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I don’t know how many of you watch Project Runway on Bravo, but I highly recommend it. It is not your typical reality show – it follows 16 new and fledgling fashion designers through a competition full of weird challenges that push their creative limits. In the past season, one of the finalists, Laura Bennett caught my attention and the attention of many women. She was the mother of five (and a sixth on the way), an architect, a fashion designer, and an impeccably groomed and turned out woman. Lack of sleep, pregnancy and stress of the show never made her look waver – she always had on lipstick, groomed hair and “amazingly glamorous” clothing. While other designers would head to the studio in sweats and tees, Laura would be wearing a beaded cocktail gown and heels.

The Washington Post has a wonderful column called I’m Still Me. It’s geared toward mothers, offering advice on how to survive motherhood and still be hip, stylish, current and a human being, not just a baby-machine. I may not be a mother, but I read this column and have learned much from it. This month Jill Hudson Neal interviewed Laura Bennett. I encourage all of you moms, and women who feel too busy for style to read this article. Ms. Bennett discusses her style “uniform,” making it possible for her to be chic and still be a mother of 6, a wife, and a successful career woman.



  1. September 4, 2007 / 10:31 pm

    I loved Laura’s leaving a career and taking on Project Runway and pregnant at the time. She might not have one that season but she is my favourite.

  2. Anonymous
    November 21, 2006 / 1:54 am

    I loved Laura’s style esp. a mother of 3 boys to be so elegantly dressed at all times plus she made her own clothes! amazing! i don’t know how she does it!

  3. Kristin
    November 7, 2006 / 3:13 pm

    OMG.. I just stumbled upon your blog and I love it! Keep up the great work 🙂

  4. November 5, 2006 / 12:42 pm

    I wish she had won; I would love to see her dresses. Of course, the likelihood is that she would be making them for other thin women like herself, and not a plus size like me, but hey, I can dream!

  5. November 4, 2006 / 1:22 am

    Thank you for posting this link. I watched Project Runway this season ONLY to watch Laura and to see what she was wearing. In one episode of the show she explained that she always dressed well because it’s a slippery-slope to sweats and sneakers if you’re not careful as a mom. I was disappointed to learn that Laura has always made her own clothes since I wanted to know what designers she wore. I am a stay at home mom (in California) and I hate to “uniform” for moms. Everyone here wears Juicy sweats, a designer embellished tank and flip-flops OR New Religion jeans. I hate both these looks. Laura could make a lot of money by writing a book on Mommy Style. There really is nothing out there on this topic.

    Thanks again for this post.

  6. liz a.
    November 3, 2006 / 11:25 pm

    yay!! you’re posting again!!

  7. November 3, 2006 / 4:55 pm

    thank you – thank you – thank you for posting the link to this article!

    I didn’t watch project runway but now wish I had – if only to see her and her style!

    I love the idea of simplicity in the midst of chaos – and taking care of yourself first then tackling all life is tossing at you.


    This made my day!

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