shirt. Where does a woman my age find one? I don't want tailored, I want to be Matilda Djerf on a boat. I want to be panicked Georgia Hardinge looking chicly rumpled. I want comfortable, relaxed, but I don't want to look like two scoops of strawberry ice cream in a cake cone.

The 6 Best Pink Cotton Button-Front Shirts for Grown Women

And so of course, I went on a journey to find the best pink oxford or button-front shirt for myself, a grown-ass woman. And I figured if I am looking, you may be too, so below I share the greatest pink oxfords and button-front shirts I found online. And in true Wardrobe Oxygen fashion, I have stylish options in a range of sizes and silhouettes!

If you want the classic…

best pink oxford shirt for women
The Classic Oxford from Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers Classic-Fit Cotton Oxford Shirt

If you want a classic pink shirt for women, why not go with the original? Seeing their pink oxford shirts for men and boys fly off the shelves, Brooks Brothers teamed up with fashion editors and in 1949 debuted their pink shirt designed just for women.

Still offering a variation on their classic, the Brooks Brothers oxford is 100% cotton with button-down collar and classic styling. Available in sizes 0-16.

If you hate ironing…

best pink shirts for grown women
The Wrinkle-Free Oxford from L.L. Bean

L.L. Bean Wrinkle-Free Pinpoint Oxford Shirt, Relaxed Fit

The relaxed fit of this well-rated L.L. Bean oxford shirt gives the effortless vibe, but the wrinkle-free fabric and classic styling makes it perfect to transition from the workplace to being thrown over a swimsuit and denim cutoffs for the weekend.

Come fall, style with menswear trousers or go super collegiate classic and tuck under a cableknit sweater. Regular and Petite XS-XL and Plus 1X-3X.

no iron pink button front shirt for women
The ‘Diana' No-Iron Shirt from Foxcroft

Foxcroft ‘Dianna' Essential Pinpoint Non-Iron Shirt

I've been a fan of Foxcroft for years (back in 2013 Foxcroft invited me to NYC to style teachers in their latest collection). The quality is great, the style classic, the fit made for curves (very bust and shoulder/upper arm friendly IMO).

The ‘Dianna' is a classic button-front shirt in the perfect shade of petal pink that won't require ironing after laundering. This link offers the shirt in sizes 14W-24W and this link offers the shirt in sizes 2-18.

If you need petite or tall…

who makes the best button down shirts for women
The Oversized Poplin Shirt from Banana Republic

Banana Republic Oversized Poplin Shirt

This shirt from Banana Republic gives me the I'm on a boat vibes I was desiring, in a really pretty shade of pink. I've ordered one and will share my thoughts once I get it!

Meant to be oversized, this 100% cotton shirt gets good reviews for fitting over a bust and soft curves. Available in sizes XXS-XL with petite and tall options.

If you don't want to spend a lot on a trend…

best plus size pink button down shirt
The ‘Amanda' shirt from Gloria Vanderbilt

Gloria Vanderbilt ‘Amanda' Shirt

Under $50, this cotton shirt available at Macy's is an oversized pale-pink classic that will give you the vibe for less. Reviews say this runs big, but this style isn't about tailored and trim.

This is the kind of shirt you wear half-tucked into a pleated midi or half-buttoned on a boat. This link goes to sizes S-XL and this link goes to sizes 1X-3X.

best plus size oxford shirts for women
The Lands' End No-Iron Pinpoint Shirt

Lands' End No-Iron Pinpoint Shirt

I hesitated to share this shirt from Lands' End because while it's a great color, it comes in a decent size range (even petite!) and is good quality, it really doesn't give that “I'm on a boat” vibe. But for $55.99 (and at the time of writing this, on sale for $33.57) and 5-star reviews especially for the plus sized version, this is worth a try.

I'd personally go up one size and if you usually take petite, maybe go with regular to get the relaxed style that's so on trend. Don't be afraid to throw this into the dryer; the softer it is the better it will look. This link goes to sizes 18W-24W and this link goes to sizes 00-18 with petite options.

wardrobe oxygen woman in pink shirt and khakis
What I think I'd look like in a classic pink oxford and traditional khakis.

