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Picture 0012Picture 0022Sunday we had a photo shoot – it was a lovely affair at a hotel ballroom for a gentleman's 80th birthday and anniversary of him being eight years cancer free. I know this man because I grew up down the street from him and his family; we also got to know him because he went through chemo at the same time and at the same facility as my husband. It was really wonderful to take part in this event. He has also been married to his wife for almost 60 years, has three children, a few grandchildren (one I grew up with), and several great-grandchildren. The crowd was full of family and friends – even a couple he has known since he was 4 years old. There were also many of the “adults' from my childhood – parents of my old friends and some of the other couples from the little dead-end street we lived on.

Since I was working as photographer's assistant/event coordinator, I needed something that was super comfy, cool, easy to climb around dealing with lights and cords, but also looked appropriate for the tone of the event.

Old Navy: Black matte jersey dress
H&M: Turquoise necklaces
Naturalizer: Black leather flats
Silver hoops and cuff

Washed that morning and allowed to air dry
Matrix Conditioning Milk

Philosophy: The Present clear makeup, The Supernatural Color Correctors in Light
L'Oreal: True Match foundation in C3
Cargo: Matte BeachBlush in Tenerife
Nars: Orgasm blush on apples of cheeks
Shu Eumura: Lash Curler
Maybelline: Brow powder in Dark Brown
Cover Girl: LashBlast mascara in Black
Revlon: Super Lustrous lip gloss in Pink Afterglow, ColorStay shadow quad in Neutral Khakis – ivory on lid, chocolate in crease and along lash lines
Body Shop: Eye Definer in Black
Burberry London

Picture 0032Picture 0042Today I was in a bit of a rush because I spent the AM prepping for our trip Wednesday morning to Bonnaroo. Downloading new music and updating playlists for the iPod, packing my clothing, digging in the attic for camping equipment… so excited for vacation!!

Josephine Chaus (from Marshalls): Black fine jersey trapeze tank with U-neck
Ann Taylor: Black tropical weight wool trousers
J. Crew: Gold necklace
Twisted Silver: Gold bracelet
Lands End: Gold sandals
Gold hoops

Second day
Hair backcombed for volume
Matrix Sleek.look hairspray
Goody elastic hair band

L'Oreal: True Match foundation in C3
Philosophy: The Supernatural Color Correctors in Light
Smashbox: Soft Lights in Tint
Benefit: Pink to Please the Girl, Gold to Get the Guy palette – champagne gold shadow on brow bone, darker gold on lid and along lash lines
Body Shop: Eye Definer in Black, Eye Color in Chocolate alone lash lines and in crease
Shu Eumura: Lash curler
Cover Girl: LashBlast mascara in Black
Revlon: Super Lustrous lip gloss in Pink Afterglow
Trish McEvoy: Some gold shimmer stick I got years ago – added to the lipgloss for real sparkle

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. You should wear your hair back like that every single day! It’s so flattering to your face and looks divine. :X

  2. You’re looking great! Loving the backcombed hair.

    Thank you for sharing your husband’s story. Truly inspiring–and gives a lot of hope to others.

    Take care (and have fun at Bonaroo!),

  3. Hey Gaela:

    Both of these items were not purchased this year. The black Old Navy dress was purchased in 2005… think the Maggy London dress was as well. I have found the same style of Maggy London dress on eBay in the past – you may want to try there! 🙂

  4. I LOVE the black matte jersey dress & also the Maggie London dress from last week (you said black print) but it looks green to me. I searched for these, couldn’t find anything like them. Can u help? By the way-you look Great! as usual ….. It’s such a pleasure to read your blog~as you have such a great energy-vibe.

  5. I would like to thank you for informing some of us who have not been reading forever about what you and your husband have gone through.

    YOu have a fabulous outlook on life and always seen so positive.

    Your hair is great too!

  6. Hey Kat:

    I probably have told people about it here and there over the years. He doesn’t mind me sharing because it helps educate people and bring awareness. He had testicular cancer – he was only 25 and was in the Navy Reserves and working full time for a major corporation. He thought he pulled a muscle while working out. He was doing adventure races, marathons, weight lifting regularly and pulled groin muscles from time to time.

