Gift Guide: Cold Weather Accessories for Him

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Holiday Gift Guide: The best cold weather accessories for the guy in your life via Wardrobe OxygenEvery year, my mom, sister, and I exchange emails of what we and our loved ones want for Christmas. We share far more than one could purchase; mix links to specific items with general ideas (you can always make me happy with a gift of a funky dish towel or cloth napkins) so there is still an element of surprise. Last weekend I was sitting on the couch crafting this annual email and I asked Karl what he wanted.

“Gift cards, a subscription to National Geographic, and gloves.”

Every year my mom gives Karl a subscription to National Geographic and we’re not a gift card for Christmas family. As for gloves, Karl is with gloves the way I am with dish towels and cloth napkins: he can’t get enough and he loves variety. I don’t think you can go wrong with a gold weather accessory when buying a gift for a man in your life. It’s practical yet personal. It appeals to the guy who doesn’t like gifts, the guy who already has everything he needs, the athlete, the fashionisto, and any age.

We all know by now I am a fan of Nordstrom for my wardrobe, but they’re also one of my first go-to stores for gifts. They curate a great selection of non-apparel items and create shops within their stores for popular categories. Their “Cold Comforts” department (in store and online) has an excellent variety of men’s scarves, hats, and gloves and you’re sure to find the perfect gift for every guy on your list. My favorites:

holiday gift guide for men cold weather accessories


  1. These are the actual “gloves” I added for Karl to the family Christmas list. Karl is a runner, and while he has active gloves he says his hands still get cold. These have a windproof mitten front, but separated fingers glove back (with an e-Tip to use your SmartPhone) so you don’t lose dexterity. $30.00
  2. He can keep his ears warm while listening to music or talking on the phone with these headphone ear warmers! Wind-resistant with a behind-the-head design and click to fit frame makes them comfortable and great for outdoor activities as well as walking to the office or his next college class. $35.00
  3. Karl hates to spend on luxury, but he does enjoy it when he receives it. This plaid scarf is subtle, classic, 100% cashmere but under $100 for a decadent accessory he will love to wear every day of winter. $99.50
  4. A beanie is a classic, but many have weird shapes, aren’t that warm, or are made out of weird or itchy fabrics. This beanie has a knit exterior but a soft fleece interior that provides added warmth and better blocks cold gusts of wind. Available in four colors, it will be a welcome gift to open. $20.00
  5. Another style of glove Karl asked for was fingerless. He says it’s easier when having to handle small things, and he feels all thumbs in E-tips. I’m considering getting him these convertible gloves, which have a mitten part that can cover the fingers but flip out of the way when necessary. Faux fur lining for coziness and a leather palm for grip, now I just need to decide which of the three colors to get! $75.00
  6. The winter runner in your life would appreciate this beanie and glove set. Made from Nike’s Therma-FIT fabric, the set traps in heat for added warmth and has comes in two color choices (the bright accents seen, or all black). $35.00
  7. Some of us have loved ones who are a bit of a dandy… they have a collection of bow ties, own a tuxedo, and know that the right accessories complete the look. I bet he doesn’t own a top hat! This felt hat comes in brown or black and would show the man in your life you “get” him and his sartorial choices! $83.00
  8. Karl has a pair of gloves very similar to these and they’re so badass. Stylish, classic, and very masculine, they only get better with time and have good grip on the steering wheel yet plenty of warmth for being outside. A pair of gloves like this take any outerwear up a notch and add a fashionable element without being too over the top. $89.50
A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. I think all of your choices are great for guys – or for gals like me. I would were everything on your list, yes, including the Top Hat.


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