This Makes the Shopbop Sale Worth It

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is the shopbop sale worth it? Real talk from Wardrobe Oxygen

I usually don't post about the Shopbop sale because I don't find the retailer size-inclusive, the pricepoint of most items are above what I find most Wardrobe Oxygen customers are comfortable with, and they seem to have a sale every other week. But perusing the items this morning for another post, I realized that the denim makes the Shopbop sale worth it.

Denim Makes the Shopbop Sale Worth It

While Shopbop seems to cater to the single-digit sized millennial with a good amount of discretionary funds, their denim options are well-curated to on-trend and classically chic brands and styles and they have a good range of prices. Sure, you'll find MOTHER, FRAME, and L'AGENCE which are on the higher end of price (why do all the expensive brands have their names in all caps?) but Shopbop also carries denim brands like Good American, Levi's, and DL1961 and they are currently part of the Shopbop sale. (Also included is AGOLDE which is a very popular brand for fit but closer to MOTHER prices, which you likely could tell since the brand is in all caps.)

Not only that, Shopbop carries denim styles up to size 38 waist and clothing sizes up to 28, or 3XL. For sure, selection diminishes as we go up the size range, but this sale offers 15% off purchases of $200+, 20% off purchases $500+ and 25% off purchases $800+ and when shopping for jeans, it's wise to order more than one size, which can easily put you into one of these savings categories. And these are brands and styles selling at department stores and denim retailers for full price.

Shopbop has free shipping and very easy returns (within 30 days and free within 15 days). While this sale has already been going on for a bit, jeans still seem to have good selection, especially in the larger sizes. I think it's worth checking out the Shopbop sale for denim.

My Denim Picks from the Shopbop Sale:

denim makes the shopbop sale worth it 1
My picks from the Shopbop Sale's denim department

Top row: Good American, available up to 47″ waist | L'AGENCE, available up to a 34″ waist | Good American, available up to 45″ waist | AGOLDE, available up to 34″ waist
Second row: One Teaspoon, available up to XXL/size 18 | Good American, available up to a 47″ waist | Good American, available up to 45″ waist | Good American, available up to a 43.5″ waist
Third row: AGOLDE, available up to 34″ waist | DL1961, available up to 34″ waist | L'AGENCE, available up to a 34″ waist | Good American, available up to 47″ waist
Bottom row: AGOLDE, available up to 34″ waist | AGOLDE, available up to 34″ waist | Citizens of Humanity, available up to 34″ waist | Good American, available up to a 47″ waist

Why I Keep Writing about Denim

Denim is as American as apple pie and baseball, and I say that knowing that denim likely originated from Genoa, Italy, and the word “jeans” is likely from the French word for Genoa (Gênes). Whether you are 21 or 81, there is a good chance you have a pair of jeans in your closet and a need/want for a great pair for many occasions.

As we get older, our bodies change, and our lifestyles change, it becomes more difficult to shop for clothing. And the top three items that Wardrobe Oxygen readers have shared over the years they struggle with most are bras, swimwear, and jeans.

Whether it is for protecting your legs as you slide under your car to change your oil, or to pair with a silk camisole and blazer for a night out, jeans are versatile, useful, and a style classic. And if I can help you find a pair that fits, is comfortable, and you enjoy wearing, I feel that this blog has done its job.

And if you can find such jeans on sale, all the better! So if you're on the hunt for denim this season, it may make the Shopbop sale worth it to check out!

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  1. Does ShopBob still let you keep the discount if you return some of the purchase that pushed you into that discount tier? I know some retailers (like US) usually let you keep the discount, but I know I’ve had others not and deduct the ineligible discount from your refund.

  2. I’ve never noticed the all CAPS thing on the expensive denim–funny! I really want to try a pair of MOTHERS after hearing other bloggers talk about how comfortable they are, but I just can’t bring myself to pay that much for jeans. I certainly understand wanting a pair that I will truly love, but I know myself well enough to also know that my size fluctuates as does my idea of what style I prefer at any given moment. This is not meant to be a criticism of this blog post at all, Alison; I love reading your suggestions and certainly do see where those who want to spend that kind of money might come out well on this sale.

    1. I have three pairs of MOTHER jeans that I got either on sale, on eBay, or ThredUp. They are very comfortable, especially for us that need a little give in the waist.

      1. Nicole, if you see this—do you find the MOTHER jeans to be true to size? And, if your size fluctuates a bit, do you find you can still wear them fairly comfortably?

        1. Hi!
          Good question. Like all jeans, depending on the cut, I wear different sizes. But, usually, I’m a 31 and yes, they are pretty stretchy. I wouldn’t buy a pair on final sale –like Poshmark–unless I had tried the exact same cut. I buy the styles with stretch because I tend to carry my weight around the middle. Hope that helps!

  3. (Alison, feel free to delete this if it isn’t appropriate.) The following has nothing to do with jeans! — it’s kind of a PSA along the lines of What I Learned at the Hospital Today. I had three appointments this morning: my second Covid booster shot, a bone density test, and my annual mammogram. My shot was about 10:45, and my mammogram was about noon. My mammogram tech said that current thinking about booster shots and mammograms is that there should be at least four weeks in between them because one of the vaccination’s possible side effects is unhappy lymph nodes, which can skew results and cause needless worry if the mammogram needs to be rescheduled. I hadn’t heard this until this morning, and the automatic scheduling feature my hospital uses didn’t alert me when I made the appointments last month. My tech and I had a lengthy discussion and ultimately decided that it was worth going ahead with it because it likely hadn’t been long enough since I’d had the shot to cause a problem. (If I get a notice to schedule a second mammogram, I’ll not default immediately to PANIC MODE. I hope. . .) As always, check with your primary care provider. I’m not in the medical profession, I’m just a patient passing along what could be useful info, particularly for breast cancer survivors.

    1. Forgot to add that this pertains only to the Covid shot. Shingles, flu, and others seem to be fine, but check with your doctor!

      1. Not Alison, but wanted to say thank you for sharing this! It is so important that we get our mammograms (no matter how much I know I do dread it), and if we can prevent needless worry, even better. I haven’t gotten my 2nd booster (about to turn 50 so don’t think I need to get it just yet), but my mother will likely get hers soon so I am going to mention this to her. Thank you again. Hope all turns out well with your appointments!

    2. Thank you. It’s something taking note of. My 25 year old daughter is an AA cup and she had swollen lymph nodes that equaled larger than her actual breast tissue!

  4. It looks like Nordstrom actually has some of these jeans included in its current sale and the prices are pretty good–and you don’t have to spend a minimum to get a discount.

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