SOMAINNOFIT Review: A Precise Bra Fitting at Home

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SOMAINNOFIT review for precise bra measurements at home

Have you heard of SOMAINNOFIT? It's this new and revolutionary tool from Soma to get a precise bra fitting at home. In fact, the SOMAINNOFIT bra provides a more accurate fitting than by many professionals. SOMAINNOFIT is a battery-operated bra with a coordinating free app; the combination measures you for a perfectly fitting bra without even needing to get naked! With exclusive new measuring technology, SOMAINNOFIT provides accurate measurement and the perfect bra size right from your smartphone. Soma sent me a free SOMAINNOFIT bra to try out and review; this post is sponsored by Soma.

I've been a fan of Soma Intimates for years; in fact as I write this I am wearing a Soma bra and a pair of their leggings. This summer, I visited a Soma for a professional bra fitting and had a great experience. Over my years of raving about Soma, many of you shared you don't live near a Soma or other lingerie boutique, or you don't have the time to schedule in an in-person bra fitting. Many of you also shared you don't necessarily feel comfortable during an in-person fitting or have been mis-sized. SOMAINNOFIT is perfect for all of those reasons and more.

The back of the Soma INNOFIT bra, showing the orange battery pack and how it fits in the middle of the back


The SOMAINNOFIT bra is like a sports bra made of a super stretchy fabric; one will fit sizes from 32A – 44G (I am a busty size 14 and easily got it on and it was not an uncomfortable fit). It arrives in a box with very clear to follow instruction cards with photos. The bra is pulled on over your own bra, so no need to strip down. It's recommended to use your best fitting unpadded bra. The bra has metallic threads creating several horizontal stripes across the front. At the back of the bra is a small and extremely slim battery pack; press the power button on the battery prior to using the app.  The battery will last around five years with normal use; this is a product that is designed to be used more than once.

Adjusting the fit of the Soma INNOFIT bra per the instructions on the app


The SOMAINNOFIT app is free and available at both the Apple and Google app stores; it is necessary to download the app prior to using the bra.  The app is clean, elegant, and easy to use.  When you first open it, you will be invited to register with your name and email address. You then have the option (not required) to share your height and weight and then share two bra brands you wear and the size in those bras. Once you have filled out this information, the app guides you through putting on and using the bra with clear photos and language.  It even provides an informative video.  Once you've gone through the steps of putting and turning on the bra, click measure and stand still for a few seconds while you are measured (you don't feel a thing).

Alison wearing the Soma INNOFIT bra while looking at the INNOFIT app on her smartphone

Once the measuring is complete, you will receive your bra size as well as the bras Soma recommends for your specific size and shape. I found the selection appropriate; almost all the bras recommended were the ones recommended when I last visited a Soma boutique! One new-to-me suggestion was the Soma Enticing Lift Unlined Balconette Bra. I clicked on the photo for larger photos of the bra and then clicked now. I was redirected to my phone's browser where I saw the page for this bra, my bra size and color choice already selected for me! Like the app, the Soma website is clean and easy to use on a phone (and also easy to sign in, save your items in your cart, and come back on your computer to place the purchase).


A proper bra fitting is important; a well-fitting bra improves your posture, reduces bra discomfort and back pain, and makes you look a heck of a lot better in your clothes.  Your body is constantly changing thanks to diet, fitness, and well, gravity.  Experts recommend a bra fitting every year.  This ensures your bras are the right fit and also right style and shape for you. With SOMAINNOFIT you can do these fittings at home with just as if not more accurate of results.  Since the battery will last around five years, one purchase will benefit you for several fittings. SOMAINNOFIT will retail for $59 but you can currently pre-order (it was so popular it sold out in hours!) at an introductory rate of $25. The SOMAINNOFIT bra is also available to try for free at Soma boutiques, as part of the expert fit service they provide.

To be honest, I don't like shopping in person.  While I have had great experiences at multiple Soma boutiques, I do like the ability to get fitted for my bra in the comfort of my own home.  I found the SOMAINNOFIT bra and its app super easy to use, take maybe five minutes in total, and be quite accurate.  Such technology and convenience don't come cheap, but the price is pretty amazing for the ability to bypass the mall for a few years yet receive the same precise measurement. Thank you, Soma, for sponsoring this SOMAINNOFIT review and giving me a chance to try out this cool technology!

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. I am very disappointed with this bra and app. I’ve been trying to get it to function, but my iphone’s bluetooth refuses to detect the bra, therefore it is useless. I had such hopes for it. I really don’t like fitting in person, but I guess that’s the way it has to be.

  2. I received my Soma fit a fw days ago and finally took time to use it. The Soma bra that I am currently wearing is a 42DD, the Soma fit says I should have a 40DD. a ny suggestions on what I should do?