    Headed to the doctor when it didn’t subside after a day or two and 24 hours later he was in the hospital having surgery to remove the cancer. He was immediately put on chemo – 40 hours in a week, 2 weeks off and back again for about 3 months or so. It had spread to his lymph nodes and a lung.

    We weren’t living together at the time or engaged, but together we got his finances in order, got his will written, dealt with it when the Navy forced him into a medical discharge (though they were so supportive as long as possible and his group all shaved their heads in solidarity with him), got him a laptop so he could write his memoirs.

    He decided to quit the chemo, he said he would rather die. He had I think 2 more sessions left, but he could hardly walk, couldn’t eat, sleep and was in constant pain. He was also getting all sorts of infections from the lowered immune system. The doctors freaked, but he stood firm.

    Being checked after, he was completely cancer free. It was gone from all parts of his body. The doctors couldn’t believe it.

    No body is immune from cancer – my husband at the time was the epitome of strength, youth and vitality.

    Now, we try to eat a predominately organic diet and are vegetarians. He quit his stressful high-powered job to follow his passions to become a yoga instructor and photographer. We have chosen to live in a quiet, relaxed community and take each day as such a blessing. We both really believe that things happen for a reason – that period in his life was complete and utter hell, but it educated so many of his male friends and their friends, and complete strangers to be checked and to know that it’s not just some random dude or Lance Armstrong who gets cancer – it’s the guy next door drinking a beer and eating a hot dog at your cookout… and it could be you.

  7. Allie, I’m curious about your husband and his chemo – have you shared that story with us? Sorry if I’m prying. And I too am a Neutrogena Body Oil on wet skin in the shower without drying off girl. It’s the best thing EVER.

  8. Ya know, I will be passing within 15 minutes of Bonnaroo on Friday afternoon on my way to take my daughter to her dad’s. wish the scene were not so crazy so we could arrange for a meet up. Have fun and be safe!

  9. Hi Julianne!

    Thanks, it’s a great go-to when my hair is wild and uncooperative! 🙂

    Well, I splurged on the Shu Eumura for my 30th birthday gift. I think it works well, but it’s not life changing. Works better than my old Revlon one because after 3 years of daily use, it hasn’t stretched out, the pads are rubber and not sponge so they have held nicely (JUST changed the pads for the first time a month ago) and it seems to give a firm crimp.

    I think it has more to do with technique than tool; I read in Cindy Crawford’s beauty book like 2 decades ago to squeeze 9 times to get a curl. When I take the time and do 9 squeezes, then move a touch up on the lashes and squeeze again, i get an all-day curl. If I squeeze and hold once, it’s a meh curl.

    As for lotion, do you mean for the body? I have very very dry skin int he winter and this summer my skin has maintained it’s dryness. I use the Neutrogena Body Oil on WET skin – I have the bottle in the shower and oil myself up while still in there, and then pull on my robe without toweling dry.

    I also use Body Butter from The Body Shop. Some of the fragrances and formulas are very sticky, but I have always liked the Coconut – again I will slather it on when still in the shower where it’s sitting white all over my skin, slip on my terry robe and let it soak in while I am doing my hair and picking out my clothes. Usually by then it’s soaked in, and I just towel off anything that is left in the crooks of elbows, etc.

    Hope that helps! 🙂

  10. Hi Allie,

    I have a couple of questions. Oh but first, I really like your hair combed back with the band, it looks fantastic. Do you think the Shu Emura curler is really better? I bought a Shiesido after reading reviews, and I can honestly say it is no different than my revlon curlers. So I don’t want to spend money if it’s not that much better. I am also looking for a lotion that is hydrating but not stickly or greasy once it dries. I have very dry skin but can’t stand the feel of stickiness. Do you know of any? Hope you have fun at Bonaroo. My daughter went a few summers ago and had one of the best times she has ever had.


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