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Holiday Gift Guide for the Music Fan

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Some people are easy to shop for at the holidays, and some… notsomuch. I had a couple of you contact me asking for gift suggestions so I’ve decided to do some mini gift guides for different types of hard-to-please folk, all items under $100 with free shipping. Today it’s for the music lover in your life.

gift guide music lover fan

1. No matter the recipient’s genre of preference, she likely has respect for the originators. Swissted is a book that takes rock posters from the ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s and recreates them through a Swiss modernist edge, creating a collection of farmable prints (or keep intact as an awesome coffee table book) that’s sure to impress. From the Sex Pistols to Sonic Youth, Green Day to Guided by Voices; there’s band art in here that’s sure to please. $30.40

2. I have a portable turntable and I can’t recommend it enough. This briefcase style lightweight turntable from Crosley comes in five fun colors, a cool retro style, and would be appreciated by teens and adults alike. $80.00

3. What do you get the music lover who has everything? The unexpected something that shows you know and respect his passion. These polyresin headphone-shaped bookends would look pretty sweet supporting his music books, or even a stack of vinyl. $70.00

4. Nothing better than a high quality Bluetooth speaker to play your music wherever and whenever. I have headphones from SOL Republic and find them high quality; this little speaker from the brand packs a punch and fits in the palm of your hand. Available in seven bold colors, water and shock resistant, and with an 8-hour battery life, this is a perfect gift for most anyone on your list. $69.99

5. I adore this little iPhone megaphone, it’s the perfect stocking stuffer. Great for the business traveler, this silicone amplifier increases your phone’s audio by 13 dB without the need for cords or batteries and it gets great reviews. $5.28

6. A music fan won’t want to sacrifice her fancy headphones for fashion or function. She won’t have to with these EarMuffies, which slip over her favorite headphones. $15.00

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  1. I have that turntable in a really cute light blue color. I like it a lot but do want to get some other speakers for it soon. The only downsides, in my opinion: 1. The top doesn’t close when a record is on it so you can’t just leave it for another time or it will collect dust. 2. When the record stops, it doesn’t go back to the beginning and start again, and the player doesn’t automatically shut off. So if you fall asleep listening to music, the thing stays on until you turn it off.
    If I am wrong about this and just haven’t figured it out, please let me know. 🙂 When I was a teenager I had an awesome record player that I wish I still had.

    1. I don’t have this same turntable but I have another portable one and it’s the same thing – I can’t put on the lid with a record on it and it auto shuts off. I think those are two conveniences lost with cost and portability, I know my turntable part of a stereo has both features.

      1. When we moved to Texas, my mom got rid of all of her vinyl because of space. I was (and still am) aghast. I don’t like to think too hard about all those Beatles, Doors, and Jimi Hendrix albums just …. gone.

  2. Also, a stocking stuffer that’s actually cheap? YES! I abhor these “stocking stuffers” ads that show exorbitant things.

  3. Love this list. More about the turntable? Where/how do you use it? We have one attached to our stereo system (the whole reason we got the system). More info!

    1. It has a built in tiny speaker, but you can also plug it into bigger speakers. We have a portable turntable and love that we can bring it down to the dining room for dinner music, take it out onto the deck in the summer, and take it to a friend’s house. I think it would be fab for a college student, and it’s a good way to get into vinyl without having to spend a ton. And it’s cute, which always helps 🙂

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