Free Tip – Cut the Purse Strings!

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Each week I will be posting a free way that you can update your look or wardrobe – simple and budget friendly steps that are super easy to accomplish. This week's idea – cutting the purse strings!


purse leatherWith use, leather and leather-like bags often start to fray, especially at the straps. We often miss this detail, with our purses becoming almost a part of our bodies. We throw them over our shoulder and don't usually give them a second look. Walking to work today, I saw several women (and men with messenger and laptop bags) carrying expensive looking and new styles of bags that looked a big raggedy just because of these wayward threads.
With a pair of embroidery or cuticle scissors, snip all the little strings from the edges of your purse. While you're at it, grab your laptop bag, your favorite tote and any other handbags in your collection and give them a trim. You won't need to even touch the fabric, little scissors like this will get close enough to the bag for a clean finish without damaging the material.
A little snip of those purse strings, and your bag will look newer and more polished!
A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. Thank you for the tip – I have several earring blanks that I stamped out and they have threads around the edges.. this is very helpful

  2. One of the things you can do after snipping off the loose threads is to use a little wax and run it along the edges. This will keep the threads intact for a longer time. You can use candle wax (just make sure it is white).

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