The Best Talbots Semi-Annual Red Door Sale Picks

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I hope you know by now that I am a fan of Talbots. Good quality, classic yet modern style, nice range of sizes (hello plus size petite!). If you took a look in my closet I think one of the labels you'd see the most is Talbots, from fashion to accessories to jewelry. The iconic Talbots Semi-Annual Red Door Sale is here through July 21, 2024. This sale is one of my favorite times to update my wardrobe for now and later.

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The Talbots Semi-Annual Red Door Sale is the retailer's biggest sale all season, with 40% off markdowns and an extra 5% off for Talbots Credit Cardholders. This isn't a sale of leftover fashion from previous seasons; scrolling through the Talbots Semi-Annual Red Door Sale, I'm stunned to see items that were full price just a few days ago, and a lot of them I'd love to have in my closet right now. I figure if I love the options in the Talbots Semi-Annual Red Door Sale, you may as well, so I am gathering what caught my eye, I really like, and I think is a good purchase.

I originally wrote about the Talbots Semi-Annual Red Door Sale in 2023, but I am updating this post for 2024 to ensure the items I share are available this year.

My Picks from the Talbots Semi-Annual Red Door Sale

I want to share the items I got, as well as other items that caught my eye and I found to be stylish and smart purchases from the Talbots Semi-Annual Red Door Sale. Do know this isn't all that is great in the sale, just a bit to give you a sense of how good this sale is.

Tangled Up in Blue

blue and white clothing and accessories in the Talbots Semi-Annual Red Door Sale

embroidered shell | knit jacket | Breton dress | purse | dark floral shirtdress | hat | light floral shirtdress | necklace | lace dress

Blue and white is a hot trend this summer, but it's a classic color combination that will remain chic. Not only that, it transcends seasons. The blue lace dress is truly stunning and can work three seasons out of the year. The dresses can work into fall with closed-toe shoes and cardigans or denim jackets. The embroidered top would be great with jeans and casual blazer, and the bag, hat, and necklace would work any time of the year.

Everything's Gone Green

a collage of green prints from the blue and white clothing and accessories in the Talbots Semi-Annual Red Door Sale

scarf | dress | shirt | shell and cardigan | floral shoes | sweater | skirt | tote | sandals

I am pretty obsessed with this collection from Talbots and love that it's now such an amazing price. I own the sweater, the shirt, and the scarf and am tempted to get the matching sandals. And OMG, a matching tote, too? The cardigan and shell are great for three seasons of the year; pair with white now and denim and navy later. The dress can glam up or down with heels or sneakers, a wrap or a denim jacket. The skirt is such a great classic style; pair with a sweater, a twinset, a tank, a scoop tee, a white shirt, a Breton striped top, a denim jacket… and how can you resist the adorable palm tree sandals?

Working 9 to 5

work fashion in the talbots semi annual red door sale

sweater dress | purse | navy and white dress | navy and white shoes | striped sweater | leather tote | navy sweater | linen blazer and vest | pants

The Talbots Semi-Annual Red Door Sale is a perfect time to update your workwear wardrobe with modern classic styles of suiting, separates, dresses, and accessories. While I stuck to a color palette of navy, tan, and white, Talbots carries office-friendly pieces in a variety of cheerful colors as well as other neutrals. Many of the items in the collage above are available in other colors at the same link.

She's a Rainbow

colorful looks in the talbots semi-annual red door sale

blazer | necklace | green dress | scarf | floral skirt | sandals | orange dress | floral shirtdress | jacket

Speaking of color, Talbots has some of the most gorgeous shades available in the Semi-Annual Red Door Sale! Pink and orange and turquoise and green, oh my! The blazer is a piece you can rock year-round, as is the necklace, the green dress and the orange dress (depending on the weather), and the scarf. I may have to get the floral shirtdress; I already have it in the blue and white floral (seen above) and a black and white version from a previous season. Again, I love these midi skirts! The sandals are the perfect pop of color with neutrals and other brights, as is the pink short trench.

I hope these collages inspire you, too! Check out the Talbots Semi-Annual Red Door Sale. Please share in the comments what wonderful things you end up getting!

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. Even though I have a brick and mortar Talbots nearby, I prefer to order online for the selection and variety. My #1 reason for loving Talbots is they offer size 10.5 shoes, including boots. That’s incredibly rare. My #1 gripe with Talbots is the price difference between regular and plus sizes. My #2 gripe is they still, after years of customers asking, do not show the interior of their handbags or clutches. Not sure how anyone can be sure they want a bag until they are able to see what’s inside, including the lining fabric. No one wants an unexpected polka dot lining! Regardless, I like and order from Talbots and think this year’s sale is amazingly good.

    1. PS. Since I mentioned shoes and larger sizes, I should add that the brick and mortar stores do not stock any shoes larger than size 9, unless they happen to have a customer return on hand. This is incredibly dumb. But at least I and others can order.

  2. I’ve been shopping at Talbots (mostly online) for many years and have never had an issue with their customer service. I wear petite sizing almost exclusively and have said that if Talbots ever goes out of business, I’ll be running around naked!

  3. I ordered from the red door Talbots sale. I never got one piece of clothing. I checked again and it says it was delivered 5/24. Never got anything. Great big scam. I am disappointed. Lost money. Never again

      1. They said the package was delivered and I had been keeping track of it. Now it says that the tracking page is no longer active….

    1. That’s really disappointing and unusual. I’ve been a Talbots customer for years and their customer service has always been excellent.
      I have had problems with the post office though. They delivered to a similar address and the person kept the items!

  4. Allie,

    I hope you get credit for my purchases. I bought 2 cotton sweaters, a bath robe, and a scarf. The bath robe is 100% cotton and looks plush in the photo. I am always looking for all cotton bath robes for a decent price and have found it’s not that easy. The sale price for Talbot’s bath robes is $39.99. That’s hard to beat. I like wearing long scarves. My neck is always sore so I like how scarves feel wrapped around my neck and I like how they look. I don’t care if they are out of style or not. They suit me. I like Talbot’s selection of sweaters and I think I will enjoy wearing them.

  5. Talbots is much more to my liking than Nortstrom. I see a number of items that I like a lot at Talbots at prices I can actually afford. Please tell me again how I can shop at Talbots and give you a percentage. Does it have to be one of the items you talk about or can it be anything at Talbots?

    1. Thank you Chris! I agree, I found much more in this sale that I wanted to add to my wardrobe. For affiliate links on my site, if you click on it and make any purchase (that item or another) I may make a commission.

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