Tips for Styling a Cotton Button-Down and Not Looking Like an Ice Cream Cone

So now we have the pink oxford or cotton button-down, how the heck do we style it? A few tips below:

When Pairing Loose with Loose, Have some Definition in the Middle

If you're looking to pair a relaxed-fit shirt with looser pants or a skirt with some volume, the key to making it work is creating some sort of waist or definition in the middle. It doesn't matter your size or shape, you can be a perfect hourglass or be fuller in the middle and this definition will work and keep you from looking like an ice cream cone.

how to style a pink shirt wardrobe oxygen
Styling a pink button-front shirt tied with wide-leg trousers, a bandana tied at the throat, lug-sole loafers, a tumbled leather crossbody, and small gold hoops.

This can be done with a half-tuck like Georgia Hardinge above, a French tuck (tucking the front but not the back of the shirt), tying the shirt in front (back loose or tucked under), or wearing it open over a fitted top tucked into your skirt or pants. If you do a classic full tuck or even a French tuck, don't blouse out the front as much as the back and consider adding a belt or even a scarf through the belt loops to create that definition.

Reconsider Your Tried and True Chinos

Again, if this is your usual personal style aesthetic, I am not speaking to you. You know you, you do you, I support you 100%. But if you're putting on a pink button-down shirt with the khakis you've been rocking for years and either look like an ice cream cone or in a uniform to dole out ice cream cones to customers, it may be the pants that are the issue.

Try a boyfriend style with a tapered leg that is cuffed and instead of Keds or loafers, try something unexpected like a flat in a bold color. Consider a wide-leg style that is a higher rise; it can be full-length or cropped. Style with chunky white sneakers or a lug-sole loafer in an unexpected color. Switch out the chino fabric for something dressy or heavier or textured to add interest and modernity.

Mix Rumpled with Polished

I struggled for a term to describe what I meant and chose polished though it's not exactly what I mean. My point is, as we go into fall, pairing a rumpled pink oversized shirt with a pair of elasticized or drawstring cotton or linen pants is going to look like you just hopped off a plane from Key West or just woke up from a nap. The key to making this look current and purposeful, especially as a grown woman, is to balance what could be seen as sloppy with something that clearly states you're not sloppy.

Well-fitting trousers with a mid- to high-rise. Fabrics that would feel at home in an office setting (tweed, wool, and other suiting fabrics). Skirts with a defined waist. Jeans, even if they are relaxed or wide leg, fit well at the hips and rear. Shoes, whether they are Docs or D'Orsay Pumps, that are polished and in great condition.


Mix Classic with the Unexpected

Want to wear a well-fitting oxford or cotton shirt? Rock it my grown-woman friend. If your existing style already incorporates such shirts, you likely already have just the perfect way for you to style such a shirt, whether it is tucked in or left out. But if this is new to you (or at least new to your current grown-woman body) I recommend cutting the classic with some edge.

  • Think pairing a pink oxford shirt with leather. Tucked into a leather skirt or pants, half-tucked into faux leather joggers.
  • Instead of crisp indigo jeans, consider a well-worn vintage pair with a hint of slouch, or go with a high-waisted flared or wide-leg style.
  • Have fun with jewelry and accessories. Cuff the sleeves and add an armful of bangles, fill the open neckline with several gold chains, tie a well-worn bandana around your neck, open an extra button or two and underneath wear a silky or lacy cami or bralette.
  • Do unexpected color and fabric pairings. Wear that pale pink oxford with a bright coral lip. Tuck it into a bronze metallic skirt or purple silk trousers or red polyester track pants.

Treat it Like a White Shirt

Is the color pink appealing to you but you're struggling to fit it into a wardrobe that normally doesn't include pink? Treat it like a white shirt. There really is no color that this shade of pink will not go with, except something darn patootin' close with a different undertone (AKA don't try to match pale pink with pale peach or pale rose).

