Thursday & Friday: May 02, 2008

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Sorry about being MIA yesterday, major drama day.

So I check in to see the status of my camera and it says that it was delivered to my doorstep at 2:45 PM on the 30th. Yeah, my husband was home at that time and no package was delivered. Due to the weird numbering of my street I contact many of my neighbors to see if the package had possibly been delivered to their house and they said no. Call up UPS, they recite the address to me and as I figured, they didn’t have my complete address. To have a partial address for my community is saying you left a package at 123 Main Street for a three-story apartment building. No apartment number and you might as well leave the package in the parking lot. Le sigh. So I call the vendor, they recite the address they entered into the computer and it is the complete address. They verify, and yeppers, they entered the full address for UPS. They say they will place a tracer on the package with UPS and once remedied, the package will either be sent to me or they will refund me everything, reorder with free next-day shipping and have signature confirmation.

So this morning I call UPS to light a fire on them and the vendor has not placed a tracer. I ask to place the tracer myself and they say I cannot. They also have the audacity to ask if I am SURE I didn’t receive the package. Excuse me??? So I call the representative I spoke with yesterday and left a message. If I don’t hear back in 30 minutes I will become the biggest PITA this vendor has ever experienced. I really don’t want to deal with this because tonight is the rehearsal for the wedding I am officiating and I would like to stay as cool and calm as possible so I don’t freak out over this evening responsibility.

Anyway… back to yesterday. So the camera is as MIA as I was. Rainy, forgot my umbrella on the Metro, stuck on a call so missed lunch plans with my friend, and utterly swamped with work. Oh, and a friend is going through a very nasty divorce and I am happy to be her shoulder to cry on, but it does become very difficult to hear all day long about how her children’s father and her spouse for a great portion of her life is the scum of the earth, she wants a hit on him, she wishes he could die, she hates her life now, she cries every morning, etc. I try to send positive energy her way, but the whole day really sapped any energy I myself had. Glad to come home to a hubby who had washed the dishes, vacuumed the house and poured me a glass of prosecco. What a keeper!

Ann Taylor – leaf green silk blouse
Gap – Essentials jeans in darkest wash (yep twice in a week and no one noticed)
Ann Taylor Loft – silver and crystal bead necklace, raspberry Macintosh rain coat
Sudini – black leather kitten-heel booties
Silver cuff and hoops

Hair was washed, conditioned and straightened with the Croc wet-to-dry flat iron.

Philosophy – The Present clear makeup, The Supernatural Color Corrector concealer trio in Light
Cover Girl – Smoothers Tinted Moisturizer in Light to Medium, LashBlast mascara in black
Nars – Blush in Orgasm
Revlon – ColorStay shadow quad in neutral Khakis (olive on lid and along lash lines), Super Lustrous lip gloss in Pink Afterglow

And then today… well today is a bit hectic but I am feeling refreshed and positive. The weather is nicer and I am having a good Hair Day! I am also leaving work early to head straight to the wedding reception where I will be the officiant for the first time in my life. Ack! After we are having dinner and then drinks and merriment in Downtown Annapolis which should be great.

– Old Navy – Black matte jersey wrap dress
– Ann Taylor Loft – silver and crystal bead necklace and black patent leather clutch with silver buckle
– BCBGirls – black patent leather peeptoe heels
– Silver cuff and hoops
– Aqua pashmina in case it gets chilly this evening

– Washed just the roots
– Made a weird concoction of Pureology blow-dry amplifier, Jonathan Silky Dirt and Got2B curling mousse, mish-moshed together and added to hair. Scrunched, didn’t even finger-comb so it was a muddled mess.
– Dried with diffuser.
– Turned head upside down and hit the whole thing with a fine mist aerosol hairspray
– Hair looked pretty decent, except for the top layer. Hit that with the curling iron, and then broke apart any obvious iron-curls, still without doing any finger combing. The effect is big, but soft, natural and sort of wild. I like it a lot and think it will be a great summer hair look.

– Philosophy – The Present clear makeup and The Supernatural Color Correctors concealer trio in Light
– L’Oreal – True Match foundation in C3
– Make Up Forever – HD translucent powder
– Cargo – Matte BeachBlush in Tenerife all over cheeks, temples, décolleté, etc.
– Urban Decay – shadow primer
– Pop Beauty – palette for Brown Eyes – the sparkly khaki color over entire lid
– Maybelline – UltraLiner in black on top lash line
– Cover Girl – LashBlast mascara in black
– Revlon – Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Pink Afterglow (though will probably switch to Clinique’s Almost Lipstick in Black Honey for the evening).

This weekend should be great, and I should have at least my father-in-law’s camera to borrow starting this evening so I should have some pictures from the wedding and other events. Hope everyone has a great weekend! 🙂

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. OMG – I am sure that couriers are sent to test us! I feel like I am neve off the phone to DHL (they are very, very unhelpful).

    I do hope your camera drama ends soon, I am missing your pics!

  2. Yep, I got ordained online through the Universal Life Church. Survived the rehearsal, now nervous about the ceremony! 🙂

    I love to have friends I can lean on and to know I am the one that people can come to. It makes me happy to know that I help others, I just feel bad when I have a day my energy is so sapped I feel useless and not too beneficial to my friend. But then friends usually understand and appreciate the fact that you are just there for them.

  3. Wait…you’re officiating? You’re, like, Reverend Allie now? Did I miss that story? Fill us in (if you haven’t already and I missed it)!

    You’re a good friend to listen to your friend’s troubles. Frankly, lately *I’VE* been that friend with the romance woes, and thank goodness for my friends listening to me whine! It’s rough for everybody, I think.

    I miss your pictures! Hopefully the camera drama will resolve itself soon.


  4. I feel your pain!!! Especially about being the shoulder to cry on. I had to be just that for my cousin – twice in two years! Luckily the guys she broke up with were only boyfriends and no kids were involved, but to listen for weeks on end about how manipulativementally unstableself-involved…. he is can give you serious headaches.

    Wishing you success with the camera story. We need to see you!

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