    1. Did you try it more than once? I’ve found it can get a more accurate fitting. If you KNOW you’re a 42DD I would stick with that, but if you haven’t been fit in a while, your body shape may have changed. Also consider calling Soma, they are quite knowledgeable

  3. I ordered this when it was first advertised i received it yesterday, i had in my mind questions and contacted Soma, but did not receive a reply.

    My question was if i am already wearing my most comfortable bra underneath this garment why would i need to be remeasured, the bra i was wearing had underwired so added lift which surely changes the fitting measurements? and strap placement also changes the ratio.

    i cant think that it can think that one out?

    i did try the garment and i am not impressed it was completely off so i did another sizing and got a completely different reading, i will give anything the benefit of the doubt no new technology is fool proof. so left it another couple of hours and a different bra , no underwire different straps, different reading, i am glad i did not pay full price, not impressed at all. but for $25 i gave it a chance.

  4. For me, this was a total waste of money. I have worn a size 38B for over a decade, this told me I should be wearing a 38DD, which is ridiculous. This failed to take into consideration the fat of the side boobs, which is wear it went sadly wrong in my case. Total waste of time and money.

    1. I’m so sorry that happened to you. Did you try it more than once and did you use it with a wired bra? They do recommend to wear a well-fitting wired bra without padding and to try it more than once. I found the first time I used it the size was wrong but the second time it was more accurate.

  5. Pretty cool. I’m glad it exists, even though it’s not an option (its lower limit is 32A — Soma as a brand stops at band 32 and cup A). I wonder if a company specializing in small sizes will come out with something similar, and the same for a company working at the other side of the market spectrum.

    1. I wonder if they have a copyright on it but similar items may come out once this gets the press it deserves? Curious to see as women of all sizes could benefit from such technology!

  6. I have tried Soma in the past and was pleased. I’ve been checking out Trusst Bras online. Have you tried their line? If not, I’d like to see you do a review of their bras. I love your blog and look forward to reading in on my lunch break. Your writing is informational, insightful, and even entertaining.

      1. I am a Lead Fit Specialist with [redacted because I do not permit companies to promote their businesses on my site. If you are interested in me reviewing your product or partnering with you, please send me an email. If you promote your businesses on my site without my permission your comments were be marked as spam]

        1. Hi Tricia, it’s poor etiquette to promote your own business on another person’s site. If you’d like me to check out your company you can send me an email. I will be editing your comment to remove the brand information.

  7. Thank you, thank you for doing this review Allie. I have one on order (it had sold out by the time I placed mine) and I’m hoping it can save me some time and money as I don’t have a Soma store close by. Great to know my daughter can use it too. Just an FYI, and I don’t know if Soma is still doing this, but right after I placed my order for the Somainnofit for $25, Soma sent me an email good for $25 off a full price bra. So essentially, my Somainnofit was free, at least that’s how I choose to look at it, lol.

  8. This idea is genius! It would be cool if Soma had a service where they would send it to you, you do the fitting and you send it back. Maybe they could charge an extra $10 on top of the bra purchase. I’m not sure I need something like this permanently (I live in a small space, no room for things that aren’t used regularly), but would love to benefit from the fitting.

    1. What’s cool is the bra isn’t connected to any personal data so you can pass it on to a friend, a relative, or even a local charity like Dress for Success or I Support the Girls who can use it to fit bras for other women!

  9. I last had a bra fitting at Soma a number of years ago but I could not find a bra that fit me well (I am a 38 H generally). Would this work even if you don’t fit their bras?

    1. SOMAINNOFIT will provide you with your band and cup size which you could use somewhere else; I wear the same size in Soma bras as I do other brands. The app will suggest only Soma bras.

  10. Any reason two (or more) people couldn’t share the same bra fitter? I am thinking it might be particularly useful for my growing teen as well as myself. She is shy enough she doesn’t really even want me measuring her, much less a complete stranger.

    Can you tell if it has any way of measuring the distance from top of shoulder to armpit, bustline, etc.? A way of determining before purchase if a bra will cut or poke into my armpit would be great! (I think this is an issue for petites.)

    And the anonymized (is that a word?) measurement data could be immensely useful to bra engineers. Large cup sizes do exist with small bands.

    1. Yep, you and your teen can use the same SOMAINNOFIT bra! 🙂 And I agree about the data; I feel the more women who use this the better this technology and the better data for bra manufacturers. I truly think this could revolutionize the bra industry in many ways!

  11. Thanks for this review! I was waiting for it, and I’m happy you had a positive experience. I’m a Soma fan, too, as are my mom and sister. Do you know if we would we all be able to use the same Somainnofit for fittings? I’m sure they’d like us to buy one for each of us, but it’d be great if a few of us could use the same technology.

  12. Soma is just the best! I’ve been a fan of their Vanishing Edge panties for years (won’t wear any other kind) and have several of their bras & pajamas as well. This is such a great concept, especially for those who can’t get to a Soma store or who prefer a more private fitting. Thanks for sharing this with us; I’m glad you like to feature Soma here!

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