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Well today I am wearing a recycled outfit. Black Jones New York tee shirt dress, orange crinkle scarf from Banana Republic, tan Bern boots from DUO. Silver hoops and cuff. Only thing that makes it 2010 is my turquoise bead necklace and the need for Spanx Higher Power. But it’s cool to be able to wear this again (of course previous times I wore with this scarf I was pregnant but I have had this dress since 2008).

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Makeup is super simple – DiorShow mascara, Philosophy The Supernatural Airbrushed Canvas powder foundation in Beige, and Nars The Multiple in South Beach on cheeks, eyes and lips. This is my 30-second face these days.

Hair is airdry – trying to train it for Bonnaroo. Washed, and then put in Jonathan Create Motion (which I got through BeautyFix and hadn’t yet tried). I scrunched and scrunched and then let the dogs out, did a couple crunches, went to Emerson when she woke. Nursed, changed her, brought her down to feed her breakfast. By time I was heading out the door, hair was dry and I sorta liked the end result. It’s not crunchy, but it’s not soft glossy ringlets like I get with Frederic Fekkai. Instead it’s a bit coarser, but it has more body and has held better through the day – more hippie/beachy looking.

This pic was taken at 4:45pm, so not too shabby of a hair product.  It's rainy and icky here in DC and I have been wearing headsets and earphones almost all day.  Pretty good hold, I will try this product again, and it may be my Roo hair product.

Speaking of BeautyFix… So this company offered me a free trial if I did a review (usually $25). I went through the process – explained my hair and skin type, and I picked my products to go in my kit. A week later I received a box full of cool stuff – full size products, and nice brands like Jonathan. So I am all about writing a review in thanks for the stuff. I email my contact with a couple questions – no response. So I email BeautyFix. No response. Hit them up again, and no response again. WTH?

So anyway, the concept is awesome. Tell them your beauty needs, pick from a boatload of cool stuff. Get a box of goodies and a really nice sized makeup bag (great for toiletries on vacation). Then review five items and get a gift card to Glow. You can do this once a quarter – try out goodies for this low price of $25. Supposedly if you refer people, you get credit towards a free quarterly goodie bag. Well this is what I can’t seem to figure out and the question which does not get an email response. And this annoys me to no end. It’s not like I am all about free stuff, it’s just basic good customer service.


Here’s the pack of goodies I got. Not too shabby, eh (the makeup bag is the gray and white thing in the background)? I am currently using the eye cream, the lash serum (to nourish and grow lashes), and today used the Jonathan mousse/gel stuff. I also have been using the Redpoint concealer trio and like it a lot – the tan color to the left is like the PERFECT color for my undereye dark circles and I blend the others to cover zits, blood vessels, etc. I think it blends well and actually like it better than my Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage. I tried the Jonathan Root Lifting Spray and it’s really good if you have a pretty static hairstyle. Like if I used a Bump-it or something, it would help it look bumpy. If I was a bridesmaid and did some backcombing for lift before my perfectly coiffed half-updo, it would do a great job. And if I were a Playboy Playmate and needed something to keep my voluminous extensions looking perfectly tousled but weren’t going to touch the hair or get sweaty, it would do a great job. It doesn’t look glossy or sticky, it doesn’t meld the hair all together like Aqua Net, and it does a better job of actually lifting the roots than my Elnett. But once you move your hair, the magic is broken. And I am a person who flips her hair around a lot. But it doesn’t make my roots greasy after hair-flipping, which is a plus.

The 3Lab face wash is the one item in the goodie bag that I hate. It’s a thick cream that is gummy and there are so few exfoliating beads you think something is on your face, not that you are scrubbing. It takes forever to wash off and it irritated my eyes and even after tons of rinsing and using rose witch hazel after for toner, I can put on my night cream and still feel a weird mini-bead on my face, feeling like a grain of sand. I haven’t tried the mineral sun protection or the mask yet.

So if you are one who likes to try out new stuff, you may like BeautyFix. Just don’t send an email to their customer service department.

A woman with curly hair wearing a plaid blazer holds a green fur coat over her shoulder on a city street.

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  1. You are looking terrific, Allie!
    Thanks for your thoughts on the “Jonathan” product. I’ve been on the alert for something new to obtain great results as you’ve done – great, gorgeous hair!


  2. You look so very pretty! Love the beachy hair. That scarf is beautiful and really showcases your face, and that is AWESOME about fitting into a favorite dress again…I have a few of those “hopefuls” in my closet, LOL.

  3. You look great–I think the beachy hair suits you really well.

    And I am totally going to try BeautyFix. Hopefully I won’t need customer service!

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