Pair it with camel, and denim, and gray, and black. Tweed and leather and satin and lace. Throw it over a t-shirt dress or a swimsuit, knot it with a ball skirt or a denim midi. Seriously, you will be surprised how an unexpected color like light pink will add brightness and modernity to the most curated and minimalist of wardrobes.

And best of all? With all the different shades of pink on the market this season, you're likely going to find one that you really like with your skintone and a perk? Pink hides stains better than white and is easier to launder!

Tailoring Is Your Friend

My fellow grown women, no one, except the fit model for that specific brand, designer, or retailer, can shop off the rack and find a fabulous fit. If you're loving something, whether it is a pink button-down or any other kind of garment, and it doesn't fit right, know it's not you that is the issue, it's the clothes.

Style does not come from how much is in your closet but how you wear it. And tailoring will make everything look more expensive while also making your body look even better. Think tailoring is too expensive? Take a moment to jot down the price of the items you bought in the past year that you realize you don't enjoy wearing.

Maybe you donated them, or sold them at a loss online. Possibly you wear them regularly and each time hate how it fits at the shoulder, the waist, the bust, the rear. Or maybe they collect dust in the back of your closet, mocking you and preventing you from buying more because you don't really need another of what you already have.

If you relate to any part of the paragraph above, you do not need a pink shirt. You need to take the money you would have spent on the pink shirt and find a seamstress or tailor or dry cleaner in your area to take what is almost good in your closet and help you make it great.

Start small: have pants or a dress shortened to a length that works best with your everyday footwear and makes you feel more confident. If you like the result, try having a shirt or pair of pants nipped and tucked, even in small increments, for a better fit. Tailoring may help you realize you have all you really need already in your closet.

The 6 best pink cotton button-front shirts for women as picked by Wardrobe Oxygen

Shop Pink Oxfords and Cotton Button-Down Shirts for Women:


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  1. I ordered the Banana Republic pink oversized shirt. For me, popping the collar is a must, so button downs will not do. This was excellent then in that respect. I love the color & fabric – but it’s the breast pocket that is not my style! I couldn’t figure out what was bugging me until a friend mentioned she was a noooo with breast pockets. Also, it was a wrinkled mess when arriving & since experiencing my first no iron blouses from Chicos, I’m a fan of that trait! May try the Icon Shirt next that you showed! Love the pink this season!!

    1. This is a great review of that shirt, I fully agree with it. I air dried mine after washing and it wasn’t as wrinkled as expected and I steamed it out. But I am spoiled by the no-wrinkles from Chico’s… they need a pink one!

  2. Thanks for the reminder about how much I loved my pink oxfords in the late 80s/early 90s! I also ordered the Banana Republic shirt to try out. Would also recommend the Everlane silky cotton relaxed shirt for a similar look, though it doesn’t come in pink – the pale blue is great. I would iron and size down for my very business casual office, and leave unironed and size up for weekend wear.

  3. Alas, I’m in the minority that pink (in any shade — hot/sharp or soft/blush) doesn’t really work for. The last time I wore pink, really, was in my favorite childhood jacket (11-12 years old maybe) — a thin summer zip-down windbreaker in white with just a hot 80s pink (almost magenta) thick stripe around the bottom section. Memories!
    Anyway, of all the versions here, I really like the BR oversized poplin shirt and how it’s styled. I’m now hovering around the kelly green petite version. Oversized is rarely done well (often too long, too wide, too overwhelming, esp in bigger sizes). I may test out Anthro as they often do oversized shirts pretty well.

  4. A pink shirt is a really versatile wardrobe piece. Love your styling tips. Have owned several Foxcroft shirts. They truly are easy care.

    I agree when it comes to tailoring. Having a garment fit you properly is worth every cent. I now factor in tailoring costs before I purchase an item. It might take some time to find a good one but you’ll be happier with how clothes look on you. Thanks for that reminder, Alison. (Many years ago my favorite tailor had a shop in your town. Whenever I was visiting I’d bring anything that needed fixing to him. He could alter or remake almost anything! Fond memories! )

  5. It’s pricey, but the one I found that I love is Citizens of Humanity, Kayla. It’s the perfect oversized cut for a half tuck. It’s solid pink or a pink stripe.
    Reminds me of one I wore with olive colored jeans from the gap, loafers, and oversized pink round glasses.
    It’s really surprising how the 90’s is returning but almost EXACTLY like the 90’s, not a lot of updates.

