What I Wore to Work o a November Friday

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fur collar
anthropologie bracelet
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Velvet blazer – Ann Taylor (via eBay – similar)
Faux fur collar – H&M (not online but currently in stores)
Jeans NYDJ
Booties Cole Haan “Air Talia”
Bracelet – Anthropologie (via eBay – similar)

It is so quiet in the office! While I work for a government contractor, we don't have off on Veteran's Day. However, many choose to use one of their “floating holidays” that the company provides to be home with their kids or have an extra-long weekend. There is a total of FOUR people on my floor today!

I love the combination of orange and pink – I even had these two as my wedding colors! I wore hot pink heels with my dress, my bridesmaids wore a dark bronze but all of our flowers were orange and pink and all the decor and even the invitations were orange with touches of pink. I found this collar/stole at H&M the other week – only $17.99 and knew i had to have it. It has a little clip inside so you can clasp it together, though it isn't strong enough for the crazy gusts of wind today! Next time I may have to jimmy-rig it with a hidden safety pin.

What are your weekend plans? Tomorrow I plan to do a serious cleaning/organizing of the bedroom – I have yet to completely put things back together after the hurricane! Sunday I am going to a MALL with my best friend – yep, you read that correctly! After all my years in retail I don't really like malls, but am looking forward to a girly day with my girl (and to take advantage of the Friends & Family deals going on at Ann Taylor and Talbots!).

The pinky picture is because each time I wear this blazer, my husband calls me Austin Powers.  I couldn't think of an Austin-esque pose, so Dr. Evil had to do!

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A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. I love the combination of strong colors with your coloring! And, BTW – totally love your hair this length; you look so cute, but I’m guessing that’s why you cut it; to get away from ‘cute’.

    1. No, the new shorter length is actually an accident! I find my hair has more bounce when around my shoulders, but the new much shorter version was a trim that went further than expected. But I really enjoy it – far less time in the morning to get ready and I think it flatters my face! 🙂

  2. Allie you look fantastic! Thanks again. You’ve inspired me to be the best I can…losing a little weight and dressing a little better. THANK YOU!

  3. Pink and orange is such a great color combo! And I like the texture blending. Velvet is my favorite fabric, and I’m so happy that it’s finally velvet-wearing season. 🙂


  4. I figured that it was a win-win – I either got my romantic weekend or I got to go shopping with no complaints from hubby. I’m sneaky like that.

    I know what you mean about toddlers and shopping not mixing – I adore my niece, but her and public venues don’t mix well at times.

  5. The combination of orange and pink is one of my favorites, I just wish I could wear it but I look sick anywhere near orange! The jeans look great too making you look tall and very slim. What a pity only so few of your colleagues got to enjoy your outfit today. 

  6. Oh Cynthia, that is awesome! You totally made me giggle at my desk! I ended up doing the opposite with it – I had planned this mall day for weeks with my friend and my husband yesterday asked if he could go camping, which would mean I was in charge of Emerson (she and malls don’t get along well). I told him no, because it was F&F weekend for my favorite retailers, I have saved up, and planned this far in advance. Felt bad doing it, but I rarely get a full girl’s day and while I love E, I don’t really love her when shopping. 🙂 Have fun on your romantic weekend!

  7. Love it – love the color, love the bangs, love the Dr. Evil pose, love how sleek and happy you look!

    Speaking of the Loft F&F sale – I used it to threaten my husband with. We’ve both been out-of-town a lot lately and the busy season is coming up – so I declared this weekend off-limits to anything but us spending time together. No friends, no family, no going over to the neighbor’s house to watch the race – he started whining about missing the race and I said – “Fine, if you don’t want to spend time together, I’ll just head to Ann Taylor for the F&F sale and comfort myself with a WHOLE NEW WARDROBE!”. Needless to say – I’m getting my romantic weekend.

  8. Yes to those colors! You look fantastic. I love your wedding colors too – they sound so “you”. Enjoy your weekend.

  9. That is awesome! I am looking forward to going to a Talbots store this weekend – I have pants from them that fit amazingly well but are now too large/short. I hope to find some new ones so I won’t free my knees off this winter in just skirts!

  10. Related, I am starting a new “business casual” job monday and have been shopping like crazy the past few days to try to amass appropriate items. Went into talbots and ann taylor because of you and found 4 pairs of pants to fit my crazy body! Thanks, girl!

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