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Picture 002Picture 003Attire:
BOOB Maternity – Black jersey dress
Banana Republic – Black knit camisole
? – Black tights (found them in the attic and was so glad since all retailers think it's 90 degrees out and I can't find tights anywhere)
B.P. for Nordstrom – Silver necklace with black stone pendant
MD Ren Fest – Silver necklace
Silver hoops and cuff
Sofft – Black suede Mary Janes (found the black version of the brown ones that saved me during pregnancy at Marshalls for like 1/4 the price at Nordstrom!)

Washed and conditioned with Pureology Volumizing
Redken – Satinwear 02 applied while damp
Dried with round brush to smooth
Matrix – Sleek.Look Water Lockout Spray

Philosophy – The Supernatural foundation in Beige
Nars – Blush in Orgasm
Laura Mercier – The concealers from the Flawless Face Kit
Pop Beauty – Shadow palette for brown eye – celadon and khaki blended on lid, black in crease and along lash lines
Cover Girl – LashBlast mascara in Rich Black
Benefit – Lipstick in Bouquet Dive
Avon – Eye Liner in Black

So funny how the bod keeps changing every day. I wore this dress at five weeks to the hair salon with these shoes and bare legs and though I looked cute as a button. Now the dress looks too long and loose and dumpy. Problem is the one pair of black pants are dirty… The gray dress I wore like crazy pre-Emerson I tried on and it would look cute… if I cut off 4″ from the hem. I think I may just do that because that dress is phenomenal – can be washed and dried and is good for work (would wear bike shorts underneath so when I pump I won't be completely nekkid in my office) or play, winter or spring. I went up in the attic and found a few more sweaters I can wear to work… so tempted to purchase a pair of non-black pants but really want to “shop from my closet (and attic)” until the next season at least.

By the way, the photo doesn't show it but I am having a FANTASTIC hair day. It takes about two weeks post-cut for it to really come into its own; also the Redken product really made blow drying easy – really held the shape I made with the brush while looking and feeling soft and healthy. I will use it a few more times before I post an official review of it.

And for those breast feeding moms I bet you can relate… Emerson woke up a bit before 5am for a feeding and the alarm was set for 5:00 (guestimating her next feeding from how she is usually around three hours between each one). She decided this morning was a good time for a multi-course gourmet feast and fed for almost an hour. This made me run late (had a meeting at 8:45 and would have to pump beforehand), so I dashed through a shower and getting dressed and dashed out the door. Got all the way to the Metro and realized I left the cooler bag of pumping bottles in the freezer. Had to go all the way home to get them. Go back to the Metro, get on and three stops in I feel something wet on my shirt… yeppers forgot the nursing pads. Glad I am wearing two layers of black knit and that I had my ivory pashmina on as a scarf. Got to work, made do with a few carefully folded Kleenex and have left the pashmina on all day (and got a compliment on how well I wear scarves). Happy Thursday! 🙂

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. I have to share with you a funny (and embarrassing) story about my breast feeding experience. I took my youngest daughter on a plane at 3 months old to visit relatives. During take off I did exactly what the doctor said to do, which was breast feed. Everything was going fine and I could feel the milk really coming out and my daughter sucking away. Well…after the plane had leveled off and people were “settling” into their seats. My youngest jerked off my breast and my milk shot up in the air, over the seat in front of me and hosed down the women in front of me with breast milk!! It was in her hair, clothes and all over her magazine! I was laughing and crying at the same time and thank goodness she found the incident funny (she was a breast feeding mom at some point too)! Just thought I would share! Have a great day!

  2. I am enjoying so much reading about your life with Emerson. She is such a cutie, and lucky to have you for a mom. I commend you so much for the hard work of working and pumping. You will be so glad that you are doing this for you and your baby girl. When the days seem crazy and long, just remember, these days will pass by in the blink of an eye. Enjoy. She is beautiful.

  3. http://www.tightsplease.co.uk/

    You look fab! Re: the search for tights in February I have found this website useful. I am guessing that they might (not?) deliver to the USA, but wonder if you have anthing similar there. Good luck- it’s about as hard as trying to fiind a decent bikini in September..

  4. Way to go nursing and working mama! I pumped at work for the first year with my first child and for 9 months with my second. Since I work for a local government, most people – including me! – have cubicles, so I have pumped in empty offices, my boss’ office, my car, and various conference rooms (even those without locks!). I refused to pump in the bathroom however (I have an amazing workplace, so that wasn’t an issue). Even though I had, literally, HUNDREDS of those storage bottles, I would always keep a pack of storage bags at work – just in case.

    I’m sure you’ve heard of it, but in case you haven’t kellymom.com is a great resource.

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