  6. OMGosh…I just found two Ralph Lauren pink oxford shirts in my closet…one has a white pinstripe….they moved with me 15 years ago and are still hiding in my closet (blush); forgot about them. Gonna see how they wash; the oxford fabric is “thick” and not at all flimsy. This is gonna be fun! I’m excited.

  7. This is such a fun post & now I want a pink oxford! Khaki pants are not something I’m drawn to these days so thanks for offering alternative ideas. Several years ago, I had a white oxford & a light blue one that I wore the heck out of (actually still have them & may go pull them out after reading this). Preppy has always been a style I love. Ooohh—the pink oxford with a boyfriend sweater—swoon. Lol!

  8. Love this post! I saw Georgia Hardinge and thought exactly the same thing- “Why don’t I wear that look more often?” So comfortable yet “hip”.

    Went down the Matilda Djerf rabbithole and all I can think is Claudia Schiffer/every mean sorority girl from an 80s teen movie in new packaging. Love that pic in the pink shirt on the boat though! Actually own those 2 pieces she’s wearing but it would NOT look the same on my 55+ bod.

  9. Thanks for the reminder about tailoring. There are some very highly rated tailors in my neighborhood (a very high COL NW DC street) and I’m shy about coming in with my ordinary non-boutiquey largish size clothes for tweaking. I really need to put on my grown ass woman “I’m paying YOU” face and just do it.

    1. I have been to tailors in DC, tailors in my part of PG County, in Silver Spring, in Bethesda, in Annapolis. I see the clothing of other customers and it’s a mix of ritzy and corporate with work uniforms, activewear, Old Navy, Madewell, Halogen, school uniforms, and old denim. I’ve felt just like you and it’s hard when you have experienced judgement in the service industry in the past. But it is a service, you are a paying customer, and you like someone in a size 2 designer dress or bespoke suit have the same kind of money and the same power to leave online review, both positive and negative. You deserve tailoring, go in and get what you deserve and GOOD LUCK!!!!! <3

  10. I’m pretty sure you are a genius, LOL. I love and admire the way you address an issue from all angles. Great post!

  11. *sigh*
    As a larger person, the “oevrsized, effortless” thing feeels so dang hard to pull off in real life. And what I think of as an “oxford shirt” always has a bit of texture– those no-iron and poplin oneswon’t really have that and will ake it hard to have that effortless Nantuckety vibe…
    I’d almost be tempted to just go with the men’s — they even describe it as “rumpled.” 😉

  12. Oh, this is perfect. I wore the hell out of my dad’s pink Oxford cloth shirt back in the mid-80s and think a pink button-down would fit my current vibe better than a white one.

  13. I’m pretty sure I have the linen shirt from Bean. If I do, it needs a little ironing so the collar doesn’t turn up, the edges of the buttonhole placket or whatever it’s called don’t turn up. (i can’t verify because my closet & I are in different states)

    Also, I just saw you are doing a US ponte review. Thank you! As with denim, they are coming out with so many new pants that it’s overwhelming. I need a new pair of ponte pants (lost weight) so this should help me decide.

    AND re your denim review, the drawstring/fly front denim pants are great. jeans, but comfortable like sweats.

  14. Ooh, you took me back to 1981, when we all wore pink button-down collar shirts in college. I like the newer styles much better – thanks for the good ideas.

  15. I have a pink button down linen shirt from Uniqlo. The pink is paler but it does give those looser, on the boat vibes.

    I have the Lands End no iron button down shirts but I wear those to work and those are definitely not on the boat vibes. They are good work shirts, though.

    1. I have a white one & lilac one from Uniqlo & definitely get these vibes from those! Plus, their prices were good.

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