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Blogger Fashion Trends. They do exist. There are just some styles that bloggers latch on to, and the trend grows like wildfire. Some, I could do without, but many are so popular because they are just so darn wearable on many different shapes and ages of women, and adaptable on varying clothing budgets. While these trends are rampant across the blogosphere, I rarely find one who wears them in an inspiring way, a way that still shows the woman’s personality, who makes me feel that she truly dresses this way every day, and not just for her blog or because she is a blogger. Those who can adapt the popular trends in a manner that is true to their personal style and taking into account their figure, lifestyle, and budget… they inspire me. Nancy from Adore to Adorn is one of those very women, and that is why I asked her to be part of my True Fashionista series.

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Pattern mixing, daytime sequins, Karen Walker sunnies, arm parties, the half tuck, the fur snood, that covetable 3.1 Phillip Lim bag… Nancy wears them, but they don’t wear her. It’s not a costume, these trends are done in a relaxed, realistic manner that makes me give the trends a second chance. Like me, Nancy loves to mix prints with stripes, and does it with ease, be it polka-dot tights or camo-print skinnies. She carefully uses color to add accent and not look like a bag of Skittles, and I adore seeing her re-wear pieces proving that the clothes are a purposeful part of her wardrobe and not just for pageviews.

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One of my favorite parts of Adore to Adorn is Nancy’s Wednesday Whim series, where she shares art installations, inspiring photography and graphic design. In these posts, she provides not only context for the images, but her opinion of the art. I believe that fashion is a form of art, and love the marriage of the two on a blog. Sharing art that inspires her also helps understand Nancy’s thought process behind her own personal style, giving it depth and having her stand out in the personal style blogosphere.

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Nancy of Adore to Adorn is as friendly and down to earth as she seems in her posts (hooray for another smiling blogger!); I was happy she was willing to be part of this series and asked her to answer the same five questions I have asked of all the True Fashionista; her answers:

How would you describe your personal style?
I'm so inspired by different types of style that I dress like it too. I'm very eclectic in how I approach things. I love color and patterns as much as I love neutrals and minimalistic style.

Where did you get your passion for fashion?
As I look back at my evolution in style I would have to credit my fashion to my mom. She loved to dress me up as a kid but I was such a “tomboy” that I just rolled my eyes at it. But, as I grew into my teenage years, I appreciated more of what she loved and what she had.

Where do you find sartorial inspiration?
Nowadays, I love looking at blogs and just people walking around everyday for everyday, street style. People have such a great sense and it's more acceptable to display your personality than ever before. I also still love perusing good ol' fashioned magazines for incredible high fashion and styling inspiration.

What is the difference between fashion and style?
For me, fashion is the industry and style is individualized. Everyone can have their own sense of style and maybe not everyone agrees with it, but that is what is so alluring about it.

Any advice for a woman who is starting to find her personal style?
For anyone trying to find out what works for her the important thing to remember is everything is trial and error. You won't know what pieces work well on you unless you try it out. There are a lot of things I wouldn't have thought looked good and I was surprised they did and likewise, there were things I thought would work on me and didn't. As I've gotten older, I have figured out more about my body and what fits well when it comes to clothes. I'm also realizing “never say never” when it comes to clothes. I think the same can be said for people finding their personal style. =)

The purpose of the Friday True Fashionista series is to show women who use clothing to express their personal style. Each woman has a different, unique look and opinion on clothing and fashion. These women inspire me in my clothing choices, and possibly their bold sartorial statements will inspire you. Stay tuned, there will be a featured True Fashionista every Friday. And if you know of a True Fashionista in your life, tell us about her in the comments you never know she may end up being featured!

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. Allie,

    Would you please give some examples of blogger trends? As a fashion and style challenged person, I don’t know what you mean.


    1. There’s just some trends that it seems happen and bloggers love because they’re fun, often able to achieve on a budget, and photograph well. Some brands like Karen Walker for sunglasses and Rebecca Minkoff for bags, but also things like layering, multiple necklaces, colorblocking and pattern mixing – we have adopted them as our everyday style but it does make us stand out in a crowd that’s not full of bloggers. It’s hard to explain,and I am surely not knocking them, but it’s most easily seen when I attend a blogger event. I guess in any industry there’s a certain look, dress code, and culture and I have found there is surely one for personal style bloggers but very few pull it off as well as Nancy!

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